Who Actually Votes In America?

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Depending on how one views the current state of the union, this infographic from TakePart.com offers insight into who is to be thanked or which cohort of our illustrious population didn't do enough to exercise their right for democratic central-planning by-fiat. Our favorite - top reasons for not voting: Too Busy or Not Interested; we can only assume American Idol or X-Factor was on that day. The rich voted at higher rates than the poor and the corollary perhaps that higher levels of education led to higher levels of voting leaves the big question - will even fewer of our unemployed turn out to vote this time that the 54.7% that turned out last time?


Source: ColumnFiveMedia.com

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I first voted for HW's second term, no go, then I voted for Perot in the next one, just because I was sure he would push the button, but no go. I voted for Gore in the next one. I was making crazy money on the Interweb, and he invented it, so I figured I'd help him out. No go. I developed a bad case of BDS after 9/11, and just KNEW I had stop W before he destroyed the world, so I voted for Kerry. No go. After NEVER seeing my guy win, I have officially given up. I tried. Don't blame me.

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Who's your guy this time

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As I said, I've given up. The only one that would get me out to vote is RP.

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Considering your track record and bearing in mind that ID doesnt seem necessary to vote, would you think about doing us all a favor and voting for both Obama and Romney this time around?

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The man can deep throat a corn dog, what else does the job require?

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How can RP be trusted if he won't tell the truth about 911?

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From: http://www.henrymakow.com/ron_paul_freemasonry_the.html

Comment from JB-I’ve been asking Ron Paul fans for some time – and it always falls on deaf ears… “How does a gold standard benefit the people when the elite have hoarded most of the gold?”.

In effect, a gold standard would leave the elite as the only ones holding any significant amount of “real money”. Its just handing them the world on a platter. Which would perhaps explain why Ron Paul is allowed to live.

If RP was an enemy of the elite, the media would not be promoting him so heavily. I know that its a popular idea that they suppress Ron Paul. But that is based on viewing things from a child-like simple perspective. What they do, in fact, is use the “stiffs” on the news to diss him while using the “cool” guys to promote him. Guys like Jon Stewart, Jay Leno, Bill Maher, etc have well promoted Ron Paul. Of course the media know what the public perception of their players are. They realize that the kind of people who are likely to identify with Ron Paul are repulsed by the stiffs on the networks – Whereas the audience for the stiffs is the common sheep. They also know that when the stiffs diss Ron Paul that the RP supporters will react strongly and it affirms in their minds that RP must be on their side since the big bad establishment is trying so hard to stop him. Its an underdog effect. Its so laughable and yet so tragic.

The irony is almost too much for me when I see people talking about having “woken up” and speaking with disdain about the common sheeple and then to realize that not only are the “woken up” people being used as tools and still dreaming – but that more than anyone else, they are being used as the point men in helping bring about this agenda.

But for the vast majority of his supporters, there is no convincing them. Ron Paul has become a religion for many.Its a fallacy that facts carry any weight when dealing with human beings. Feelings are king and always have been. The elite are indeed experts at human psychology and have outsmarted the truthers.

There. Squatted on the road and now I feel better.

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Well, there's always the lead n' brass standard. And let's not forget the new kid on the block, tungsten.

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Would you know the truth if you saw/read/heard it?

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I wonder how many people's excuse for not voting is, "It doesn't matter."

Also, notice that wealthy, married, white women in Minnesota, age 65-74, with advanced degrees, are either to blame for everything or they are Our last, best hope for a sane society.

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"Politics is governed by passion and prejudice, otherwise we'd go stark, staring sane!"  R.A. Wilson

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voting only matters in true democracy. However true democracy is just another word for anarchy. Ergo ... you can't have your cake and eat it too.

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Throw in a big Mac coupon and tickets to American Idol and voter turn rates will go up by 40%!

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I've always voted, for better or worse. Republican. This year, with the two candidates being two sides of the same coin, think I'll just sit it out for once. I'm not hip to either one of them.

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You hoping someone will believe you?

cbxer55's picture

Question aimed at whom? Believe me about what?  I like terse comments, but this is beyond ridiculous.

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I voted for POTUS once:  I voted for Gore because I was raised by the blue team.  Then in '04, I found out Kerry went to the sae frat as Bush, and while watching their debates, I realized both were equally moronic, so I exercised my right not to vote.  I did almost vote for Obama, but he came off his campaign to push TARP, and I knew that anyone who pushed the status quo was not fit to be POTUS.  After then, I realized there would likely be no change made by someone at the top unless the walls were bent to fit the right view.

Thus why we all must be the change we want to see, and having an elect try and make those changes will likely never make their way past the maze of Congress and the SC.  Thus why our vote should be with our pockets; thus why we should get rid of the Federal Reserve Note that funds the Military Industrial Complex run by the Major Banking Houses.

Thus why we should BUY SILVER - to collapse the dollar, and take back our freedom.

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Washington didn't fight the Revolution with his right to trade silver; he fought it with his right to bear arms, and with his victory, instead of crowning himself king, he gave us the Constitution.

Nobody gives a rat's ass about the rock. Defend the fucking document.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

You have the right to bear arms, yet you renig on your right to use real money?  How dare you!

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This moment came for me when the Dummycraps let Bush41 walk after Iran-Contra.

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                           DIEBOLD !!!


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Thanks, bookmarked it and sent it to some folks (this time!) :>D

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this shows the asians are the smartest demographic. they know it doesn't fn matter who is elected so it is a waste of time. the people who control the show are the same.

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$100,000 annual family income does not make you rich by any stretch of the imagination.  I think $100k is just getting by, nowadays.  

I think we should get it over with and just auction off our votes to the highest corporate bidder.  Seems like it would be a much more efficient system.

Then, WS can collaterize the votes into VBS's and they can start trading the derivatives.  Eventually dumping the losses on the Fed for fresh digital currency.  Everyone wins!

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>auction off our votes

Yes. Let's try having free markets. Don't price-fix votes at $0. Don't jail people for the crime of peacefully exchanging services for cash.

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Hey, where are Diebold voting machine in the statistics?  How many of them voted?


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The Chairman of the local branch of a major party says that a voter can get $5 for voting. He says the amount has been the same since the days of FDR.  Lately, that has become a half-pint of whiskey or a pack of cigarettes.  I've been voting for more than four decades, and have never received or observed one of these offers.  

The chariman answered that I live in the wrong precinct.  Lucky me!  

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People sell their votes for a half pint or a pack of smokes? What!? It absolutely sickens me that anyone would do this and can only react with outrage and anger.

I expect a 24 pack of beer and a carton!  Flipping Mexicans and homeless have undercut my previous price to vote for some random idiot.

Goddamn deflation of once treasured assets coupled with wage stagnation... even my farcical vote aint worth what it used to be. Well thanks for nothing, there goes my plan for gainful employment this year.

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I think you can register as an undocumented Democrat and get your stash.

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wrong. the real voters are wall st. and big corp who can afford the lobbyists..


Problem Is's picture

Diebold does the voting in Amerika...

Don't even think about paper ballots, serfs...

AnAnonymous's picture

Actually, that is the truth. Nothing can be truer.

Save maybe that the poor do the voting so they can vote themselves entitlements.

Or that the rich, so numerous they overrun the middle class in number they do not need to buy lobbyists to get themselves favourable laws voted. Their numerical votes would be enough, but you know how the rich are, they never miss an opportunity to show off how rich they so they have to buy out the law making process.

Hey, but what, anything does the voting but the US citizen middle class.

It cant be the US citizen middle class. No, no, no.

Signore Cavadarossi? A voi.

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At this point, I think we'd do better with a random ss number lottery. You could opt out for hardship, but otherwise you get one term. Make it all the way up to prez, joint chiefs and every single commitee member and even lobbyist. If nothing else it would be a lot funnier than what we've got now.

BlackVoid's picture

There is no point in voting in the US, as you can only vote for bank cartel candidates.

In the Soviet Union at least they did not pretend democracy, you could only vote for one guy. 

Poor people drew the conclusion: it is not worth voting.If you vote you legitimize the system. Don't.

TheMerryPrankster's picture

Voting is political masturbation, it accomplishes nothing in a system where all the candidates are corrupt and chosen by those who own the system.

The two parties are a sham, the same beast with 2 faces, the leash around its neck firmly in the hands of the corporate oligarchy and the families that own them.

Voting is a social mechanism to provide a pretense of democracry in a country where you can be strip searched at any time, incarcerated without arrest or charges and tortured without reason.

Open your eyes and realize voting is theater to convince you, that you are not a slave.  You are a slave, if you are not in the 1% you are a slave. Respect your masters, keep voting in the rigged system.

sunnyside's picture

There has to be a picture or cartoon somewhere with this visual of a two headed beast (donkey and elephant) with a banker (Dimond, Blankfein)  sadled up on it directing it.  Surrounding them all are the little people getting squashed.  At the rear is Bernanke flinging the shit on others as it exits said beast.  Where is banzai when I need him.



AnAnonymous's picture

Well, well, well...

Well, well, well, Saxton and the Countess.

My, my, my...

But infographics show that voting is a middle class thing.

How? Truthers... Truthers, my dear brethen, provide diversion to hide that unconvenient fact. Dont address it, indifference is the best. After all, through the free press, we have the monopoly of information. We control exposure to information. If you avoid the topic, it will be as the fact does not exist.
That is why I want your company. To congregate around lies so we can defend them and find a sense of matter in this fight.
Shall our lies prevail,always, my beloved brethern.

Else how can I believe that in US citizenism, the middle class is not the King class? Please help.

Else how can I believe that the poor vote themselves their entitlements at the expense of us, the producer class? Please help, I am dying for US citizen fresh air.

We need to keep dismissing facts. Else we will end by indicting ourselves. And that will be the start of the end. And we must rule for timeless ages if we want humanity to endure. If we disappear, humanity, civilization disappears.

Never forget that, my beloved brethern. We are the soul of this world. Without us, everything is lost.

Signed: a US citizen truther.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Well, well, well...

...is polluted, polluted, polluted, in Chinese citizenism land.

Well, well, well, Saxton and the Countess.

Ho, ho, ha, oppressed Tibetan and the Chinese citizenism Queen of Sicily.

My, my, my...

Lie, lie, lie...of Chinese citizenism citizen propagandist contraption.

But infographics show that blobbing up into Tibet, Mongolia, Nepal is a Chinese citizenism thing.

How? Crapping...roadside crapping. Provide diversion of mastodonic size dung heaps, leaving a permanent stench on the air.

The stench of Chinese citizenism.

If you avoid the topic, it will be as the fact does not exist.
That is why I want your company. To congregate around lies so we can defend them and find a sense of matter in this fight.
Shall our lies prevail,always, my beloved brethern.

Made me laugh. Perfect description of Chinese citizenism citizenist propagandism.

Like a snake swallowing its own tail, Chinese citizenism swallows its own lies, and then squatting craps out those lies over all humanity.

Please help, I am dying for US citizen fresh air.

Amidst expulsion of poo smelling Chinese citizenism propagandizationism, a small leak of truth. Maybe should go on Wikileaks this.

The shame of Chinese citizenism requires much face savery to maintain masquerade.


Dr. Acula's picture

You're more likely to be struck dead by lightning on your way to the polling station/mail box than you are to change the outcome of the vote.

What a futile waste of time! And in the "Land of the Free", you don't even have the right to sell your own vote. It is literally worthless.

Assuming your vote proves to be the decisive one, does it even matter whether you get raped by a red condom or blue condom?


Easy-E's picture

"Old fucks have nothing to do but judge you and vote"

D. Stanhope

Clashfan's picture

-   "that the 54.7%"  - than the??


Vote None of the Above




"You're frettin', you're sweatin'
But did you notice you ain't gettin'?
Don't you ever stop long enough to start?
To take your car outta that gear!"



eddiebe's picture

Who actually votes? The people that program the machines.

batterycharged's picture

I used to think like this ridiculous article thinks, that voting matters.

It doesn't.

Obama is Bush. Tell me how he isn't. So McCain would have been Bush. All beholden to banks.

So now our choice is a guy that is in the pocket of Jeff Immelt....or a guy that is Jeff Immelt.

Tell me again how my vote matters?

At least American Idol has a fun ending.

I realize now that people don't vote, not because they are disinterested, but because they are smart enough to know it doesn't matter.

I vote for the entertainment of voting on 3rd parties. I'd have no qualms in not voting. System is rigged, a TWO PARTY TYRANNY. Until that changes, our democracy is a joke.


TuffsNotEnuff's picture

Guys, ever consider editing the "comments" ???

Delete everything that is hateful and/or utterly stupid.

The Guardian does it. Why not?

Bartanist's picture

Hmmm ... censorship? Gosh how nice and fascist of you.

So, would you volunteer to be the person who gets to decide what is "hateful or utterly stupid"? And therein lies the issue, not to mention that the NSA would have more difficulty tracking ideas and individuals. That issue is, once you put a person in charge of censorship they decide what is proper for people to see and what is not proper for people to see.

I am assuming that it is the reason that there was a first amendment to the constitution, not because the authors did not want to inhibit what people could write or say, but so that there was no inhibitions on what people could read or hear. Of course, there are those who have been brainwashed to the point where they believe it is only proper to cage people in boxes all of their life so that all they are exposed to and can possibly believe is the tiny bit shoved through a tiny hole in the box... AND, as long as they are on the outside of the box deciding what to shove through the hole.

Sorry, I don't believe that one individual or set of individulas should have the freedom to think, while denying that inalienable right to others.

scrappy's picture

Dead people are missing from that chart.

Since they vote regularly, how about voting for the dead?


Mr. Ed for Emperor! "Of Course, of course!"


dizzyfingers's picture
"The ideal form of government is democracy tempered with assassination." -- Voltaire
NotApplicable's picture

Idiots vote, that's who.