Why The Richmond Fed Better Not Be A Harbinger Of Non-Farm Payrolls To Come

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The chart below, which compares the change in the Richmond Fed and the Non-Farm Payrolls print, is self-explanatory. Of course, if we are indeed about to get a -400,000 NFP print, then the prayers of all those newsletter sellers whose only "thesis" is more easing, are about to be answered.

h/t Brad

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July F=MC easing already leaked yesterday. 

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While the F=MC may be easing, the FOMC has no plans to ease.


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Between Apple and the Fed for the next few days.

As usual, the worse the economic data, the better the market will do.

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F=ma, !=mc.

F*0*M*C = 0, so maybe that's been the message all along:  It's not an acronym where O=Open; it's math, with a zero:  The Federal Zero Market Committee.

Sure connects some dots....

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We are all going to die...

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on a long enough timeline...............oh never mind

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Time for Goldman to come out with another GDP revision.

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It's simple.

After perusing American Thinker this morning...

I am now convinced that the President's Communist beliefs are the real cause of the velocity of money having continually slowed, despite all of Bernanke's shenanigans.

The Richmond Fed index is just showing us that -indeed- the velocity has slowed and looks to continue to do so unless fundamental change takes place (i.e., a reversion to real capitalism). 


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Dying wouldn't be so bad - at least the Mrs would get the insurance...but losing the job, that could be a bit of a problem...

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'Dying wouldn't be so bad - at least the Mrs would get the insurance...but losing the job, that could be a bit of a problem...'

Load 16 tons and what do you get, Another day older and deeper in debt,

St. Peter don't you call me cuz I can't go, I owe my soul to the company store . . .


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And a long way to go and a short time to get there...

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Perhaps not an NFP print of - 400,000, but a negative number appears to be a foregone conclusion, if the historic correlation is used as a predictor.

Minus 150,000 to - 200,000 will be ample "cause" for Bernanke to issue forth several hundreds of billions in fresh intaglio scrip.

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I'm seeing a decoupling of NFP from the Richmond Fed coming and going starting about the middle of 2010.

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Actually you seem to be correct Cabot. The Richmond Fed moving average trend line has been negative since 09, but the NFP momentum has essentially been flat. The real question is the Richmond Fed number acting as a forward looking indicator, or has the BLS simply corrupted the NFP so much to make any correlation meaningless. We will know in a few days.

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...so that's bearish for PMs, right?

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I would think that would also be the end of Obama's campaign. How the hell could he ever recover from that politicially?

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F=MC, is that the equation for QE? Fucked is equal to Much Currency?

Or rather: fucke equals too much currency.....

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Well, f=force, m=mass, and c=the speed of light.

Perhaps it means that the force of QE = the mass of money printed times 186000mps.


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Hey, you just gave me a great idea for a new hypothesis. The Monetary Theory of Relativity. Who knows, we may find monetary parallels for both General and Special Relativity. This could be a groundbreaking new paradigm for economics! It could, perhaps even lead to stable solutions for (bear with me) infinite monetary inflation! Or even, gasp, infinite infinite monetary inflation! Climb back from down from those ledges; economics may no-longer be known as the "dismal science", but, rather, our savior! Or, I could be wrong, and we're all doomed, one-fifth of us will starve, and the rest of us will have to eat beans (except the 1%, of course). But never-mind that! All we need now are some big fat research grants. How can you afford to pass on this? You can't!

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How does the Black Hole of Debt factor into this?

fnordfnordfnord's picture

Black holes might be problematic!

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The equation goes something like- S(savers)+B(bend over)-P(pigmen)+OE(obama election)-FD(fuck the dollar)= Fuck You Ben Bernanke

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F= m x a


And the Force may not be with us on this one.

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...because if it is, Potter's gonna have to put in a slightly larger buy order at 10:30 every morning.

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Not a chance. They can make the payroll report say whatever they want.

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Sad but true. It might take another 4 months for NFP to catch up just this once...

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Agreed. The correlation is high but not perfect. Seems we'll get a negative jobs print but not likely to be -400k.

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Between this and PMI the data is crystal clear.

Ole Benny and friends are going to be way too late this time.

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It's almost time for Barack Chavez to shriek, "To the barricades!!"

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Thank you Ben for decoupling the real economy from the stock market (which is now nothing more than a betting game on your next statement).

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Fed is fucked; QEIII will destroy purchasing power globally.  

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@the not so mighty


DOW 20,000 - MOGAS $5/gal.  Something's gotta give. 

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Thats why the next easing will not be announced.

It will be behind the scene.

Besides, who says the easing has stopped? Where do you think Washington is getting all the money to continue the giveaways to all the gimme, gimme, gimmes?

With 50% of the population receiving fed aid in one form or another, from the ever diminishing productive half.

The concrete wall is approaching ever closer.  

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Trojan Horse-destroy it from the inside

Thanks white libs for making the conman dictator

We're doomed

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I won't disagree that we are doomed, but it has little to do with who resides in the white house.


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It's going to be really funny if Mitt gets the vote and nothing changes for another 4 years. Probably nobody will notice, 4 years is a long time.

Divine Wind's picture



The current occupant might not be single handedly responsible for our doom, but he sure as hell has accelerated things exponentially.

This financial charade could have continued for another decade if POTUS had not gotten greedy.

Remember: Physics theory says that as you approach the speed of light things begin to bend inward.



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Blue team, red team, he said, she said. When will you proles ever learn?

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there is no such thing as a straight line in the universe

parallel lines eventually meet

the shortest distance between two points is a curve, not a line

time is a curve

time is an illusion


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How is keeping the S&P at 1400 for a few more weeks going to create any more Mcjobs exactly?

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Because if we print enough money and give it to the Banksters, they will hire us to clean their pools.

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You just don't understand the wonderfulness of the current shitshow