When Channel-Stuffing Comes Home? GM 'Idles' Volt Production (Again)

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Color us unsurprised by this turn of events as Automotive News reports GM is set to idle the plant where it assembles the Chevy Volt for four weeks - starting next month. GM will close its Detroit-Hamtramck plant from Sept 17 to Oct 15 with its 1500 staff being made aware by union reps at the end of last week. The knock-on effect is relatively obvious as the illustrious government-owned auto manufacturer notified suppliers last week and while a GM spokesperson would not confirm the planned shutdown, we couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the comment that "we continue to match supply and demand" as we note this is the second time this year that GM has throttled back on Volt production. The Detroit-Hamtramck plant was idled from March 19 until April 16 amid swollen Volt inventories.

And from Bloomberg:

Sales of the plug-in hybrid sedan haven’t met Chief  Executive Officer Dan Akerson’s projections this year. Through July, GM sold 10,666 Volts in the U.S., according to researcher Autodata Corp. Akerson had aimed for sales of 60,000 globally, of which 45,000 would be delivered in the U.S. In June he said sales would probably total between 35,000 and 40,000.

It seems that maybe GM's bondholders had an inkling something was up a week or two back (as they considered rotating to the new GM issues last week)...


Chart: Bloomberg

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ShortTheUS's picture

This wouldn't be a problem if the government just agreed to buy all surplus inventory.

Stackers's picture

I have officially seen one Volt on the road since it's release 2 years ago.

Global Hunter's picture

never seen one but I'm in Canada, perhaps they don't sell them here?  lol

edit they went on sale in Canada in the fall of 2011 so that answers that question.  They start at 41.5k for the base model?  WTF?


knukles's picture

I've see one.
It was smothered with a big ass ObamaBiden2012 sticker.

'Nuff said

AldousHuxley's picture

nothing like bigass yellow ribbon with words "support our troops" on a giant SUV in Walmart parking lot....


idiots couldn't educate their kids, so only job their stupid kids could get was with the government killing other people for oil (aka. US military), so idiot parents can continue to drive their super size fat asses in supersized SUVs to walmart.


How about "support my fat ass"?



Midas's picture

Today I saw a yellow ribbon on a car and it said, "Pray for our Troops."  It got me thinking I want to make some saying, "Pray for our Taxpayers."  Maybe we could make up some ZeroHedge ribbons.  In Black of course.

akak's picture

I hate those damned ribbons so much, I almost wish somebody would come out with one the color of blood with the phrase "Damn the Troops".

Just what the fuck does "Support the Troops" mean anyway, aside from being neocon code for "Support the Wars"?

azzhatter's picture

"Support the Troops" is just a way to elicit guilt. Of course we don't want anyone to die, but the reality is the bumper sticker could just as well say "Support General Dynamics" or "Support Lockheed"

r00t61's picture

"Support United Fruit Company"

Popular bumper sticker circa 1913.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Support Batista corrupt government is making of Fidel Castro.

old naughty's picture


I thought we have outsourced that to China, no?

Freddie's picture

Boris was talking Fidel/Batista and chennel stuffing. Maybe it was Bill Clinton using cuban cigars to stuff Monica's channels.

Zymurguy's picture

Support my Volt, oh, thanks I guess you already did with your tax dollars.

Now get around back and push!

Juan Wild's picture

Support the Troops means Support Rothschild, Support the FED, Support the MIC, Support SATAN.

Pizza man's picture

What kind of car do you use to lug around your fat ass?


Your data on all account is wrong. People from across the educational and sociaoeconomic spectrum volunteer to serve.


I'm not one for SUV's, but I sure respect those that volunteer to serve.Ans in a car crash, the SUV wins.


What have you done for your country lately..Butt-head?

akak's picture


I'm not one for SUV's, but I sure respect those that volunteer to serve.

What is there to respect in those who willingly support, sometimes with their lives or with life-long crippling injuries, the aggressively militaristic and imperialist, interventionistic foreign policy of the US federal government?

Face it: there is virtually NOTHING of "defense" in the actions of the US armed forces today ---- it is essentially all OFFENSE, and the Orwellian-named "Department of Defense" should be even more rightfully called what it once honestly used to be named, the Department of War.

I support NOBODY who is willing cannon fodder for an immoral foreign policy of aggressive war, and I have nothing but contempt and loathing for the ignorant and jingoistic rednecks and duplicitous neocon traitors who equate patriotism with kneejerk nationalism, endless warmongering, and blind devotion and obedience to a corrupt and criminal government.


EDIT: I can see by my down arrows here that even ZeroHedge is not free of a certain proportion of brainwashed, Police-State-loving zombies.  Each of you can go to Hell, and if there is a God, you will.

NidStyles's picture

You blame the soldier for the actions of the politician then?

akak's picture

No, I blame the soldier for the action of the soldier.

"I was just following orders" didn't cut it as a moral defense in Nuremberg, and it doesn't cut it today.  Nor does "Well, I needed a job."

But I guess avoidance of responsibility, particularly moral responsibility, is so rampant in this fucked-up nation today that most Americans would not understand that.

Spastica Rex's picture

Tough row to hoe, but damn fine job. +1

Tommy Gunner's picture

I know of a number of electrical contracts from the UK who have worked in Afghanistan on bases.  Americans - particularly the steroid fueled jackasses who work for gestapo outfits providing 'security' are reviled.

Clever Name's picture

I'll assume you didnt think about this before you wrote it.


You blame the Klan member for the action of the leadership?

r00t61's picture

The only "blameless" soldier is the one who is coerced into an army by the edict of a draft, under penalty of death or imprisonment.  And even then, conscripts in Vietnam still couldn't use the Nuremberg defense.

Today's soldiers are volunteers.  VOLUNTEERS.  They willingly sign up, and some of them even re-up after their first tour ends.  Maybe some of them got bad parenting, or grew up in tough circumstances, and saw no other way for a better life than joining the army.  But they're all adults.  That means they have to take responsiblity for their choices.  If they can't see that they're being duped, being used by their civilian leaders, as little more than disposable cannon fodder to enrich a few of the 0.01%, then they're most certainly not blameless. 

Is Tony from the neighborbood "blameless" after he joins the Mob, and finds out that his job is to break people's kneecaps?  He knows what the Mob is.  He joined anyway.

savagegoose's picture

do they still do  " goto jail, or volunteer, "  for poor criminal types?

Jeff Lebowski's picture

2 down arrows at the time of this post - and that is worthy of your rant on the immorality of war - on an article about the Chevy Volt and channel stuffing by GM?  Lighten up, Francis.

I didn't down arrow you because of your message, I did because you're an asshole.


akak's picture

Well, ASSHOLE, I was not the one who initiated the diversion in the conversation.

And regardless of that fact, I make no apologies whatsoever for taking a stand against lemmings and Quislings who endlessly repeat such pro-government tripe as "Support the Troops".

Do you downarrow EVERY other poster who has EVER digressed from the original topic in a thread?  I guess you are spending nearly all of your time downvoting posters on ZH, then.

Lighten up, Francis.

Jeff Lebowski's picture

Your angry tone is making it difficult for me to masturbate while reading your message.

akak's picture

It must be difficult to keep flipping back and forth between ZeroHedge and YoungNakedAsianBoys.com.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Is maybe try OldRussianMen.com?

Juan Wild's picture

you're too funny akak, and you too boris!

Zymurguy's picture

Gotta bookmark that one, thanks!

Road Hazard's picture

Up arrow from me. Couldn't have said it better myself! While I have lots of friends who served, I simply chose not to. I didn't want to fight for politicians who wrapped themselves in the American flag and scream about patriotism (yet oddly enough) never sat foot on a battlefield and have no problem ordering me to my possible death. Chickenhawks?

Freddie's picture

I have seen plenty of SUVs and high end gas guzzlers with Muslim-Biden 2008 and 2012 stickers.   Don't kid yourself asswipe.

I do not drive a gas guzzler.  In fact, I think the Ford Fusion hydrid plug-in looks pretty cool.   Toyota should have doen a Prius plug-in years ago.  Want to know why it did not happen?  The lib shithole California would lose MAJOR tax revenues from a drop in gasoline sales with plug-in hybrids.  

The best technology for high gas mileage is German diesels.  Anyway you are an Obama-Cass Sunstein fuKKing mole/troll.

SoCalBusted's picture

Not so many here in LA.  I don't give a crap what you drive.  If you can pay to keep it moving, then good for you.

Zymurguy's picture

I drive a big ol' huge 1979 cadillac convertible with cowhide seats, whale skin wrapped dash and steering wheel and custom baby seal skin covered hubcaps - the back seat is full of old foam BigMac boxes that blow out onto the road occasionally.  My bumper sticker says "honk if you can read this through the exhaust fumes!"

Tommy Gunner's picture

I'm Lovin your comment AD!

What I am looking forward to is when the US economy really hits the skids as the crony capitalists grind it into the ground - then the guns come onto the streets and we have a hate thy neighbour fueled binge of terror. 

America is gonna get exactly what it deserves.  This is gonna make the French Revolution look tame!

I am hopeful that the gunners understand who caused this fiasco and they make sure to focus on Wall Street.  But then, Americans are pretty stupid so that's a long shot

Dr. Engali's picture

Obviously they don't sell them here either. Well they sold one .. To DCFusor but that's it as far as I know.

ihedgemyhedges's picture

Don't worry anyone. The BLS will seasonally adjust these temporary layoffs away just to piss off Tyler.....

max2205's picture

Even stalinObama won't campaign at GM this year

Curt W's picture

The BLS will seasonally adjust these temporary layoffs away


The BLS will probable adjust this into a huge beat, lowest claims in a year.

azzhatter's picture

Wonder how many of those 10,000 sold have been at retail? Probably about 5K to GE and 4.75K to employees. Leaves only a few suckers who actually thought it was cool to own one

earnyermoney's picture

Whole Foods has preferred parking spots for plug in vehicles at their newest store in Raleigh. Guess who makes the plug-in electric kiosks? GE. So GE has some incentive to buy these vehicles


It'll be interesting to see Toyota's efforts at selling the EV Rav4 this fall. Marketing says the battery range is 100 miles before you need to plug-in. It'll probably be priced lower than the Volt.



Freddie's picture

Lots of hackers have done Prius plug-ins since the Prius came out.  The Prius plug-in from Toyota is coming out and it gets 86 mog but they jacked up the price a lot.   The new Ford Fusion plug in looks good too.  California says it wants these cars but they are worried about losing gas tax revenues.

The technology is getting better but it is still not there.  Turbo charged 3 or 4 cylinder direct injection diesels would be a better way to go.

Zymurguy's picture

Toyota produced a test batch of electric Rav4 vehicles years ago... they are very sought after vehicles and many times sell for more used than they did new.  The U.S. would adopt a plug in vehicle that could travel a decent distance and not cost an arm and a leg to both the buyer and the taxpayer.  Oh, and it should seat 5 (ahem, GM!)

Curt W's picture

I have actually seen 3 in my small town, the grocery store has plugs for 4.  But then this used to be a retirement town for rich people b4 the world went to hell.  Green Valley AZ

neidermeyer's picture

Global Hunter , Does GM still have a higher sticker price for it's cars sold in Canada? I've seen 5 Volts in Orlando ,, most with utility company signage...

booboo's picture

Seen one last week for the first time too.........it was on the back of a flatbed diesel burning junk yearning wrecker.

tniutnia's picture

I have seen three in new york

smlbizman's picture

i thought i saw one the other day...turned out to be just a bond fire....

XRAYD's picture

Sure, Ben can finance unlimited inventory at near ZIRP!