Why Was Congress Forced To Subpoena Head Of Obama's Budget Office To Get Info On Solyndra?

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Forget Solyndra!  Our politicians are struggling!  

I was having some difficulty understanding why Obamanomics was going to destroy small businesses and lead to more unemployment until I listened to Republican senator John Fleming this morning.  In a MSNBC interview, he was complaining that his Subway sandwich shops only pay him about $600,000 in annual income.  After he pays all his bills and feeds his family, he only has about $400,000 left to invest in equipment, expansion and other opportunities.  


This is outrageous!  I'm going to be setting up a website to help our politicians through this difficult time in our nation's history. I rarely ask for donations, but if you could spare a little change from what's left of your paycheck, I'm sure our representatives would be endlessly grateful. 

Many thanks....


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Obama lied about what he would do when in office, now suspicion surrounds him with respect to financial favors?  (ie. elitist back-slapping?)

So.... is he a banker?  Must be.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand...................... it's gone!

(our tax dollars, that is)


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im sorry, but this hunt is a smokescreen for something....but for what?

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More likely, Obama didn't know what he was getting in to in the first place, and has been played like the proverbial fiddle being sat up to take the fall from all sides.

That's a tough chair to sit in no matter who you are. There's a reason no one smart enough to do it, ever wants the job.


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Maybe if we went back to the Constitution and made corporations rewrite their charters every seven years we would not have to deal with bullshit fascist oligarchs, then, would we?

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@ Libertarians fo...

Have you ever given someone a job?  Or invested in equipment or other opportunities?

I started two small businesses and co-founded a third.  They ALL FAILED (for various reasons, including my incompetence).  I lost money...  But, I helped employ a couple of other people for a while.  It was my FOURTH business that was the charm: our business in PERU, founded with my in-laws there.  Finally, a business that is working out, although it took us 10 years to get to a positive Retained Earnings.

You provide no context for Fleming's wealth.

- 1, red for you.

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I gave him one too, which means most people have stopped reading his posts.  Smart.

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People still read his posts? I just junk the smiley on principle alone now. He had some funny moments as Redneck Repugnicant once upon a time, until the ban. Now he is just too bitter to get it right.

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Ahh...  So that's who he is.  Explains a lot.  Thanks for letting us know.

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You are right.  Let's just confiscate the wealth of whoever has it.

Long live freedom!!!!!

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What did Obama know and when did he know it?  Oh, sorry, I slipped back to the days of the Watergate hearings on TV.

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any idea who executed the document subordinating the taxpayer's interest in this boondoggle?  

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Don't get too excited. The Corporate press will minimize this. They have selected their guy. Obama and his band of tools will be treated like the retard who gets an award for 'best effort'. The more silly of you you will jump to the assumption that I am a heartless Conservative who is picking on retards. Maybe even an Ayn Rand fan. So I'm a little bit of each but my point  is that cheerleading the leftist black guy hurts our ENTIRE society. The retard fans get hurt, the Leftist get hurt. Normal people get hurt. When the country allows for emotion to trump reality, WE ALL GET HURT.

Puting the retard in charge felt real good. Now what do we do? This guy couldn't run a Mcdonald's and yet he now runs a nation. WTF?

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I would say 'Whatever gets Obama out of office' but then we would have  Biden.  Ugh, it has been tweedle dee and tweedle dum in the WH for how long now?  Seems like forever.....

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I'm tired of getting my head kicked.......time to stand up. Maybe......."take it back."



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Obama can genuinely plead ignorance - he only knows what he reads from a teleprompter, but even that is forgotten by the end of the day....

A clueless, compromised & corrupted community organizer aka POTUS.  what a farce the US has become.

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  Some (Eric Holder) Termite is trying to save face?   After ( FAST & FURIOUS) ? 


            SARC/ (:

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Q: "Why Was Congress Forced To Subpoena Head Of Obama's Budget Office To Get Info On Solyndra?"

A: Hmmmm. This is a example of NEO-Transparency which exists on a continuum and ranges from Clear to Opaque. This concept was pioneered by none other than Mark Twain, who noticed the Quantum Aspects of muddy water, wherein one could take a muddy river that you couldn't see through, and then scoop it out one glass at a time, and never come across a muddy glass of water. 

Later, Heisenburg and some physicists at Copenhagen, noticed the same thing occurred with snuff. Whereas one could sniff a whole jar of snuff and not get sneezy, but just put a little dab in your nose and whew!!! This in turn led to the Copenhagen Interpretation which allows you wiggle room when things are not up to snuff.

Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

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Are you the sister of the stick figure with the boner? 

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Well that was a strange but nice comment, Squeeky!  Green for you!  Tell your editor I said so.

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KTB ?     kill the bastard ?

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The dudes at your door wearing sunglasses are not delivering a pizza.

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Why yes, they're all loaded. Why do you ask?

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Remember Bernie Maddoff?

A distraction to please the serfs.

Wonder if this SolarGate is stage show for what's behind the curtain. Something bigger, much bigger. Billions in grift all under the watchful eye of bureaucrat thieves with WH stamp of approval.

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Do not look behind the curtain!  It is the great and powerful.....lizard headed....fire breathing....all knowing....big tittied.....uzi holding.....thing!

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Yes!  Something is rotten backstage.  We will likely see some of this before long.  

In the meantime: gold and silver will help you through, they will help you worry less about the nasty things behind the curtain.

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Only if you have it in your hand.  Don't trust the paper saying you own it...

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Wait - is that a shower curtain?

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The solar shower ain't workin'!  There is a dirty Wizard about!

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For the acronym challenged:
OMB = Office of Management and Budget

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Oh, I thought it was Office of Management and Bitchez.  Thanks for clearing that up.  ;-)

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I suppose if one has absolute contempt for business it is not difficult to rationalize sending money to one's cronys instead.  "It isn't criminal, it's progressivism."  We are so screwed.

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I think it is funny that the Obama Administration would buck the recommendations of the DOE, They have all them thar supercomputers and such at Los Alamos and Livermore and all. There musta been some all powerful mojo comin' down hill to override those projections. You really have to wonder at that. For the government to believe some entrepeneur's scratch on the back of a napkin over some Federally empowered bean counter with access to all of the computing power of the entire Western Hemisphere. I'm sorry, but that's just dumb.

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More government control of the economy = control of the masses. The cronyism and central planning gives government control over business. Extortion and pay to play. Has nothing to do with the idealistic rhetoric. All lies and fascism with no free markets.

The current regime is just way worse than the previous and counts on the MSM to cover for them. The corporate MSM conglomerates, with significant ownership by the squids, are counting on $60 Billion/year in taxpayer subsidies in the future (if Obama survives) in exchange for continued favorable propaganda.  Doesn't look like it's going to help.

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Not sure if people need to be reminded that this is pretty much like the foreclosure fraud issue. 


There will be a lower level guy whose head will roll but NO ONE of any importance will have a problem.  BHO will be fine.  There will be lawyers making a lot of money, politicians will manage to fund raise off of this, but there will be no justice.

So, get over the dreams of justice and payback.  It is not going to happen.  ZH will run article after article on the subject and people will vent and nothing will change.

Why?  Simple.  The people who investigate the foreclosure fraud, the financial fraud and the political fraud are the same people who commit the foreclosure fraud, the financial fraud and the political fraud; only the names are changed.

And the american voter is, and I mean this in a literal sense, as dumb as a bag of rocks and cares nothing about these things.  They care to be entertained and provided with "jobs."

So, expect more of the same.  Wash, rinse and repeat.  I guess one day it will come crashing down but I doubt any of us will still be posting on ZH by the time that happens.

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Amateurs. The bankers are the pros.

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It's so pathetic.  All I can do is laugh.  What else is there to do?