Who Leaked the NFP This Time?

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Presented with little comment except to note that in the minute or so before the actual sanctioned release from the dark little room at the BLS, S&P 500 e-mini futures slumped by 7 pts, surged and then slumped again by 7pts - double the entire overnight range in those 30-45 seconds. So after all the efforts to maintain the integrity of the NFP release, it seemed someone knew something early...

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Really sorry about that.....my bad.


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"the integrity of [insert BLS-related item]"

Ha -- Nice one!  But really, I think it's a bit late....

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The FED told Goldmans machines.

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Whose was the best guess at what the BS number would be?

Oh yes, Goldman Sachs...

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GS approves government data before they are released

GS is the government

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Yeah, but who was the dope that ramped it up 7 pts after the first drop only to be snookered again?

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Perhaps somebody from the future has invented a time machine and is using this "pre-knowledge" to their advantage.


...perhaps not...

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So you are a member of an economic filesharing group?

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Not card carrying.


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Yes, a classic quote indeed.


and... "Turn the machines back on!"

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No one did. It's those fantaseconds that actually drift forward then back in time. The markets are rational.

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The Doctor: All of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?

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Fraud and insider trading? On Wall St?? *gasp*

What is the world coming to.

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Welcome to our world......mind the vampires.


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Same with Gold. I put in a Buy order once Hampton said 115K on CNBC and it was already over $1,640 from $1,633 a few seconds before that.

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Isn't there a 10 second or so TV delay?

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That's what you get for trying to frontrun the big boys. Should have waited, it's back to $1635 again.

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If the markets, the govt reporting, and Wall Street aren't rigged, then I'll go to the Nevada Brothels to pray for redemption.

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Say hi to Celeste, Sunny and Cheryl for me.................

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Banksta's Dictionary:

U.S. Stock Market: a term associated with an entity that is corrupt, unfair, manipulated and opaque.

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We don't know...ergo...it was vaporized. 

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Heavens to Betsy!  Just plain shocking.

Something does not seem fair.

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The US is worse than CHINA.  Can't be trusted.

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Don't worry the SEC are on to it, they are dead against insider trading and other various crimes......once they fire the bankster mafia running the place.

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Yep, they're currently watching a porno with that precise plot.  Strange that the video only features midgets and amputees. 

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Don't worry the SEC are on to it..


You're killing me over here dude.


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it's okie, if it is in China you know the number one week ahead

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NAH there cant be any cronyism or fraud, not in THIS fine markeplace! 

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Bernake's wife's account under her maiden name.

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Is she a Romulan too?

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You think she would bother trading when her husband can just print money?

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how cool would it be if her maiden name was lane?

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Of course.  This is why the whole operation - the schemers, keepers and distributors of the bullshit, and the thieving profiteers who benefit from the inside need to be shut down.  "Market" closed for business.

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This is one of the latest technological marvels of modern civilisations. The HFTs that can process faster than the speed of light and can time travel into the future and know the NFP release before it actually happened.

What the hell are you guys complaining about?! Didnt you want to go back to the future?

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ZNM2 rallied 8 ticks at the same time, 40 seconds BEFORE the number. spiked to the same level on the announcement and is trading that level right now. garbage

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integrity is something markets and dice don't have.

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The gold takedown this week was a pre-emptive measure. Absolutely necessary to prevent Gold from breaking out of its consolidation pattern in the context of miserable economic data.

From now on I regard the gold price as a predictor for scheduled government agency fabulations.

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what about that argument of liquidation of gold to meet redemptions as a cause for driving  gold price down? It seems that the Central Banks printing and handing the wad of cash to the governments and banks would make gold sales unnecessary, thus not a reason to explain drop in gold.

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I don't buy the redemption argument, never did. But I would be happy to adapt my opinion in view of supporting empiric data.

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For at least the third time this week Nasdaq pre-market quotes has been down,

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Gold getting beat worst than Zimmerman

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 they should have waited for the fake pop to sell.   how smart can they be? selling low?

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I don't know who leaked it, but i have full faith the SEC to get to the bottom of it. 

Now where is that Flash Crash report (cough 2 years later)?

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Um, no offense, but two posts ago ZH trumpeted 'how to predict the NFP with Planck-constant-like precision'.


Just sayin'.  Irony much?


"We have met the enemy and he is us" --Pogo/Walt Kelly