Why Invest In Gold When One Has The Safety Of The Dollar? A Pretty TV Reporter Explains

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There is nothing that can possibly be added to this hair commercial-cum-news clip, which in 49 seconds says more than a QE + number amount of anti-Keynesian crusaders can say in a century.

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She meant GLD silly.   just kidding

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She doesn't know what she meant.  All she cares about is that people give her attention, right or wrong.

News anchors for small outfit TV stations barely make enough to eat.  Vanity is reason for the job.



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this is how you know gold is not in a bubble. i bet 5 years ago this chick was selling mortgages on the side with her taco bell cashier friends

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The dollar is backed - by the US military.

This is why there are 700-1000 US military bases around the world.

To make sure 3rd worlders with coveted resources continue to accept the dollar.

Contiune to take the $ or the US will invade and take your shit!

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I thought we had all of those military bases in order to keep us safe over here, and all that jazz.

So what you're saying is, the USofA is the evil-doer in the world.

I need a hug.

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Hug?!? Shit, you're lucky if you get a reacharound with all the fast-n-furious arse reaming the bankers et al are doling out.

"Stock tip" - latex solar beef.

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Did she really just say that? Holy fucking shit. She knows the future. Go short on Ron Paul for President...and on the future of the US, too.

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that is ridiculous.. the same woman is reporting a completely different spin on gold and the dollar here:  


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Now that's just wrong.  YouTube won't let me watch it because they claimed that I'm immature since I told them that my dad owns a Tungsten Factory and that when I'd tried to get a job I was DK'd as a goldbrick.   Which I told them was false and they said that was the whole point.  So I told them that maybe they should be Backed by Ben, if you get my drift.

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She's a little older and has dyed her hair black, but I swear to God it's the same woman:


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That was actually painful to watch FEDbuster.  Let this be a lesson to everyone, don't take drugs before you put on a crown and go on TV.  If anyone wants to put on a crown, dance around naked, and sing into the mirror, feel free.

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I'd like to add:






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The US dollar is backed by the future flow of oil, our miltary's number 1 function is to protect the oil.  This agreement is what stopped the dollar from crashing in 1979.  Every paper investment anyone owns has full capacity cheap flowing oil priced in to its value.  If the oil ever stopped flowing or became to expensive they would all crash.  Gold is the wealth traded to the oil states behind the scenes for their cheap oil.  It's price is kept low so that they can accumulate it slowly over time without a price surge.  None of this was sinister as it has benefited the world for many years.  Unfortunately paper gold has gotten out of hand and can't be reigned in at this point.  The end to this financial crisis will be a revaluation of gold.

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The end to this financial crisis will be a revaluation of gold. [emphasis mine]

The implication being it will STILL have value. Paper - not so much.

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This is why the United States considers Iran such a threat; because they no longer want to deal in dollars, and they are trying to encourage other oil producing nations to join in. It is an attempt to break US hegemony.

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Oil will lose much of it's value if the global economy crashes and the oil states know this. The global economy is cheap oil and the us dollar with their military is backed by it. Not the oil itself but the cheap and continuoes flow.. A dollar crash would be game over for all fiat currency.. I doubt this will happen easily though it will happen one day. In the meantime the whole world will fight this. Want proof. Name one country that has sold all of their treasuries. They will threaten but in the end they don't sell much even though it's obvious that the dollar is losing value. The reason why is the us dollar IS their currency.

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Kublai Khan introduced a paper currency backed by nothing but the will of the Mongol army.  He had a nice run for a while, but it ended badly, the fires stoked by things like massive corruption scandals, forcing Marco to get out of Dodge.

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rbjmartin - I agree with yout post.  I would just say "This is why the United States oligarchs/rulers/fascists/neocons consider Iran such a threat ..." instead of the United States as a whole.

Hey did you see Al-CIAda asked Ahmedijan to stop saying 9-11 was an inside job??

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The same Pakistani American who started "Inspire" was arguing the same thing back in 2008 while trying to argue that "As-Sahab" was an authentic publication by pious Salafist Muslims and not a CIA honeytrap. 

The demolition job on the 3 towers was done --but of course!--by Al Qa'ida engineers. And the security videos from the gas station in front of the Pentagon inpact area were disappeared "to avoid embarrassment for the security lapses". 

Read it all here and laugh your head off









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"Gold is the wealth traded to the oil states behind the scenes for their cheap oil."


And look what happens in the ME when the U.S. wants to get that gold back.

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yea i don't get why people DONT see this. 

all the doom and gloomers are railing on about how BAD petro dollars are. they have no understanding oh how much PROGRESS scientifically has been made on the back of this system. 

and as for your prediction....it's happen EVERY time in the wake of a collapse ---save when there is another currency to fall back on . if the euro collapses, which it might, it will fall back on dollar funding. 

if dollar does, then gold must be revalued to redominate the currency like you said . so many morons on these boards think that paper goes away and suddenly everyone is trading in goats and shells, or in gold. 

no, the west is not zimbabwe. and even if it collapses, the oil is still there, and so is our technology and culture. we pick up the pieces, redenominate and rebuild. they did it after 1945 in most parts of europe, theyll do it again here. with or without someone to finish a war. 

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I bet you're the kind of [government] that would fuck a person in the ass and not even have the goddamn common courtesy to give him a reach-around. I'll be watching you. 

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BTW talking about Frank Zappa, did you ever catch that interview he did with Babawah Waawaah where she asked him; "Have you ever ever done drugs?" 

Was one of those "bzzzrtxglmrrrphttt" moments.

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The United States is a nation of laws: badly written and randomly enforced. - FZ

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"Stock tip" - latex solar beef.

The word for tonight is mudshark.


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At our bug out retreat we are raising dental floss for a post collapse world.  Raising it up, and waxing it down, in a little white box to trade at bartertown.  Gonna be a dental floss tycoon.

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...into the dawn to Montana.

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The prescience of the affirmation that a particular circular motion* is destined to replace the mudshark in your mythology is, to say the least, a saintly gift[…].

*The Great American Economic Circle Jerk

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You're alright, Pladizow... #truth

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That's it.  If the USA military is sucessfully challenged anywhere, look out below.

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What she meant to say is that central banks intervene against gold (and for dollars) and so many people are nervous about holding gold.

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She didn't even know what she meant to say, let alone said.

Her true calling is either a subject for ridicule or as a "rough" fetish sex doll.  Bet she's disappointed and still holds a resentment against her parents that as a child she was never sent to a girls finishing school and then wouldn't be stuck in "this fucking job as a subject of ridicule".

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With battlefield lasers / masers, rail guns, drones, and hafnium based micronuke weapons?   Good luck on that.

The day you see the current US military 'successfully challenged' in threater by a true contending power is when the US starts playing its aces in the hole (of where there are legion)

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Don't forget bone melters. Those things are freaky.

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Yes, that's why we've been so successful in Iraq and Afghanistan. /s

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Exactly. And let's not forget Vietnam. But, all that technology was good for something - a quick rooftop evac.

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And pushing excess choppers off the decks of carriers.

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Re. That's it.  If the USA military is sucessfully challenged anywhere, look out below.

The challenge will be to find a way to keep paying for it all.  Kublai, Rome ... the UK just went thru this not too long ago.  The Soviet economy could not pay the military up keep.

A false-flag / WWIII / everyone's a Rosie the Rivetter could keep it going, but maybe after the last one, people are too wised up to fall for it again?

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Not in the same league and the TPTB are not fighting for national survival.   Let the troops bleed and die if it keeps the real opponents guessing about our real power.

remember my caveat: a true contending power. 

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a true contending power

Define that for us, because it sounds to me like you're implying a WW2-like scenario, which in the context of 4GW is about as relevant as Redcoats in a firing line.

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Why we can't win those conflicts.

Maybe if we have a crash research project to process radioactive oil. /S

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Bingo. The minute you start defining the rules of war, game over. From Roman Legionnaires, to Revolutionary minutemen (to the VietCong and Al Qaeda), you don't get to say "No fair." It's Darwinian, motherfuckers. Stay lean and mean and live, or get fat, entitled and die.



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4GW works for non states actors against a state.   The solution to that is to exterminate the population the non-states are using to blend into.  

Contending power = other nation state with global power projection capability. 

As I stated earlier with 4GW, TPTB will absorb human casualties rather than tip their hand.


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I am betting you didn't forget the /sarc.

Define "global power projection capability". It could mean a US carrier battle group or a box cutter, a one-way airline ticket and an obsessive desire for virgins.

Are banking cartels non-state actors?

You do remember the US provided material support for said non-state actors against another state. America is not the first rodeo for Afghan jihadis.

The whole world is a "theater", pick a context. Why would a "state" want to exhaust precious treasure and resources to go toe-to-toe with a dinosaur? The non-state actors have proven time and again that with mere "chump change" you can make your enemy squander vast sums of both in what is basically a stalemate. Add to that the incestuous nature of the various global GOV/MIC/FIN entities (hey, let's pause this revolution and set up a central bank right quick), the "states" (term used loosely) aren't going to rock-the-boat, stop-the-gravy-train or steal anyone's rice bowl. Nor will they ask many questions.

This comment brought to you by the letter "P" for proxy.

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I believe! Truly I believe! Tell us how they mixed the nano-thermite in their cave?

From my agents I have the general details: Quran front right, mixing bowl front left, can of Foster's in left hand, coke (and I don't mean coca-cola) in right hand.

But what did they use for stirring?

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Hey, I'm just using the "official" narrative here for demonstration purposes. The point is that somebody projected some power into NYC and got a big ol' trillion dollar (and counting) global knee-jerk. Someone wafted a curious breeze of garlic breath that sounded like a snore in the general direction of the house of cards known as the global economy and it is still falling to this day. That's a big house of cards.