While Everyone Is Watching Paint Dry Waiting For The Chairsatan To Either Kill The Market Or Send It Soaring...

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... here is Barney Frank farting on live TV (granted it is Rachel Maddow so that is debatable, but still).

h/t Bruce Krasting

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Barney needs to shove a ham in and jerk out the bone, tighten that sucker back up.....

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Schumer had an appointment across town.

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it's the flatulence that comes out of his mouth non-stop that troubles me most

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OT from Barney Frank's flatulence, but it would appear that the man who literally wrote the hilariously & ironically titled PATRIOT Act is the godfather to one of Rupert Murdoch's grandchildren (this is breaking as the investigation into NewsCorp's hacking activities in the U.S. are allegedly being undertaken).

How does everyone like the optical illusion and false left-right paradigm being offered up on election day?

Dinh's Ties to Murdoch Under Fire as Point Man in Hacking Probe

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I smell something................

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go easy on barney.

his sphincter muscles loosened to the point of swinging gates long ago.

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Barney Frank will get what's coming to him.. in the end.

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I like the way he is swaying back and forth before the big rip.

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Correcetion - its called swishing!



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+$14Tn ...or $200Tn as the case may be

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I think I'll just make ZH my home page ........... 1st place I go anyway.

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I have a hard time listening to anything that comes out of that sputtering cum-dumpster

bigdumbnugly's picture


a guy like me would have no chance....

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.... I kinda resemble Barney....

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yummy, Barney likes em young! Our mayor in Portland OR has him beat, he was screwing a 17yr old high school boy during his campaign.  The boy toy's name... Beau Breedlove.  Why is it that politics and the priesthood both draw the homo-pedophiles?


andybev01's picture

Because the straight pedo's have cornered all of the other professions...

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Just another thing that makes Portlandia weird.  Wasn't the mayor in Portland during the 70s using cops to bring in girls to his office?

Hugh G Rection's picture

Yep.  We have a tradition in Portland of Mayors screwing children.


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But Brad Pitt played Tyler Durden, and Tyler Durden is ...

augie's picture

we are all Tyler Durden... Some of us more than others... 

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getting that pict out of my mind is more difficult than the fart video..

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He looks almost as manly as Maddow - almost.

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i always thought he's not from Earth: fag+jew+congressmen


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Give him credits. He tried holding it until he had to lean to left

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OMG, I am laughing so hard my eyes are watering.

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Are you sure the eye watering is from laughing?

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I imagine that after decades of abuse, things are pretty loose down there.

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ZH: 1 BF: Pfluuuuuggghhh

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Pls, I am begging the voters in his Massachusetts Congressional District to please put this jackass out of our misery. 

No Bid's picture

i tried.  last election was as close as it's been in forever, and the mgn was still 7% or something.

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Barney is right on that one though.  Why do all bloated, dying empires have this weird, nihilistic pathos to invade Afghanistan?

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Bet old Barney's asshole looks like the Japanese flag!

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Gallows Humor.

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hopefully that day will come soon, and judging by Britain and Greece not too long to wait . .