White House Comments On Surging Gasoline Prices

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Just when we thought that when it comes to nonsensical announcements Europe is second to none, here comes the White House and takes the cake:


Uhm, would the "unrestful" parts of the world be those that have an above average US drone presence. At least we know that said price surges have nothing to do with the following chart:

As a reminder, we did note over the weekend that inflation is about to become the biggest concern of "investors" everywhere:

Oddly enough, one very crucial item missing is once again surging inflation courtesy of trillions in stealthy central banks reliquification, sending crude to the highest since May 2011, and the most expensive gas price in January on record.

Sure enough...

Rising U.S. gas prices have been fueled by a number of factors in world markets, including unrest and rapid growth in emerging markets, the White House said on Tuesday.


White House spokesman Jay Carney said recent increases in gasoline prices were "clearly the effect of a variety of factors on the global price of oil," including unrest in some parts of the world and economic growth in countries including India and China.


"The fact that this is happening only underscores the need ... to have a comprehensive energy policy," Carney told reporters.


U.S. gasoline prices jumped in January, leading overall consumer prices higher and offering a reminder of the risks energy costs pose to the economic recovery.


After rising throughout January, the national price for regular unleaded gasoline in the United States rose to $3.58 a gallon in the week through last Monday, according to the Energy Information Administration. It had started the year around $3.32 a gallon.

The people demand more Solyndras!!!

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Dont forget to blame George Bush.


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Not only are the balance sheets growing in absolute terms but their rate of growth is going parabolic as well.  In other words, we've already jumped out of the plane and tried the chute...it didn't open...tried the safety...it didn't open either...LOOK OUT BELOW!!!



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It was the Ewoks.  The Ewoks did it.

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Mad Max time.

We are going to be driving around in our GMs, Ford... Honda's and Toyota's looking for gasoline.

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Dibs on the midget who knows how to distill pig shit!!!

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Well if it's just a matter of unrest, why don't they take a nap?




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Surging gas prices from Bernanke printing press, they leave that out of the news. We are such dumb Americans we believe everything the news tells us. LOL. Fucking wake up status quo, you're losing it. This helps Ron Paul win.

BW's picture

Ron Paul is going to win. 

whstlblwr's picture

Not if we don't stop them from rigging the election. Voters have to stay behind and take a video of the results before it goes for collection.

Paul has huge rally, twice as many people come to see him than Romney or Santorum. There is veteran march in DC with at least 2000 who come, even after military sends out warning to not participate. Only one MSM news reports it and reports it as "hundreds."

Any idiot voting for Santorum is wasting your vote, if Santorum wins GOP, then Obama wins general. It's what the status quo wants.

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Obama's Ministry of Truth has said that they have formally requested that The Bernank increase the daily rations of interest free Federal Reserve Notes distributed to the commodity trading floors of 'evil speculator' institutions with which they can gamble (but risk free gambling thanks to taxpayers backstoppping) on commodity speculation, including oil futures, so as to try and ease the price of gasoline and heating oil (and nearly everything else).

In other words, only by doing more of what has significantly contributed to the dramatic rise in oil/gas prices can help ease this situation (but it will actually only make it worse) although Obama will blah blah blah about "evil speculators" (that he and his administration have empowered) as he prays that the equity markets don't crash prior to November 2nd.

And hey look, everyone, the BOE is going Full Bernank Retard, too:

02-21 14:59: BoE's Bean says QE boosts asset prices and encourages spending


You see. If you make things more expensive to purchase, you increase spending. It's not as if this runs contrary to the most (and one of the few accurate) fundamental laws of economics.

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Gideon Gono similarly found rising prices were caused by strong growth in surrounding countries and, yes, it led people to save less.


Perhaps the Bernank should check with Dr. Gono (also known as No-go) as to how well that worked out.







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"Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe"($6-$8/gal) - Barry O'Dumbo's Energy Secretary, Steven Chu


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I'm off to my local caucus to try to became a delagate on the third. Anybody here jumping in?  It's all well an good to talk about RP but we need boots in the trenches people.

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What energy source do you use to compress the air?

Dead Canary's picture

This technology was superseded by the motorcycle that runs on unicorn piss! PA-LEEZE!

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Must be some serious PSI...I wonder what happens to the little plastic car when the tank gets punctured in an accident

Matt's picture

Carbon-fibre reinforced plastic tanks don't explode the way steel ones do when compromised; hopefully that is the way they are going.

redpill's picture

I hope so, or it will be "tata!"

trav7777's picture

the air leaks out if the tank is punctured...what did you think would happen?

compressed air as a kinetic energy reclamation mechanism isn't actually all that new

Matt's picture

With a common steel air tank, if the valve stem gets sheared off, the tank becomes a projectile that can punch thru a cement wall.


Common_Cents22's picture

A sheared tank would give a nice 0-60mph rating.

superflyguy's picture

vehicle A

0-60 - 6sec

with a sheared tank - 3 sec*





kito's picture

@redpill---hindenburg bitchezzz.....

Matt's picture

compressed air is NOT Hydrogen gas. see above for MythBusters example of air tank with sheared off valve stem. With a steel tank, if the metal gets punctured, it could make ALOT of shrapnel.

I'm pretty sure the risk of shrapnel is removed by using carbon fibre reinfocred plastic tanks, but the valve stem shearing issue would need something else, like safety vents on the tank to vent the air thru multiple holes to prevent directional thrust, and to reduce the thrust.

Matt's picture

So what you are saying is, more Coal power plants?

I'm guessing they meant 100+ MPG cars, not 100+ MPH cars.

John Law Lives's picture

"I'm guessing they meant 100+ MPG cars, not 100+ MPH cars."

Probably so.  Cars that travel 100+ MPH have a nasty habit of running into fixed objects... like a Kentucky Fried Chicken store in Washington D.C.


pods's picture

For the stereotype of the day read the article as to which road the BMW careened off.


Moe Howard's picture

All roads are going to be named that. I just saw that I65 Louisville is called that. Coming soon to all the streets near you.

Matt's picture

The driver being drunk and not buckled are bigger factors in her death than going 100 MPH, although if she was on a Big Wheels doing 5 MPH she likely would have been fine, so it is still a factor.

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Written in 2008, to be launched in 2010...

If you have not seen by now a US citizen banker drive around with that, in spite of all bonuses...

Hobbleknee's picture

According to the article, which was written in 2008, they were supposed to hit the streets in 2010.  It's 2012, so where are they?

aerojet's picture

They're being stored in the same warehouse that the government stores the Ark of the Covenant.  Right down the aisle are the light bulbs that last 100 years.

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The website for Zero Pollution http://zeropollutionmotors.us/ (the distribuor for those cars) is a dead link - Solyndra-ized?

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Watch out for those biker fags in assless jeans there BLOTTO!

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Yes, elst you end up as that skinny blonde catamite on the back of bennett's (from commando) bike in mad max.

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Yeah, driving my solar-charged Volt around to find gas for my chainsaw and tractor, that's it.  Solar panels and electric cars, bitchez!  (and oh yeah, don't forget the shiny)

Actually, those electric chainsaws work pretty well if you can bring a power source near enough...mine does, anyway.  It'll run off an inverter I installed in the Volt, or a 98 cc honda generator/inverter - not much gas used per tree in the latter, and a lot quieter.


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you just committed sacrilege talking about using a fkin electric chainsaw...your man card is hereby revoked

aerojet's picture

Electric motors can produce a shitload of torque.

Taint Boil's picture

Here's a V8 powered chainsaw link

Matt's picture

Using a gasoline powered electric generator to power an electric chainsaw?! That's the height of efficiency right there.

PrintPressPimpin's picture

I cut trees for a living and the only time i have ever seen an arborist grab an electric chainsaw was during a demonstration where they brought a huge tree trunk indoors to showcase climbing techniques. Electric chainsaws are not a viable substitute to a a large saw or a climbing saw. On my land i have 50 gallons of gas i rotate and mix oil for all of it just for my saws just in case.  Gas powered chainsaws have my vote as one of mankinds best work and time saving inventions ever. running a generator to power a saw has got to be very inefficient compared to using that same amount of gas in a powerhead

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The idea of a giant bald guy holding chains in ass chaps chasing me down does not appeal to moi.


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It sure is a scary thought though.

However, that would be the 1st guy to get the bullet - the giant bald headed leader fuck.lol.

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Screw you guys, I've got the last of the V8 Interceptors!


(Actually, got a Volt, 5600mi in less than 19 gallons, bitchez!)

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Hmmm, drove 1000 miles in my Nissan Leaf for 27 dollars. At least that's what it costs when my solar panels are at peak efficiency.

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"We are going to be driving around in our GMs, Ford... Honda's and Toyota's looking for gasoline."

And we will be towing them behind horses. Might be a good time to reopen that buggy whip factory.


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you mean the jewish ones, right?