Who Will Be Fed Chairman At The End Of 2014?

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It seems most have strong views on who should not be the Chairman of the Fed but based on a recent survey at a Morgan Stanley conference, it seems Ron Paul still has an outside chance. What of Justin Bieber? Jim Grant? Maria Bartiromo? Chuck Norris?


Source: Morgan Stanley

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CONgress again passing the approval in the middle of the night on Christmas eve!  Didn't you get the memo???

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While initially the FEDS charter was 100 years Congress some time ago passed legislation to keep it openended indefinately.

Use a search engine

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Just make sure its not another Jew.

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Yes!  Make it a good Christian man!  Like Jay Rockefeller!

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Well they wouldn't want to break the almost 100 year streak!

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The fact check award goes to....

Not you.

Volcker is a Christian.

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Hahaha, yeah well we'll just coin a new term.  CINO!

As a child, Volcker attended his mother's Lutheran church, while his father went to his Episcopal church.

Notice that YNet still considers Volker to be Jewish in spite of his attending Christian churches during childhood.


Funny because there'd NEVER be a chance that they changed their religion to avoid being identified as such coming out of Germany.  Just because they're raised or recognized as practicing one religion doesn't change the ancestry.

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Like Paulson said when asked, I'm not Jewish, but my parents are.

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My opinion...even if the next FedHead isn't Jewish the selection would be a shabbas goy.


Colonel Klink said( +1 btw):

"Notice that YNet still considers Volker to be Jewish in spite of his attending Christian churches during childhood."


YNET 2008:


Born to a Jewish family in New Jersey in 1927, Volcker attended Princeton University, Harvard and the London School of Economics. In January of 2008, he endorsed Barack Obama's presidency bid and was his closest financial adviser.



Obama mulls naming Jewish economist secretary of treasury
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Do I get my fact checker status back? Hahahahahahaha

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as a jew, i couldn't agree more. 


the next fed chairman is going to be hated no matter what he does. 

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And to set the record straight.  I don't hate jews.  Only the ones who are fucking me.  Usually known as zionists or central bankers.  As a "goyim" I'm not fodder for those who seem to believe we are inferior to them or expendable.

Frankly I'm agnostic to athiest.  I couldn't care less what fake god one worships.

+1 to you for being frank in your comment

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If Maria "money honey" Bartiromo gets the job I'll watch every interview and statement for the board.

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I vote for Marilyn Monroe to grace the trillion dollar bill.

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"Bo" and his trillion dollar smile!

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I hope it to be Mighty Mouse and he could sing "here I could to save the day!"

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Dove? Hawk?

Whoc ares they are all bird brains

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Harry Potter. Fixed.


Because regular muggle chairmen stuggle with the creation of green shoots, unicorns, and sustainable growth.You really need a wand for that.

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Well at least he'd be able to conjur a skittles shitting unicorn!  Besides he also has the concept of magically making something out of thin air. Hahahahaha

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Most definitely not Bernanke if Romney wins. Sure it will be just another money printer although.



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Martin Armstrong would make order in USA if he was the FED Chairman. Or William Black. Both of them would make GS and JPM pay for their sins. And most important, both of them know what should be done to save US economy and bring back jobs to the country.

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The Loan Arranger, with Tonto as deputy chairman.

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It can't be real, Bob Dobbs is not on that list.

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+1, Have some slack...

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the central scrutinizer

dundermifflin's picture

the central scrutinizer

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JABA the Hut... Larry Summers if Obamerrama gets re elected

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It's always like this. When you think it can't be worse, well, it turns out you are wrong. Yellen would definitely be worse than The Bernank. But Summers or Krugman - OMG...

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Oh Jesus God, man, please don't give them anymore bright ideas..

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Steve Liesman.  That's why he's been given those front row seats.  He is employed by the FED is he not?

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No one would be stupid enough to want... hey - what about Krugman?

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I got even better....


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It'd be the same as his previous job, he'd blow all our money at the same time as the banksters.  Just maybe in a more personal MANner.

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If Krugman was nominated as the Fed Head, don't wait for the up or down vote from the Senate; just pack your shit as quickly as possible, get your passport in order if you haven't done so, and move abroad --- anywhere.

The Bernank broke all markets, and we've only begun to feel the very adverse consequences that will flow for years and years.

Krugman will attempt to break the laws of science, arithmetic & physics.

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On the plus side, Krugman would certainly spearhead the construction of a US Death Star.


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Moving out of country is already on the list, IF I can make it out in time.

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flying spaghetti monster ftmfw

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Pee Wee Herman...

 [wait... we've already had him... nevermind...]


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The giant Monty Python foot from the sky should be the Fed Chairman.

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Jon Corzine has a good of chance if he is not tapped to head Treasury.