Who Is 'Latour Trading' And How Dare They Upstage Goldman?

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As long-term readers recall, the observation of Goldman's dominant presence in the NYSE's weekly program trading reports by Zero Hedge back in early 2009 was one of the key drivers that set in motion the backlash against algorithmic trading and HFT which back in 2009 was the pinnacle of fringe topics and has since become a daily talking point and market scapegoat du jour on days when stocks are down (but never up). It also drew attention to Goldman's prop trading division which Zero Hedge was the first and only vocal opponent of, and has since been demolished courtesy of the Volcker Rule, an event which both Moody's and Alliance Bernstein now say could cost the bank dearly in top and bottom line, yet which Goldman told us on the record "represents approximately 10% of this year’s reported net revenue." Guess it was more, huh... Yet the same NYSE weekly program trading update indicates that Goldman, up until now a monolith in NYSE program trading, has just lost its crown in that field as well. The new king. A firm called Latour Trading, which in the last week traded 484.6 million shares in principal strategies. Which begs the question: just who is this Latour Trading which dares to upstage the firm that does god's work on earth. Alas, their website has been less than forthright. Inquiring minds certainly want to know.

From the NYSE:

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espirit's picture

He who has the fastest algo's wins.  The rest are bagholders.

Surly Bear's picture

Great, ya'll killed their site....


Registrant: Tower Research Capital


Racer's picture

AKA the PPT.... perhaps?

s2man's picture

Chinese perhaps?  For some reason, I always suspect the Chinese, lately.

Crack-up Boom's picture

nah - you're thinking of La Choy.

legal eagle's picture

That was very clever crack-up....boom

Crack-up Boom's picture

Thanks - one wordsmith to another.

narapoiddyslexia's picture

I think there are quite a few of us here. Res ipsa loquitor.

What does it all mean's picture

You can't help it.

Chinese and Russian Quants dominate the space.  I will bet that there are LOTS of them.  Just check out the balcony from the youtube video.

You have to fight brain power with brain power...


SilverIsKing's picture

Latour's Motto:

"You can't see us...but we're here."

knukles's picture

Sorta like my wifie asking if I've just taken a poop?

spekulatn's picture

 F***.... dat waz funny, knukles!

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Chinese.  Or the Fed.

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Latour Trading, LLC visits the NYSE in celebration of the company's NYSE and Amex equity membership. The company is also an NYSE Arca member and recently became active in NYSE's LMM program. In honor of the occasion, CEO David Faucon rings The Opening Bell

aviat72's picture

La-tour is anglicized of La Tourre as in the Fabulous Fab.

Belarus's picture

Must be the entity that Ben uses to ramp his sole mandate: The Russell 2000 to infinity. 

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anagram: rut algo darn it

Aguadulce's picture

Is that a Rothschild winery by chance?

slewie the pi-rat's picture

i think the chairsatan gave the IMF its own Plunge Protection Division, which explains why ms lastrange lagarde has been so red patent-leather freaking happy since jackson hole


imo, this is the french robot trading brigade doing its part for the central planners' "markets"

NATO banksters.  with precision "surgical" targeting.  what could possibly go wrong?

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Is it possible to find out what trades they have been focusing on?

DoctorOfLove's picture

Doesn't beg the question.  It raises the question. 

NotApplicable's picture

But is that as bad as a grammar Nazi?

knukles's picture

No, it's different.  A question Nazi is like your wife pestering the living shit out of you when you're trying to watch a Yankees or Bears game.

Kayman's picture


Just for giggles, tell your wife, "if you ever had anything interesting to say, I'd be listening"  My wife loves to hear it...

gimli's picture

I got the website:


Latour Trading

Problem Is's picture

+1... gimli...

A bearded fucker with a sense of humor...

The Bernank could learn from you...

DutchR's picture

Doesn't  James Bond drink Latour....

Steaming_Wookie_Doo's picture

I think it was Bollinger (but that's for champagne)

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no info. 1,461 views.  probably 1460 in the last two minutes.

Mark of Zerro's picture

Two bankers at the Monopoly Board?  Let's see who throws down first. 

s2man's picture

short, short game rules:  one player is selected as banker. he/she wins

M.B. Drapier's picture

No relation to Bruno Latour, I'm sure...

goldfreak's picture

I guess Anonymous didn't do so well attacking the NYSE today?

Dapper Dan's picture

Yes the did,

'Anonymous' takes down NYSE.com for 1 minute "Hactivists" take down NYSE.com as an extension of the 'Occupy Wall Street'


papaswamp's picture

Latour think...Lime Brokerage...think Electrical Engineer...think DoD contractors Martin Marietta/Lockheed....think Nimbis...think SIMD

The shell companies these days...too easy

bob_dabolina's picture

Their website is elegant and simple. I wonder who designed it.

The Deleuzian's picture

God the 'Centralization' meme is strong...They have even suckered/payed a bunch of protestors to represent the opposition...Hats off to the establishment...Are you hiring?

Yen Cross's picture

The " Red Zone" Goldies plug, works fore { SKIN} me.

papaswamp's picture

Latour is under Tower Research Capital (great name if you think about it) owned by Mark Gorton...former electrical engineer with Martin Marietta/Lockheed...and surprise, Credit Suisse....now why would brokerages need EE's? especially those involved in supercomputer designs.....fuck this is a damn movie if I ever saw one.

Strom's picture


Also the creator and owner of LimeWire...interesting stuff.

Bartanist's picture

So, reassure me that Limewire does not have applications in the espionage world.

Strom's picture

CEO is David Facoun - ENSAE class of 2001.