When Fed Doves Cry: Chicago Fed's Evans Urges "Very Significant Amounts" Of Added Accommodation

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when policy fails...repeat policy.


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Evans is a true inspiration. He reminds us that this is not the time to be a smart-arse. These are trying times, and only those who trust their leaders are going to survive. Trying to figure out the best course of action on your own is just not going to cut it. Unprecedented crises call for the smartest and most qualified among us, and decision making should be left to experts and no-one else. This is a time to swallow your pride and follow the advice of experienced politicians, top economists and financial professionals. They have proven that they have what it takes to lead this country.

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"and only those who trust their leaders are going to survive."


and the punchline...

"They have proven that they have what it takes to lead this country."

honestly...not only do I not know what country you're speaking of...I don't even know what planet you're speaking of.

That is without doubt the most supine and subserviently sheepish comment I have ever read.

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You might want to take that hook out of your mouth. You obviously haven't read many of his posts.

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Just imagine wrapping anything this poster says in <sarc></sarc> tags, and you'll be fine.

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I dunno, is it?

For example... Pisani (on a roll today), just reminded us that 'expectations for Obama's speech are so low', that if he just shows up and drivels into the mic it will be Dow positive. 

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to junk or not to junk?   this has got to be sarcasm, right?  I give you +1

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at the risk of being a smart ass ... let me know when you find one.

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What fuckin douches....Yeah I am referring to MillionDollarMoron and newly assigned Fed mouthpiece Evans.

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You're a hoot.

It has all been so thoroughly mismanaged, for years and years and years. You're drowning in debt, and now you have yes-men like Evans saying that the answer is EVEN MORE DEBT -- "very significant amounts" of it.

And instead of being laughed at, and pelted with rotten fruit every time he steps out of his house, which he would be in any sane society, he gets brown-nosing admiration like that above. It's the strangest thing to watch.

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Why it's so strange, some choose to take it to its absolute limits in an almost comedic fashion.

Well, if one considers dry humor to be comedy.

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What happened to that Fed staffer who said that monetary policy was beyond the understanding of plebs ... any updates Tyler ?

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It works for the Eurozone leaders.

Oh no, wait......

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wondered when t.d. wld get to QEIII today

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Patience, Slewie, it was only a matter of time.

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i don't think tyler necessarily thinks QE is a good idea, only that it is inevitable

maybe he didn't read all that bullshit either!

my personal take is that the chairsatan doesn't want to expand the FED's balance sheet more, right now, but if the SuperCongo can't rip off enuf from The People to finance all the black&white ops of "our" national aggression, i'm confident that the Council on Foreign Relations will tell benzelbub to keep filling the "finance gaps" in the glory of "our" military-industrial fascist kloptocratic homeland with digits and paper 

do ya think he's gonna say "no" to rockefeller et al


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Agreed on all the above, except for your implication that Bernanke has some input. I'm pretty sure he just says "Aye aye, sir" to his owners.

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Clowns @ work! We are once again setting up for a big sell off, how big? It depends how "massive" the QE something WON'T BE!

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it doesn't take all 12 to be insane unfortunately.

just pretty much like the public at large.  more with their head in the sand than not.

long pom poms

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Okay, so this is what we have to look forward to. Just empty chambers in dangerous guns being waved around periodically to lift stocks all across the world. Wonderful. 

I'm in. 

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Carrot.. still.. just out of reach.  Almost got.. carrot. 

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No wonder we can't see well

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When inflation hits the only way they will have left to kill it is to engineer a massive liquidity crunch and kill any number of corporates along the way.


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Good grief, just look at his conclusion...monetary policy is now a Will Ferrell/Monty Python mash-up:

Bring out the Holy Cowbell of Liquidity...

The number of the Cowbell shall be three, numbers one, one point five and two having been not loud enough...

...then beateth thou thy Holy Cowbell of Liquidity -even more than ever- at thy foe and easeth money throughout the land...

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A large QE3 will mark the end of the United States as velocity of money suddenly kicks in and hyperinflation happens..By 2014 there will public trials of Bernacke,Timmy and most of the Wall St big shots.

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Would be great but I don't think it'll happen! They will find ways to extract themselves from "judicial woes" by means we can't even comprehend right now! I am 46 and I have yet to see a current/former "official" being in jail for somehting he/she did! Would be great though but very unlikely!

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World war always diverts attention from their judicial woes.

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Yeah, but you've got the pesky task of winning the war to ensure you get to go back and rewrite the history books.

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If the velocity of money theory was valid, hyperinflation would have already happened. That money has to be borrowed and spent to mean anything, and the borrowers have all been tapped out, thus no velocity.

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"measured inflation rates are affected by all sorts of short-term influences, such as fluctuations in food and energy prices that are beyond the control of monetary policy".. lol!!

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added obamanation

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If they are going to print then why the F not give the money back to the people?? At least then something stimulative to the economy would happen instead of it all going to the banks and in turn the top 1% executives's bonuses. This shit is so far beyond ridiculous as to not even be funny. The American people keep putting up with it though so...

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Because then how would the oligarchy buy up the world for nothing?  Do not labor under the delusion that the government, or the central banks have your interest at hearts.  They hate you.  As to the Americans putting up with it, go look at them.  Listen to them in a public place.  They are living in a fantasy land, quite happily plugged into their dream world as the pillage rages on.  "You know what?  Ignorance is bliss"

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ah shameful, eloquent as usual. Can't remember now, you done with law school? Got those firms beating down your door with jobs and perks?  

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Phu ck, can't this idiot stops writing bull shit and get out to see how people live? Try to drive a SUV from florida to washington and eat regular food like a human being, apply for a average job and ask for a raise...


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I can't bring myself to read this, it would make me so angry I would probably break my computer!

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"Wall Street is OUR Main Street"!


Don't get mad , they are just doing what they were taught to do.


Be all you can be, join the bankster cabal.


my lawnguy laughs at 6 dollaha gas!



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Yep, just had to stop reading not even 1/4 way thru I just cant handle it.

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because when $4 gas is killing the economy, maybe $6 gas will somehow help? sigh.

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Well they will just tell you that those prices have nothing to do with their policies and everything to do with high demand in Asia. I even see that shit here from numerous members from time to time. The runup in food and fuel has EVERYTHING to do with the FED's policies and jack SHIT to do with Asian demand.

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do u think they care, if it costs some fool $6 a gallon to get to their lousy, underpaid job as long as they can pay income taxes to the government

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People will definitely have to eat their old iPads because won't be able to afford to eat at all!