Who Will Be Fed Chairman At The End Of 2014?

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It seems most have strong views on who should not be the Chairman of the Fed but based on a recent survey at a Morgan Stanley conference, it seems Ron Paul still has an outside chance. What of Justin Bieber? Jim Grant? Maria Bartiromo? Chuck Norris?


Source: Morgan Stanley

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I vote Simon Potter

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"Under normal circumstances I’d say I told you so. But, as I have told so with such vehemence and frequency already the phrase has lost all meaning. Therefore, I will be replacing it with the phrase, I have informed you thusly."
— Sheldon, 4x09 The Justice League Recombination

Maybe this will help;

Matchbox Twenty - Back 2 Good (Video)


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5-point plan for getting the economy back on track: 

  1. Fund green technologies to create jobs and build the sustainable energy economy
  2. Introduce capital controls to prevent Americans from taking money out of the country without paying their fair share to the government
  3. Employ all unemployed Americans in useful government funded positions doing productive work for the community
  4. Introduce an incentives scheme for routing out potential domestic terrorists such as Ron Paul supporters, “sovereign citizens” or “Oath Keepers”
  5. Ban gold and silver to prevent Americans from hoarding precious metals instead of investing in the economy
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6. Whore out MillionDollahBonus's Anus

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Who Will Be Fed Chairman At The End Of 2014? - A keynesian dove!

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The way this world is going, I would not be surprised if satan gets the job.

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Hasn't he or one of his henchmen already held the position the whole time?

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What about Corzine? I'd say he has a chance as good as any to get the job.

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See my comment further down the page about the problems that choice would have.

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I believe the Fed chairman at the end of 2014 will be Mr. Chumba Wamba - Chumby, where are you?

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Frank Quattrone. Stirring up the DotCom Bubble.v2!

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I vote Bo Jackson...cause 'Bo knows!'

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The Chairmanship is wholly dependent upon who wins the 2012 election:

If the current occupant of the White House is returned, Larry Summers.

If W. Mitt is elected, John Taylor.

Regardless of the man, if the Administration and Congress do not vigorously pursue the policy of omnibus fiscal restraint, it matters little who occupies that highback leather chair in D.C., for, the policy then -- if spending continues unabated -- will change very little fom what passes as "thoughtful, considered" policy today: pass the ink and paper...it's printing time.

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or Emperor Palpatine if things go to plan and his porno goes viral

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I vote for Gov Granholm. She'll put the economy in "D" for drive forward ...not "R" for reverese. Here is her promise speaking at the DNC:




Sounds very genuine.

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Does Starbucks have a Granholm yet?  That's gotta be at least two sizes above a Venti...

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Satan already has the job

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The William Dudley at the NYFED?

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I think there's a religious requirement that trumps keynes

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Donald Trump...you heard it here first...

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who wood pay for that??? 

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who wood pay for that??? 

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They've already done the first four, fuckwad.
How's it been workin' out?

Please die.
A slow painful death on some reality program like Real Lobotomies

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of course he is and that is why when this system he is destroying finally fails he will be strung upside down.

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I got 1500' of1" hemp rope soaking in a livestock tank as we speak!

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When I spend my money on traditional barbarous relics, does my money not get paid to the seller who will then spend it into the economy?  You know, just like buying car parts and stuff.  Unless of course, you believe that gold and silver are money...

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Dude just move to Denmark already.....or better yet, France.

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Let's deconstruct this 1 point at a time.


1. If said green technology is financially viable (for the intellectually-impaired, that means it could stand on its own without government support), private investors will flock to ensure it gets adequately capitalized.  Otherwise, its not the right time for said "venture".

2. Americans convert fiat currency into PM's at an even faster rate than at present and money transfers otherwise go "underground".

3. Will that be enforced via bayonet or gun-point?  (And good luck with that one anyway)

4. I doubt their gun will be bigger than ours.

5. See "2" above because this action will be too late.


MDB, the problem with dufuses like you and the ones directing Fed and current Administration policy it they ignore that free markets, while imperfect, will reach a point of equillibrium that resolves markets imbalances.  As long as policy is concocted to do this artificially (see government stimulus packages and Fed QE for relevant examples), unintended consequences will continue to derail what you (or they) would hope to achieve.  But, then again, you Keynesians just won't get that until the financial system finally blows up from all of your "policies".

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Even then as it the financial world comes crashing down around these Keynesian sympathizers will never take responsibility for their failed policies. Mark my words, as it all falls apart around them, these so called Central Planners will find someone or something to blame unconditionally for their epic failures past, present, and future.


I would not be surprised in the least if the Mayan Calendar gets all the unconditional blame from these psychotic delusional inhuman bastards that think they are so intellectual NOT.

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removed due to a doeble post. ooops


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The problem with some of you readers is that you don't get it!  MDB gets some of you all riled up.  He states what they really are doing lol.  Turns it around as if he supports it but, all he really is doing is just pointing it out and haveing a few laughs at all the people junking him.  Classic Machiavellianism..... (or machiavellian mask) is, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, "the employment of cunning and duplicity in statecraft or in general conduct..   MDB  Keep it up  lol

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I just like giving him a down arrow. (sarc)  He does have an amazing thought process though.

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Yup, I'm thinking that in between the dozen or so rousing posts per day MDB is one of the Tylers W/a wicked sense of humor.

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green energy is a fucking lie. It is totally under governement help.

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

green energy is a fucking lie. It is totally under governement help.

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There you go using that 'free' word again...

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ROFL MillionDollar you summed up obummer perfectly all those things are happening or in the process of taking place except the banning of gold/silver for the time being anyway that would likely be finalized if obummer gets a second term.  I still can't figure out if that's the kids from the daily commie who junk you or others who don't recognize sarc without it being clearly labeled as such. As for who will be the Fed head depends on who is elected.  If it's romney he has already said clearly he'll dump ben.

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"If it's romney he has already said clearly he'll dump ben."


Yes and we know that a politician's actions always match their words in campaign speeches.



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LOL at everyone here not getting your sarcasm here

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MDB, your sarcasm is getting a little weak. Sometimes you crack me up, but you went over the top. If you are serious, just give ALL energy producers the benefits of coal (low cost public lands, tax breaks, exemption from lawsuits...) and throw away all your other points.

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mdb stop stealing charlie mungers' stuff. you can at least wait till he's dead. 

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MDB, you are brilliant!  Thank you for another tongue in cheek moment!

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What is the process to re-institute the FED's charter anyway?    Guess I'll look it up..