Who Actually Votes In America?

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Depending on how one views the current state of the union, this infographic from TakePart.com offers insight into who is to be thanked or which cohort of our illustrious population didn't do enough to exercise their right for democratic central-planning by-fiat. Our favorite - top reasons for not voting: Too Busy or Not Interested; we can only assume American Idol or X-Factor was on that day. The rich voted at higher rates than the poor and the corollary perhaps that higher levels of education led to higher levels of voting leaves the big question - will even fewer of our unemployed turn out to vote this time that the 54.7% that turned out last time?


Source: ColumnFiveMedia.com

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Patriots, Free Shitters and Sheeple.

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Vote for cancer or gangrene. It's no wonder the Intellectual Educated Keynesians think that Cancer is a better death than good ol' gangrene. 


USA is a corporation fiction. The real country was aborted long ago... Even Ron Paul can't save the Corporation. 


And why do we have to "REGISTER" to vote? What is a Citizen? Are you proud that you are LICENCED to drive? Why are we pleading to our masters for leadership and slavery?

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Where there is no way to vote against the interests of Goldman Sachs and the international banking cartel continue to rob americans blind there is only one soluton:

Armed Revolution and Public Hangings

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not sure who created that infographic -- prob some douchbag that wants one to vote -- but there is a typo in the 45-44 which should obviously read 45-54....oh well, and we wonder why it's all fucktarded douchbagery.....

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Just had to pass on this comment from a poster on Daily Paul;

Yep they are controlled. Submitted by DuaneK36 on Thu, 05/03/2012 - 01:45.

All mass media down to magazines and local news papers are under control by world banking cartels. Their goal is world control, one world government. The USA will fall to them if they are not stopped. National police force put in place, TSA, removal of rights, the USA declared a war zone in the fabricated "war on terror". Can anyone see the similarities to Germany circa 1930? We've already surpassed Hitler's death toll and number of countries invaded.

Most of us are aware of the bigger picture and the deep seeded evil and corruption that has permeated our nation, but it might be best to not mention it., althought once the realization is grasped then it fully explains everything from the news media's bias to the passion of Paul supporters. It is too much to digest for others who come here to learn about Paul. Stick with end the wars and fix the economy! That is hard enough to get across, givin the complete brainwashing people have had from that glowing box in the living room.


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voting is pointless now.  simply observe the fact that Michigan congressman John Dingell and his father have held the same congressional seat since 1937.  this is a fiefdom, not a congressional district.

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voting is pointless now.  simply observe the fact that Michigan congressman John Dingell and his father have held the same congressional seat since 1937.  this is a fiefdom, not a congressional district.


Fiefdoms are damn expensive, Junior!  Respect the graft that has been paid out to make that little machine run for the Democrat few who benefitted. They destroyed Detroit, crushing the souls and lives of the millions they claim to love, to get and stay wealthy.

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Licenses to drive mean nothing when any fool can get em.


Ever live in a region with a large old person demographic?  Geezers can't drive and they don't get the hint to just die already.


Fuck medicare:  old people should be shot into space once they turn 65.  65 years isn't enough?  You greedy fucking pigs.



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The way things are turning out down here, a lot of folks might want to take you up on that last thrill ride idea.

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This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time.

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I want a gun safe room like Brad Pitts's in the movie Mr and Mrs Smith.

I'm thinking about making a false wall in my walk in closet at the end, maybe just hiding it with cedar so no one knows about it.

Perhaps the NSA is listening. I just think it would be a nice thing to have.

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Representation doesn't look too skewed (compared to what I expected).

Now you just need someone real to vote for! A shame really

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Dad voted straight Republican all his life, now its straight Democrat since he died.

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Voting only has a point when there are contrasting party values to vote for - the apathy makes a lot of sense.

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I agree.   Also, seeing as the world is about to have a reality check (aka Status Quo loosing control), then I personally do not think that it really matters who is in charge.   Picking the particular "flavor" of oppression that the government uses in an attempt to prop themselves up is not that important to me personally.


If Romney was to pick Ron or Rand for his VP, then I assure you that I would be at the polling booth at 8am that morning.  Heck, I am betting that even allot of the dead peoples votes would be counted at the election.

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Because the vice president exercises such massive amounts of power? are you high or just naive?

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 Jo, Mama VOTES, Tyler!  Tell me I'm wrong?

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I didn't realize my vote mattered.

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It doesn't.   Think again.

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I voted for hope and change, and all I got was a third term of Bush. Now I know why:


(click next strip button after above link for page 200 also)

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Whether it makes a difference or not, I shall be voting against the Hawaiian Allende.

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Let's hope it's a lot less than 54.7% who vote this time so the new leader that is chosen for us can't claim they actually represent the majority of Americans.

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Top reason for not voting: to avoid collaborating with a fraudulent system run by a corrupt, illegitimate duopoly.


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All of the categories of those who are more likely to vote correlate to how enslaved/socially conditioned you are.  So its not surprising.  That said, don't vote if you have a brain.  If nobody voted there would be clear illegitimacy to the criminals running the asylum. 

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“All voting is a sort of gaming, like checkers or back gammon, with a slight moral tinge to it, a playing with right and wrong, with moral questions; and betting naturally accompanies it. The character of the voters is not staked. I cast my vote, perchance, as I think right; but I am not vitally concerned that that right should prevail. I am willing to leave it to the majority. Its obli­gation, therefore, never exceeds that of expediency. Even voting for the right is doing nothing for it. It is only expressing to men feebly your desire that it should prevail. A wise man will not leave the right to the mercy of chance, nor wish it to prevail through the power of the majority.” ~ Thoreau

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 That Chart is pretty GOOD!/   Lets's play Toss-A Cross!   Lawn Darts work!

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Used to live in Hawaii...it has the lowest turnout because if you turned on the car radio while driving to the polls, you were told who won the election.

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I guess the 45-54 demo doesn't count for shit anymore...(sigh).

I WILL be voting, however, just so I can write in RON PAUL.


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  I love ya Guys!   Smoking!

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Cool. I am one of hispanics and texans that never has and never will vote.


What explains asians low turn-out? I would imagine they have proportionally higher education and income rates than blacks and hispanics at least.

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I've never heard a major candidate really pander to Asian Americans.  Plus that is a fairly broad demographic with huge divides in culture.  Probably better to focus on the more gullible groups that are looking for their bread and circus.

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What explains asians low turn-out?

Huh --- I didn't realize that Russian-Americans, Turkish-Americans, Pakistani-Americans, Indian-Americans, Israeli-Americans, Arab-Americans, or Persian-Americans had a low voter turnout.


PS: If by "Asians" you actually mean "Oriental-Americans", then SAY "Oriental-Americans" --- stop with this bullshit PC "Asian" crap already, and stop sounding so mindlessly geographically ignorant.

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what do you expect?  he referred to himself as 'hispanic'.

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At least the word "Hispanic" is not overly and unnecessarily ambiguous.

Unless the acolytes of latter-day political correctness have redefined that word as well, to refer ONLY to those from, say, Mexico or the Dominican Republic.

This ridiculous American PC redefinition of "Asian" to refer to ONLY Orientals would be analagous to suddenly referring to the French, and ONLY the French, as "Europeans" --- all other inhabitants of the continent of Europe being ignored.

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I wonder what percentage of those we call Hispanic are actually "native americans"? Most of them don't look like the people in Spain.

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Because Russians, turks, pakistani, indian, israelites, arab, persian are not oriental?

Only US citizen can that easily substitute a propaganda bit by another?

Maybe what you are looking for is a label with a racial connotation like yellow race or something?

Racism is so central to US citizenism. Indeed, maybe be time to end with scam like asian, orientals when one means race.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

AnAnonymous squatted on the roadside and dropped this:

Because Russians, turks, pakistani, indian, israelites, arab, persian are not oriental?

Yes, that is what he said. How nice of you to swallow your Chinese citizenism pride and agree with him.

Only US citizen can that easily substitute a propaganda bit by another?

Ah, ah, wok calling rickshaw black, Mister Chinese citizenism paid propaganda generator?

Maybe what you are looking for is a label with a racial connotation like yellow race or something?

Chinese citizenism citizen propagandist race most accurately categorized as hybrid of idiot citizenist race and delusional citizenist race. Quite a lineage you have going on downthere.

Chinese citizenism citizenist race must be related to US citizenism citizenist race, probably through common ancestor of Easter Island citizenism citizenist race.

But hey, it is all relative bro...


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do you mean "white asins" or "browns asians" or just plain 'ole asians?


The MSM wants to know.....

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God I wish women weren't allowed to vote

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You've got your wish with THIS woman.  I'm so disgusted with the whole stinking mess I can't see bothering with it.  BTW, didn't vote for the Kenyan.

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I will give my vote to INGSOC, like every time.

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never voted and never will. 

Not gonna waste my time voting for Paul when you know the establishment WILL NEVER LET HIM GET ELECTED.

The sheer stupidity of your average person in America cannot be counteracted.  Where the establishment steers them is where they will go.


All they want is basic psychological fulfillment and they'll never take an action to compromise the systems that allow for that primitive fulfillment.  When the systems break down--they become violent.  Never assume noble action from the masses.  They're simple and fucking crude and only react to needs and wants.


And when war comes--the dumb base animals will get worked into a fervor to go kill other dumb base animals from another country.  Never will these cretins turn their gaze to the real culprits--the actual people responsible for their misery and simplicity.

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 Thats understandable!  

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Try again when Dr. Paul is the establishment nominee.

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The establishment doesn't control WHO gets elected they control who WHo gets the most support to be their nominee. The voter controls who gets elected.

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you don't need to  control who gets elected if you have corrupted both official parties. 2 sides of the same coin, let it flip, it doesn't matter if it lands heads or tails, you've bet both ways and win regardless.

How can a real democracry have only 2 official parties? think about it.

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Where's the dead or older stats ?