What's Wrong With This Picture?

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Central Planning is #winning because this time is different.

Answer? (here or here maybe)


(h/t Andy Yorks)

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How long can this realistically continue? Can central bankers really hold at these levels for another 8 or 9 months?

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I'd also like to know the answer to that.

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Well since there aren't any real people in the market, it can probably go on forever.


Maybe someday in the far distant future intelligent life will visit our planet. It will mostly be a charred and irradiated ball of glass and rock with one remaining computer still pumping AAPL.

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Paper and confidence: break one and you´ll crash the other one. Not far away

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No ...

... but they don't intend to hold at these levels. The only prayer Ben Bernanke has of not eventually being charged with "debasing the currency" is Obambi getting re-elected. To get Obambi re-elected, they need a new crisis. A new crisis can be used as a reason for new QE. 

Always remember, this is a race to see which country can devalue their currency the fastest and export inflation to beggar their neighbors. The USD has to drop 75% from where it stands today for there to be ANY way the U.S. sovereign debt can be paid off.


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Hey, barilman, you are spot on. I have resolutely reasoned that the US will never make it to the next election and last week said TSHTF between the 19th and 25th of March, though I may be off by a week (it could be this week) and that could mean everything.

I'm trying hard to visualize what the end-game looks like, and so far I see a 1000 or maybe even 2000 drop on the Dow, but everyone keeps going to work though a lot more people are worrying about their pensions.

After that, I don't see much, yet, but I'm working on it. After all, I'm only a proven clairvoyant, not a medium.

Keep posting comments. You're on the right track. The low volume is the catalyst for full descent into the abyss, AFAIK.

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Perfect long term double top cross asset class. Bernanke playing king canute... #FAIL...

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Fed's ability to game the system is growing and growing. They will soon be totally addicted.

System Addicts even.


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And here comes the 3:20 PPT, right on time as usual.  It's always on time because the FED wants you to know and see what they are doing.

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Well, FAZ and TZA leveraged EFT shorts are looking good - the ramp is green - maybe not what the PPT had in mind...Looks like my stops are gonna hold for the day...

Big finance is lookin' real red all day today, only BK and UBS are doing half-way well.

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I've lost more than I made on FAZ, and you should read this: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/how-faz-mobile-promises-lose-996-your-mone...

I'm in UVXY right now. We'll see what happens.

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Get that cheap credit while you can.

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don't want no credit, 'cept for being human.  Paid it all off and cruising.  Best feeling; but worried those $100's aren't gonna be worth too much this time next year.

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Put your savings in Silver; than you have nothing to worry about.

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The yellow dot is where the CBs started pissing themselves!

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What's Wrong With This Picture?

Nothing. It shows that everything is under control. For now. Except oil prices. And food prices. And the deficit. And unemployment. And real wages. And housing......

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In Casino terms, the credit market is the lever of the one arm bandit, the spinning reels are stocks.  All they care about is some 'sucker' pulls the lever and the reels spin.

Alll of the fundamental  "analysts" like Janujah, Rosenberg (terminally wrong) and the rest should learn the Gaming industry model , much more relevant.  Next week... Black Jack !

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Hey Hey - Ah Tyler or anybody:

Anyone besides me notice that FinViz 'News - Blogs' has dropped Zero Hedge, at least for today?


WTF is up?

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So, massive printing ongoing...Cant help wondering, if we are hitting a high inflation scenario, shouldnt I just borrow as much as possible and let the money stealers pay off my debt?

no sarc

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" What's right with it"? That would be the correct question.

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It looks like a wet dream I had !  I was flossing my teeth in Heidi Fleiss' bush and Sandra Fluke was sucking my cuke !   Monedas  2012   Comedy Jihad Modern Chart Art

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And your average Joe American says.....................huh....duhhhhhhhhhhh.....let's go eat at McDonald's


And THAT'S why this BULLSHIT works.

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Time for oil and food prices to catch up with all the fiat thrown at the markets. Oh, it's the inflationary freight train with it's horn blarring in the tunnel. 

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Bloomberg TV this morning rather nonchalently stated that

1. The Fed has been buying 90%+ of long bonds, and

2. They can't stop.

SO that's it.  End of capitalizm has already occurred.

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Wanna see how well central planning works (1st hand) ?

Walk up to an ant hill and take over.

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WD 40 and a lighter brings back childhood ant hill invasions.

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O/T, while Cramer hypothecates "AAPL PE ratios", perhaps he should explore ( Market share/cannibalization) and bring the CEO of Samsung on his Cartoon of a show!  Perhaps Cramer should discuss ZIRP and Markets of scale. Eg; Wall Mart and Profit Margins.

 Does Cramer think the slave factories in china are going to lower wages?

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It has been a long day.


what is the 5 years and the 3 months?  is each blue dot and green dot represent a month ago?  

I get everything else. 

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iFucked. The new app. that everyone can use; it always gives the right answer.

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What's Wrong With This Picture?



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I think the trick here is to HAVE ALREADY USED the cheap credit to get your asset base in order.  Time....will....run.....out.

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What's wrong with this picture? Everything. (Because it's what you get when you leave reality behind; which is never a good idea, because Reality is a Bitch and never forgets a name or a date).

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When society has grown this large and the most important thing is the  rigged casino and only .25% of the population is able to be self-suffient outside of the flashing lights and statistical bullshit......then that society is fucked.  What will ever happen without our "precious" stock market?  Trillions thrown into the Universes biggest black hole and it never ends.  Greed and digital zeros that you can't even put a finger on are likely to lead to the complete destruction of the planet.  The elite are so disconnected and fucking stupid that in the end they will be forced to live in a cave as the entire Earth is radiated. BUT........they will have 1,000 years of meal rations and every ounce of gold burried with them.  If any of us are left, and while we'd have much bigger concerns, if by chance the entrance to said shit pit is discovered forget about opening it and getting revenge. Just block the entrance.  You deserve yourselves and your big pile of yellow shit.

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Don't forget to catch that " Marionette", Pisani tonight. He feels large after handling a " 400Toz" of XAU today.

 I have a GOLD toed boot for HIM ( Pisani)!

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everything that can go wrong

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Doom's Day is finally here.



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The dots are too close to play connect-the-dots

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Where is William Sharpe when you need him?

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He was blown up in a horrible bus accident. Oh you said Sharpe. My bad I thought you said Shatner.

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I see a potentially massive compression trade: when the distortion introduced by the FED's debt monetization and interest rate inhibition games collapse the values of equity and credit will seek each other with great fervor and violence.

Properly timing the collapse of the FED induced equity/credit spread distortion so as to profit from it is the issue...

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                                             ...this time is different  


                                                                       it's the end of the world



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It is different this time Tyler... Peak resources against exponental population growth...


Oh, and I found the real TD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4Tzpjddwv4

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I see gold and silver in this picture.

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Just showed the 3 charts to an economist friend of mine from South America, some selections from his response:


"are you fucking kidding me"

"that's insane"

"i have a hard time believing this but if those charts are true, it's pretty fucking worrying"

"lol, you niggas going bankrupt XD"

"enjoy your hyperinflation"

"hope you like indexed menus at mcdonalds"

"well, fuck the dollar"

"enjoy cleaning your ass with 100 dollar bills"

"i can't wait till it all goes to shit"

Diet Coke and Floozies's picture

I am hoping USA can keep its shit together for just one more month...

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let's all pray for you too, mark zuckerboy

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That chart resembles an artistic arrangement of rabbit turds, next to the rabbit hole.