Sigh, Whitney Tilson Is Now LONG Netflix

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And just as we were thinking of buying some deep OTM calls...

From the WSJ:

Money manager Whitney Tilson was famously the lone man willing to say the Netflix emperor had no clothes. Now, he sees the emperor in all his finery.


Tilson was shorting Netflix last year, before the company’s well publicized stumbles formed a lovely crater in the stock price. Tilson was very, very early (or wrong) about his Netflix short, which cost him gobs of money.


But today, in the wake of a staggering 36% one-day stock price drop, Tilson told our Heard on the Street colleague John Jannarone that he opened a long position in Netflix stock.

So first he was short NFLX, then he covered ($100 higher) then he did nothing as it plunged $225, and now he is long...

Oh yes, sorry any new or legacy longs.

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He was short as the stock went to the moon, now he is long as it falls off a cliff...Nice!


This is the year that turned many once invincible hedge fund managers into nothing more than front running buffoons.

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Deaf leading the blind!

Tilson and his investors, that is!

Through Sep Tilson's fund is down 30% - OUCH!

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The Nasdaq is to equity markets as levees are to New Orleans.

When the Levee Breaks 

It's been that way since 1999 and is even more so that way today, given leverage, the structure/composition of the bagholders.

Anyone with a scintilla of intellect should be able to spot the true break point - regardless of The Bernank's (or any other central bankster's) or the PPT's inevitably doomed rescue attempts.

Most importantly, however, It's really a doomed exercise to try and keep a Ponzi going with an employment crisis (with jobs and their relative wages and benefits forming the foundation of any sustainable economic activity) as deeply entrenched, the likes of which we (not just in the U.S., but even more so in Europe, and now in China - where there is a risk of the fomenting of a Jade Revolution) now face .

But nice shot, Bernank (from a purely dysfunctional Keynesian perspective - even if none other than JM Keynes would brand Bernanke you a pure sociopath and complete failure of an economist, macroforecaster and human being).

Hey Bernank, Nice Shot


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glad i are not the dumbest invester on planit Earth.


Next up for the Whit-meister, he tell us he is a short of CMG?

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Whitney Tilson, a.k.a. RobotTrader?

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Properly timing the fall of a giant leads to fantastic returns. Take for example RIM and NFLX. While it may require more than one erroneous entry point, tight stops and disciplined trading can yield great returns.

Watch CMG, AZO, HSY and SBUX for topping formations.

Note: Don't retort by stating that PMs are the only way to go. This post is meant for traders to ponder; no need to plaster replys that match those on every other ZH post!


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Good point, also check out Bubble 2.0 stocks AMZN and PCLN.

PCLN has nice triple top.

Feel free to load up on some speculative OTM Jan 2012 PUTS for fun and profit.

You can thank me later.

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I hear you.

How much were, say, $100 puts going for on NFLX a few months ago? Pennies? So you spent a few $US along the way. Once you were correct the payoff would have been enormous.

Pennies a share into $$$ a share in a few months. A $100 contract now worth $4000 or more.

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Exactly. One can stay solvent a long time playing these overinflated bubble stocks this way, then eventually will pay off when they pop.

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The recent stories about Ray Dalio made me wonder whether his "organization" and his famous "meetings" with his people and his desire to be "challenged" etc. are not all bullshit, a beard or front to hide the fact he is merely just one more (successful) frontrunner with inside information. Like Madoff's "organization" and "proprietary trading strategy" were.

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on a long enough timeline a chimp can type up Hamlet

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"Stock goes down, you short it ? Stock goes down again, you buy it ? Farewell and adieu... ...!"

gangland's picture





The cage goes into the water... you go into the water... the sharks in the water... our Shark...

Farewell and adieu, to you fair spanish ladies. Farewell and adieu, you ladies of Spain.

For we've just received orders, for to sail back to Boston. And so nevermore, shall we see you again.

Back home we got a taxidermy man. He gonna have a heart attack when he see what I brung him!

Hooper! Five degrees port
now... hold your course!

ESFS /geithner you sonoffabich!

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maybe whitney should just stay away from this one

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Whitney Tilson...isn't he that Farting Preacher guy ?


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Hey, this guy is using my patented get-poor-quick trading strategy... i'd sue if i could afford the legal fees.

Pladizow's picture

Then would'nt suing be included within your get-poor-quick plan?

Get Po, Mo-Quicka!

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Short low, cover high, buy high, sell low

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Someone from the govt needs to hire this guy quick and put him in charge of something really important.

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Robo's fanclub has exploded to the upside!!!

1 Follower and counting!

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Upvote if you felt the whipsaw fly by your face too.

zebra's picture

what else does he got?

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1st rule of trading - dont average losers...

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got kicked in the SAC, now he's back! bucking for hall of fame larry summers-harvard money management level incompetence methinks.

monopoly's picture

And how much does this idiot make every year?

monopoly's picture

Looks like Robot is at the park today with the pigeons in LA.

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"Money manager Whitney Tilson..." BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ... you did say, "Money manager"? ... BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!

Oh, gawd...enough...I can't take any side is splitting.

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Wonder if he owns first solar too.

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Sorry...I must miss something..I got that HE open a long today...before the crash...??? 

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That value investing conference must have been BRILLIANT.

2/20 baby......2/20.

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Say that again...only slowly. "Vaaaaaallllllllluuuuuuuuuue."

disabledvet's picture

I see Mother F#\!^~! Global is having a banner day as well.

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His philosophy isn't any different from mine when I started trading with real money. Are you saying that he is making beginer's mistake?

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What kind of a name is Whitney, anyway? Sounds tailor-made for getting ones ass kicked.

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Whitney is losing money today...

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This is how compulsive/degenerate gamblers behave. I have seen it firsthand.

The only difference is that this guy is probably doing it with "other peoples' money".

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Hey I resemble that remark!

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He's always been overrated as a manager, but the fact that he's down 30% YTD proves it in spades.

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spin the bottle: genius or jackass.

btw - who cares.


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he's hoping paul allen of microsoft will buy the rest.

meanwhile ms shareholders are hoping alan has a rest and retires

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Priceless video of Cramer in full permabull carnival barker mode on NFLX @ 299.


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Never run out of laughs with that guy.

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Is Whitney Tilson really RoboTrader?