Where Are The Emerging Market Risk Bombs?

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As European bank deleveraging continues, Middle East tensions rise, and oil prices (Brent and Crude alike) oscillate from headline to headline, we thought it intriguing that the entities with net notional outstandings in CDS markets at or near their largest in history are China (and Chinese banks), LatAm Oil companies, Abu Dhabi, and Israel. Quite a crop of potential risk bombs that at least credit traders appear to demand protection on more than others.

Via JPMorgan's CDS Outstanding Notional report,

poeak net notionals highlighted in red ovals...

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OT..did I miss the fed statement @12:15

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that one yes. the one due at 12:30, not yet

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thank you, rentadrone tv jumps all over the place

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Risk bombs....real bombs are cheaper and solve many more problems....

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Embassy official: French president’s son hospitalized with food poisoning in Ukraine



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Better the bad crab than a radioactive martini...

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Please keep us updated on anyone else who might have diarrhea.  This is huge news.  Thanks.

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Update for Quinvarius:

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P.S. No link yet, but it is coming.

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LatAm Oil companies?

Chavez Default Swaps?

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Brazil is not that far behind re respect for property rights.  Gov't keeps using PBR as a piggy bank at the expense of shareholders.  Interesting to see that more are recognizing it.

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poprosic o pomoc


Please, is anybody able to explain the dramatic jump in the net notional outstanding on CDS for various type of MBS that is being reported for the second week already by the DTCC?

XenOrbitalEnginE's picture

Oh boy, Poland is really not sucking right now!


Zloty plunging time!

polak potrafi's picture


I guess

this does not explain

why the net notional on RMBS has jumped from about 5.5 bln $ to about 32 bln $ in a week?

Help. Anybody?

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well we have to watch something...the bond "market" was just cemented in for three years..and that is more like 20 years.....

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The markets have turned into one giant game of Mine Sweeper.

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It would be more informative to know what the time frame is for the CDS data.  Was the Petrobras move over 1 wk, 4 wks, 1 year, etc?  If 1 -4 wks, then it is certainly noteworthy.  If 1 yr, well....

Also, could the jumps be due to some investors taking large positions in some of these companies/countries, and still under the impression [in the wake of ISDA's October Greek CDS "no default" call] that they can be meaningfully hedged?

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