Which Is Right: European Credit Or Equity?

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Presented with little comment, except to note that as of a few minutes ago European equities were still at pre-NFP levels while credit was trading dramatically wider. In the last few minutes, equities are starting to catch up to that semblance of reality in a replay of last week.

Chart: Bloomberg

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Phew....the futures almost hit parity but they swooped in and jacked them back up.

That was a close call.  Back to ES +10 and pronto.

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which is right or less evil:  Madoff Vs. Bernanke?

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Mean reversion bitchez..

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Forgive my pitiful ignorance, but what is NFP?

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ah, that's more like it. Still don't understand what NFP has to do with EU.

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Believe it or not Jack, those crappy NFP numbers the BS bureau pulls out of its' ass moves markets worldwide.

Although you know you are going to freeze to death outside the BLS will tell you to take of your jacket. They re-calibrate their thermometer for each passing day to make sure it reads what they want it to read (as per intructions of the GS, the global banking cartel and their gov't cronies).....So you see, No Fucking Problem!

When the USSA coughs Europe catches pneumonia.

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i thought both had been getting annihilated for the past 3 years? i mean "only US financials have been worse." and if you follow the trend....

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There should only be vote downs on this thread!

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Wanted to give you an up but my finger slipped on the frigging iPad screen!

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No worries in EU because Wall Street's propaganda-central says so...

CNBC: Spain Issues $3.2 Billion in Bonds; Demand Solid

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I don't know about European equity or credit, but what about us equities. Truly in a world of their own.

Currency markets in turmoi, economic and geopolitical instability ratcheting up, but according to us equities, broke Americans will continue to buy a new smartphone and tablet every two years and one or two $5 coffees every day.

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Futures ramping into jobs # so that big fall will be back to even....the fucking game is old, but still stinks of fresh shit.

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And this is what we get:

European Stocks Resume Advance; Mining, Chemical Companies Climb (BBG)




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How many times have we seen this spread separate and collapse.  Thanks Zerohedge, either way, there is a win-win trade here.


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CNBC:  Claims fall by 2,000 but revisions dissapointing


I Am Not a Copper Top's picture

Claims have been "falling" for weeks now, but inexplicably are much higher than weeks ago.  Orwell would be proud...

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Two questions are running through my mind. 1. Where will the market's line of defence be? I would have guessed around last weeks lows but the futures aren't going there yet.

2 I wonder who the three guys were who mindlessly red arrowed every comment. There's three of them?

EURUSD is heading in for another try at 130.7

I love exciting market days

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Fred, the red arrows (junks) are the MSM and corporate trolls out in full force. The more ZH exposes these assholes and their crooked games, the more trolls we'll see. They are scared.

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No worries. Let them junk away.

Remember what happened to Tyler when he was using the basement.