White House Press Briefing Summary On Debt Ceiling

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CARNEYs...circus folk...small hands...smell like cabbage.

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he's a better faker than Gibbs. With Gibbs you at least you had the occasional chuckle.

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Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds ~"The Carney"  ~ thread soundtrack:


Dog-boy, atlas, half-man, the geeks, the hired hands
There was not one among them that did not cast an eye behind
In the hope that the carny would return to his own kind

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...who gives a crap.. these charlatans have painted themselves into a corner, all out of money, bent every rule in the game to their favour (lowered interest rates to zero, cooked every book and statistic etc) and STILL the cretins have spent themselves into oblivion

...wake me up when they crash.. these clowns re-arranging the deckchairs can go to hell but who'd want to miss seeing the ship hit the iceberg and the parasites drown eh?

Frank, Dodd, Pelosi, Reid, Cantona, McCain, Boehner.... pass the fuking popcorn

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How ironic that a carney is Obama's press secretary.

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Why is ES up 14 pts?  Anyone?

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I admire your belief in a rational market.

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My real money is short this market believing it should be rational.  But - I've always been an idealist (or a sucker).


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you just answered your own question.

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I'm talking my book when I say this, but I think--if there's anything legitimate going on--people are buying the fucking dip today, anticipating the post-deal bounce.  I hope to see the Tea Party standing fast.  Not only for the good of my money, short-term at least, but for the promise of a multi-party system.  These people are my antithesis in some ways, but I gotta give it up: They rock.  They are not Republicans.  They are a different party altogether.

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The market is rational to the same degree that a circus act features a clown con man that conducts a crap game and juggles the dice.

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Gold is setting up for a big money move (-). It's going to be sweet like patting down a PYT. On these big vertical moves it always pulls back before it advances.



--You WILL Obey!

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Upside: only 5 days left till this drama ends.


--You WILL Obey!

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Well, everybody and their mommas are "buying" the "compromise" that isn't in YET! Volume as usual nowhere to be found :))) the "surprise" at today's latest tomorrow's closing will be very interesting "stuff"!

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Compromise compromise compromise compromise compromise compromise compromise compromise.

Sorry, I am all cash and need a better entrypoint to short.

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When the time is right, shorting will be illegal.

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If this debt ceiling thing keeps dragging on like this...



I think this debt ceiling crap is the biggest waist of time ever. WHY DIDN'T THEY SPEAK UP WHEN THE MONEY FLEW THROUGH THE WINDOWS?

It's so typical that the opposition just uses this to get elected next year. They are using the same tactics like Obama used to get elected.

Obama trashed the debt ceiling raise of Bush, Boehoehoener trashes Obama debt ceiling rise and after this? Who will trash the next presidents debt ceiling "request"?

the opposition...

BUT NEVER! NEVER does anybody tries to block government WHILE THEY ARE SPENDING THAT MONEY.




To bad you can't really boycot it. If only 1 person shows up in each state, it would already be enough the elect one.

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You are on to something SD. I read this piece and it changed my thinking about the old adage "If you dont vote, you cant complain."

"Voting:  The God That Failed."



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Expect Boehner to start using it after his bill passes.

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I think it may pass as I think the TP will cave, but it also seems that both dem and rep establisment are trying to provoke them in such a way that they vote it down.  That way the establishment and their media echo can blame the TP for all the turmoil that will follow.  From insane McCain's comments about them to Reids reference to Boner giving the TP a big sloppy kiss, I think they are being set up as  scape goats,

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TP wants a grand reset / collapse. No way the TP gives an inch of ground to Obama. The problem is there is no leadership in the center. Its either the far left or far right driving the two polar sides of the debate. The center will either have to pick a side (highly unlikely) or they will have to come up with a new plan with the votes to back it up.

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With all due respect to your view depression, this fight pits the Elites & their vast herd of WannaBee Elites, against the people who hope to maintain their freedom. TYRANNY is in an advanced stage of success and is nearing the tipping point. Very little time left for all rational thinking people versus the irrational WannaBee Elites who have their heads-up-the-butts of the Elite.

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Carney: Coney Island entertainment for the sheeples.

Boner have the hot dogs?

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Carney- 'The ONLY responsible action here is to 'compromise' and HAND OVER THE DAMN BLANK CHECKS! NOW!'

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sounds serious bitchez

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Why waste time debating this fiscal nightmare? That's what Obama wants, he needs to point fingers and demonize somebody. I really could never figure out why the media was so antagonistic to Bush when he was as much socialist minded as the editors and producers of the MSM. Just like this budget proposal by the Republicans, no real teeth, no substantive cuts, so what's all the fuss about. Again, Obama just needs someone, anyone to be able to point a finger at, that's it. What a waste of time this whole thing is. If anyone is serious about cutting government and becoming more fiscally responsible, we are all just going to have to wait till next election

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Sorry for pointing u out but waaah waaaah waaaaaah...this is the umpteenth post i've read about obammy bein meean to tea party...seriously gorw a set or call the tea party waht it really is...little whiney biotches...thin skinned, whiney and always complaining...shut up. that what most people think. just shut it. if people dont like you who cares but u cant make em like u.

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Self confidence leaks
From a thousand wounds
Faults of civilizations
Burning the private paradise of dreams
Minus hands of the electric clock

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bottom line : US not going to default.. or Japan & china will be very, very angry...

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US CDS 62.5/65.5


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Carney was quick today. No bananas.

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  • Anyone checked the front gates at Yellowstone or Yosemite lately to determine if there is a "For Sale" sign? I don't trust Jeethner.

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    Jamie Dimon said he sent a letter to the Obama administration and the U.S. Congress

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    Carnie: "How 'ya doin' Ralphie Boy!"

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    Compromise, right. As long as it is Obamas way. Have you noticed not one politician has stated "We will get  the ball rolling with a 10% pay cut in Congress and a 25% reduction in expenses. It is only right that We lead the way.

    I know, I am dreaming, most of them are multi-millionaires with D. Issa worth 1/2 a billion dollars. Absurd they even take a pay check. Love of the country, right. Love of ME.

    Makes me sick.

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    Is this going to be a 200 point Dow day?

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    Depends on whether someone says 'compromise' again or not.

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    There is only one interesting thing about Carney......you can tell when he lies in defending the president. There is a subtle but noticable change in the look on his face. I would love to see a  body language professional analize some of his pressers.

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    Perfectly controlled market today.

    Stocks up:  Check

    Bonds up:  Check

    Gold down:  Check

    Commodity prices contained:  Check

    Inflation expectations non-existent:  Check

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    Commodity prices contained? Inflation expectations non-existent? What planet are you living on, because it sure isn't this one?

    Corn: June 30, 2010 -- $3.45 bushel

    Corn: July 27, 2011 -- $6.91/bushel (yesterday's close)

    That is a 100% increase in ONE YEAR! Other grains and food commodities have experienced similar gains. Cotton was limit UP one day so far this week!

    Just because you and your complicit collaborators in the government are blind, doesn't mean the rest of us are equally ignorant!

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    Cotton crops are hurting throughout the south.

    Rice also seems to in trouble.

    Corn growing seems decent.

    Texas, Kansas and Arkansas are all experiencing severe drought and heat warnings.



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    weather modification, working as intended.

    (and for those who still dismiss this, put those words into a search engine & read of the commercial ventures that use it already, then add in the usual suspects in the shadows)

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    what will happen to gold, if debt ceiling get raised?

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    Initial takedown (I follow Ag more) to take advantage of the sell bias... then the usual slow (or maybe not so slow) recovery to the $40 - $42 range.

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    What gold does this week is not my focus.  The short term can be moved by meaningless news and margin increases, ect. The long term trend is up, way up.

    My focus is on government's continuance down a path of unsustainable entitlements, diluted fiat and expanding debt/GDP. 

    When that gets addressed, then it will be time to check to PM prices in a meaningful way and consider selling.  Until then, my plan is regular purchases as I am able, regardless of the daily price.