Why Invest In Gold When One Has The Safety Of The Dollar? A Pretty TV Reporter Explains

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There is nothing that can possibly be added to this hair commercial-cum-news clip, which in 49 seconds says more than a QE + number amount of anti-Keynesian crusaders can say in a century.

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1.  Gigi Stone

2.  Cristina Alesci

3.  Susan Li

4.  D Bolton

5.  (tie) Scarlet Fu/Lisa Murphy

Don't watch CNBC, so can't speak on the subject matter there.

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PRICELINE broke its 200 DMA  on big volume.....I is short 1200 shares coming in today...baby....I am taking this wench out tonight ,,,and give her some.....baby

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Short the Shat(ner) at your own risk!

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Good for u!

Something not quite right with priceline. I am gonna bet we have some earning surprises coming up, not the positive kind either.

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That was the push I needed.   JUst sold all my gold and silver for safe US Dollars.

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Something like the US dollar is backed by the Federal Reserve. That's going to be around a year from now.

Is she saying that it is doubtful that the Federal Reserve won't be around after a year from now?

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Didn't you know? Gold is one of the more volatile elements. If you don't store it right, it'll evaporate.

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Gold doesn't have a pimp backing it,

The USSD has a big one.... see you have to use the right kind of logic!  

"prostitue perspective"


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Bridgett, Just STFU and make me a sammich already.

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What a fallacious air head... That argument was so full of stupidity, if she were bald I would have thought it was The Bernank talking...

BTW: If we chip in 2 oz of gold and get her a boob job... she could be a CNBC Anchor-ette...

And the gold will be backed by silicon...

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I'm long real tits.  Backed by, you know, flesh.

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She's GORGEOUS! And full retard!

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perfect woman....................

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she is what might be called a "USDollar Backed AIR HEAD"

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I could pictue, a bunch of people listening to her and nodding their heads, thinking to themselves, "that makes sense."

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Smart girl.

They´re crawling over each other buying Uncle Sam´s debt.

King Dollar could be up 20% from here in Q1 2012.


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Probably does not even understand that she is unwittingly taking part in propaganda.

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She drives a Porsche and spells it VW.


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Given t' a chance I would drag that silly winch (hopefully kickin' and screamin') t' me at sea cabin and


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Sad and frightening.  How did she get the job she has?  

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danica needs to get back in the car. drop go daddy and pick up a gold plated sponsor

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Everyone knows gold is backed by silver, eh?

Don't worry gold, we've got your back.

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Wow!  The news out of Canada is getting beyond pathetic.  Guess journalism 101 at McGill University is not what it used to be?  First, the Globe and Mail did a trash piece on SVM, making high claims that some high school level trash word doc report written by anonymous authors was somehow a "Research Article", now CTV news is claiming gold is not backed by anything?!?  Take a look at the metal you are holding... your gold is backed by the gold in the coin/bar/jewelry! The US dollar FIAT paper money is nothing more than a piece of Monopoly paper issued by a private bank called the Federal Reserve for which the US government has made legal tender.  It is backed by nothing!  In fact, it is worse than nothing.  At least if the Fed stopped printing more of these nothings, those dollars may maintain some value.  But, they keep printing and monetizing dollars at a rediculous rate.  Where is the journalistic integrity? the research?   

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Don't kid yourself, the new generation of TV reporters has nothing to do with Journalism (that PROFESSION died a long while back)

And another thing.............. these news tarts got their "degrees" either at Ryerson or Pheonix online. 3 day course, no final exam.

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The painful fact is: there is a huge demand for dollars, like in 2008. Cash = king. A new crisis will not skyrocket gold, but plummet it and skyrocket the dollar. The folks at King World News can predict any price for gold, the reality tells something different. I am a PM-lover, but skeptical towards all the hip-hip-hooray PMs stories. You never know how people are gonna act, now and when TSHTF.

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Gold and Silver are currently 100% manipulated.  You're thinking about it all wrong.  They can put the price of each metal to $0 per oz or $1000000 per oz.  Nobody should 'sell' any precious metals until you are once again able to spend them. 

LookingWithAmazement's picture

Spend? You mean until they're money again? Hmmm can take long.

Hearst's picture

No so long.  Already legal tender again in Utah.  More states to follow.  First the reset button must be pushed.  And by that I mean the quadrillion dollar derivatives bomb goes off dominoing across the globe.  This is now inevitable and cannot be stopped.  The open question is what will the spark be?  Selling before this eventuality will be viewed in hindsight as the worst economic move ever.

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wtf, every post i've ever read from you is that the shit will not hit the fan.

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THIS is why I try not to talk to most people, they're just too stupid...fuck em.

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It's not nice to make fun of the handicapped.

She could barely read a teleprompter.

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She's absolutely right.  Dollars are backed by the fed, which is backed by teh stupid, which lately is the most powerful force in the world.

Gold, by comparison, is just intrinsic money - total egghead bait.

Don't we all want to be stupid and cool?  Smart people aren't sexy, everyone knows that.  The Fed is stupid AND cool.

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She was told to say this just like that other trader shill on BBC trying to make people believe safety lies in the dollar and treasury paper. This is how stupid the elite banking cartel think you are.

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I don't know how to put this but she's kinda of a big deal!

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Ah yes...a dollar will always be worth a dollar because it says "one dollar" right on it.  Duh.

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Holy fuck......

This is some next level shit

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this bitch spent 5 years in college for what?!, that is why I say at least half of what colleges teach is bullshit that people never use in their real lives, education is in a bubble (another one) add to that the snob world we live in, where students are more worried for the name of the college and the fancy names of their carrers, so in the end, they end up been as sheplee as the ones without any education. There is nothing more terrible for a man than having a dumb woman.

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Bridget Brown must be the best brunette cocksucker in Calgary to have landed that job.   

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I doubt it - her bosses are just as, if not more stupid than she obviously is.

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Cut it out.  I'm trying to be optimistic about that brain dead set of XX chromosones on the screen and look on the bright side!! :)


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well you heard it here first the dollar will be around a year from now... and gold won't WTF  gold and silver are and will always be the assets which back everything.


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"Dumbfuckastan" LMAO   

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That was a eye opener.