Which Sectors Added Jobs In The Past 12 Months?

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Jobless and looking? According to the BLS the US has added 1.8 million jobs in the last 12 months: these are the sectors which supposedly have high demand for (part-time) workers - Professional and Business Services accounting for one third of the increase in jobs, Education and Health Services at 23%, and, in equal amount, Leisure and Hospitality and Trade, Transportation and Utilities, which combined have accounted for 31% of the change. Where there were no job additions in the last year? Construction (but yes, there is a housing recovery supposedly). The one sector actively laying off? Government. That's ok though: with 22 million government jobs at the end of April, or 16.5% of the total people employed, government can stand to shed many more jobs.

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Are these stats plus or minus the BLS bullshit seasonal adjustments and birth/death manipulation factors?

Just askin' bro.

The answer determines whether I laugh hysterically or just fire up another doobie and chill.

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You could both. Have a good laugh, and still get stoned. Heck it's Friday you could even work in a pint of IPA.

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100 pints of IPA on the wall, 100 pints of IPA.

Take one down and pass it 'round, 99 pints of IPA on the wall. :)

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99 evil banksters on the Street, 99 evil banksters...

Hang them all up or shoot them all down, no more evil banksters on the Street..



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What if the gubbermint laid someone off and then hired them back as a "consultant"?

Would that be an add to "Professional and Business Services" ;o) 

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At what level, precisely, is "Government" "actively laying off"?

Funny how that sort-of play's right into Barry O'fail's campaign message that what we need is precisely more "Government", eh?


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Exactly. The local governments, more likely to help their constituents, are laying off. The federal government, more likely to abuse the people, are hiring like mad.

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If "Education and Health Services" includes (public) school teachers then I would guess the local governemnt sector isn't shedding jobs much at all.

Propaganda from The Regime, plain and simple.

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"Financial Activities" as opposed to "Financial Services".

Some interesting wordsmithing there all around.

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We're firmly in recovery mode, QE is a thing of the past, and dramatically revised FOMC language is expected soon that will communicate that contrary to prior statements, the Fed is preparing to hike rates beginning some time in late 2012 or early 2013.



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Education and Health services do NOT include public school teachers.

The government workers getting laid off are those that society doesn't need: local policeman, firefighters, and public school teachers.

While the government workers getting hired are the ones that society needs: soldiers, jailers, and other enforcers.

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Lots of local school districts laying off teachers around PGH.  Gonna be some p/o'd teacher's union voters this fall.

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WI recall debacle shows that the bitches in the Teacher's Union really don't matter

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So, if "Education Services" is not teachers, serioiusly, WTF is it? And why are we now hiring them in the 100's of thousands?

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its bullshit for profit diploma mills.

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Can we see a full-time jobs LOST chart? Seriously, as ZH pointed out, more full-time jobs were lost than jobs added in July.


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Check the jobs chart at calculated risk: still being updated. Shows the longest ever post-recession non-recovery of jobs. We will never replace those lost before the next wave of downsizing

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Does "other services" include the porn industry?

That would explain their stellar performance of late.

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"Services" today means servicing the Federal Government.


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SSDD.  I'm beyond speechless.

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Per that transportation line, and admittedly a touch OT, check the action on the IYT.  There, you have a miracle rise of over 2% breaking above the 50 day...on 18K shares traded.  LOL!  Nice conviction.

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I posted in an earlier thread:

We haven't hired full-time production workers in two years. We replace the outgoing with part-time workers. The available production part-timers are unreliable at best (failing to show up after a couple of days). So, the production director has started hiring graphic designers. At $9 per hour. Part-time. To do production work. He calls them dandelions. They are always showing up for any kind of work. We hired 3 or so this month and they work 10-20 hours per week.

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Designers used to get paid well, and then somebody convinced every kid in art class that they should go into design. Millions did and the problem is that the labor pool for designers is actually quite small. Now there is far too many potential workers for the number of jobs available, and slaries dropped by 50% as young designers became desperate for jobs.

Going against them is the quality of work suffered, as millions of unqualified people started to think they could actually design things well. Companies hired total idiots and stared to think every designer is only worth $10 an hour.

The US is totally screwed. You can't find a good paying job anymore, unless your job is screwing people over.

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as far as finding a job and screwing people over- the govt IS shedding jobs so that does not hold water

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There is also good money in keeping people from being screwed over...  by private screwers or public...

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 BLS provides no reality. Forget even bothering with data mining the lies and corruption. Unfortunately, Pravda news now lives at the government agencys in Washington DC. Pure fraudulent lies to get there boy re-elected. Forward ... right over the clff.

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No more government layoffs !!.......we absolutely must have 1 bureaucrat available to rack and stack every 14 American humanoids.  

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So all those Business and Professional services were laid off people starting their own consulting businesses.............And they are considered jobs.................

Had to order wading boots this morning to walk thru all the BS.  

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Bottom line, the Fed rescued The Paper Economy, but failed to rescue The Real Economy. Nothing ever trickles down from paper stuck in banks and WS, let alone from BAD paper stuck in those places.

Economy goes full crony!!

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The funny thing is that people are buying big ticket items because they can put them on credit and retailers are desperate to get rid of the big ticket items because they represent so much in terms of dollars per unit.

People have no intention of paying for any of it. They'll make minimum payments while they can, but if they can't keep up, they'll just stop paying.

People are buying stoves, refrigerators, furniture, and cars taking advantage of generous credit terms. The people are saying, ha what do I care about my credit score. I'll be unemployed soon, might as well enjoy some luxury now.

The best business to be in right now is Repo.

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Know a local guy w/ a repo business...  our local economy is probably as good as there is, sans DC or SD, and he said he's going gangbusters in the last year...

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"Bottom line, the Fed rescued The Paper Economy, but failed to rescue The Real Economy. Nothing ever trickles down from paper stuck in banks and WS, let alone from BAD paper stuck in those places.

Economy goes full crony!!"


That's what you get when you have Marxist's in control the elite's share the gains the rest the pains...

 This is based on Karl Marx's reflexivity theory (George Soros essentially paraphrased Marx) that states by turning the small wheel (stocks), you can turn the big wheel (economy), which in turn will come back and turn up the small wheel (stocks). Bernanke subscribes to such a theory, and he wants QE to lift up the small wheel (stocks), which he hopes will lift up the big wheel (the economy).


Low-paying jobs are here to stay



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Just look at the charts and you can see pretty much liquidity dried up at the end of April, then the daily moves got bigger and bigger....


Since May the candles have been so long, each and everyday......


show no liquidity despite the machines saying they provide it.....


"we provide liquidity to the markets" is like telling a chic you wont cum in her mouth or the check's in the mail!


crude but you get the point

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Education isn't government?

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Professional and Business Services includes telemarketing and collection agencies.


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Why Washington Accepts Mass Unemployment

The Post’s thumbs-up editorial of DeMarco endorsed the reasoning that only a relief program that could be assured to cost the taxpayers nothing was worthwhile. It concluded, “with signs multiplying that the housing market may be finally bottoming out without this additional stimulus, perpetuating this particular battle does not strike us as the best use of the secretary’s time.”

There are signs we’ve hit bottom. Nothing to worry about here. Why risk the possibility of a small outlay merely to provide relief to hundreds of thousands of desperate people? This is such a perfect statement of the way the American elite has approached the economic crisis. They concede that it is a problem. But there are other problems, you know.

It’s important to respond to arguments on intellectual terms and not merely to analyze their motives. Yet it is impossible to understand these positions without putting them in socioeconomic context. Here are a few salient facts: The political scientist Larry Bartels has found (and measured) that members of Congress respond much more strongly to the preferences of their affluent constituents than their poor ones. And for affluent people, there is essentially no recession. Unemployment for workers with a bachelors degree is 4 percent — boom times. Unemployment is also unusually low in the Washington, D.C., area, owing to our economy’s reliance on federal spending, which has not had to impose the punishing austerity of so many state and local governments.

For millions and millions of Americans, the economic crisis is the worst event of their lives. They have lost jobs, homes, health insurance, opportunities for their children, seen their skills deteriorate, and lost their sense of self-worth. But from the perspective of those in a position to alleviate their suffering, the crisis is merely a sad and distant tragedy.

adr's picture

The economy is recovering and retail sales are going gangbusters?!!!?!?!?!

I don't think you want to tell that to the 18 companies that just got their holiday buy cut 30-40% by a single retailer.

I'm in the trenches and the shit being lobbed at us is cutting everyone to ribbons. On the loudspeaker we keep hearing our CO saying we are winning the war.

In January every retail buyer I talked to said that the Spring/Summer season was going to be the best in years, when it turned out to be the worst in the past three they started talking about how Holiday was going to save their ass. Now Holiday 2012 is being cut and 2013 is going to be the banner year.

There is this fucking stupid hope that things will be better in the future, while people are forgetting that hey need to focus on what needs to be done today.

Traders are bidding oil up in the hope that future economic growth will validate the price, when by bidding the price up they are causing the cost to increase on the ground today, destroying any economic growth that could appear.

It's fucking insanity.

I don't make money if the stock market goes up. I make money if a retailer orders my company's product. The higher the stock market goes, the less product they order. Is it supposed to work like that?

otto skorzeny's picture

gallon of gas hit all time high here yesterday-$4.20 a gallon. nothing like seeing a 70 cent jump @ pump in last  2weeks to inspire the american consumer

otto skorzeny's picture

if crime is at an all-time low-do we need so many dead-beat cops? not to mention with the new building and fire codes-the house fires are non existent so get rid of those slug firefighters


Cognitive Dissonance's picture

The police and military are mobilizing for the future world of thought (pre) crime enforcement.

Got your RFID chip implant yet?

Minority Report

MSimon's picture

Well we still have dope crimes when they need to round up the usual suspects.

DosZap's picture

if crime is at an all-time low-do we need so many dead-beat cops?

Because their job is to not fight crime its to train to take our asses down.

Plus, its super duper  revenue generating.

loub215's picture

The BLS can't (and shouldn't) count... Given the deleveraging process, underwater Morts and heavy debt loads, does ANYONE truly believe that the labor participation rate should DECLINE! People NEED money, and to get it they need work. The unemployment rate is closer to 12%, if you count normally. Real U6 is probably closer to 20%...




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For some strange and unusual reason this whole load of bollocks has reminded me of a moment that for me personally transformed my life.  I own my own business, lets see if you peeps can guess what it is.

Back in 2003, the British government introduced the working at height directive through the Health and Saftey Executive.  Basically, ladders are now deemed unsafe, and a potential for serious harm to the involved worker (bearing in mind I have done this job for 20+ years with no accidents at all).

Now to carry on working in my job I had to go out and buy a purified water system, a van for it to go into, the required insurances, and the countless number of training bollocks to use said system.

Fast forward to 2007, the arse falls out of the building trade and my company is decimated.  At one time I may of had a chance to recoupe, but with the absurd regulations over here, you cannot go for a shit without filling in paperwork BTW, my super duper ionic system stands idle, while I have reverted back to ladders.

And you think you lot have it bad?  Just wait till you reach our pathetic level of incompetant fucknuts in charge.

You think it wont come?  Oh yes it will, and those who can help and provide jobs, become people like me who have been fucked over royally.  Welcome to Great Britain my American friends.  You are going to be just like us wankers whether you like it or not.

lunaticfringe's picture

Excellent comment. It's fucking statism. The libtards here in the US want to regulate everything. They don't ever consider downstream consequences. They need a law for everything and everybody. Coulter said it best when she said the moonbats want to be able to abort children but they want a law to make YOU recycle trash.

I hate fucking liberals. You didn't even mention Muslims. Good restraint.

Inthemix96's picture


Recycling?  Here is another fucking absurd episode of how bad we stupid fuckers have it.

If you put your bin out (we have three individual ones, general waste, recycling, and garden waste), before 6am, and you dont have it back on your property by 7pm, you will be fined.  Put the wrong type of rubbish in these bins, you will be fined.  If the lid of these bins is slightly open, the local council will not empty it and you will be fined.

On and on and on and on.  I am almost at fucking breaking point here mate, and dont forget the fucking surveilence by camera????

You end up like us, you are fucked, they take the steam out of your sails little by little, day by day.  Whats it called again?

Grinding you down, to the fucking bone

Clowns on Acid's picture

Only 1 thing left to do.....

Inthemix96's picture

Clowns on acid,

1 thing left to do?

I have lost so much money I have to stay here and battle it out.

If thats what you mean?  I have no escape mate, just resistance.