Wikileaks Discloses The Reason(s) Behind China's Shadow Gold Buying Spree

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In gold we trust.

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No.  In Gold They Trust.  We trust paper.  Oh well.  At least our food isn't made out of plastic.

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I trust any hard PM that can't be duplicated at the whim of some ponzi "policy maker".


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Well, yeah.  Some of us do (trust gold).  But most Americans are still asleep.  Hell, we might be in a coma!

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Ben Fulford mentioned something like this in his blog a few days ago... Some secret meeting with 57 country finance ministers...i thought it was his imagination.

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Ben Fulford?  Oh yeah....the guy who claims he was told by secret ninjas that he would be made the Japanese finance minister, right? 

Yes, I think it might have been his imagination.

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That and the shootout over the financial codes in downtown Tokyo the Yakuza told him about

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Me likey a good Purple Punch!

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Bitchezzz ... 

Thats what should dominate your brains going forward, for a very long time indeed.

And it will Serve You Well.

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thanks for letting me back on.  the current new yorker has an ad where some brokers have a gold brick thrown through their window and suddenly it's an ad for gld, with, of course, the bullion cachet.  my girlfriend and i laughed.  i said you know that stuff is not real gold, it's paper.  she just looked at me.  she is 80% silver miners (up a 100+%), 20% srs (bought at 17).   

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The New Yorker?  You need to test drive a ( Bid to Cover ratio) ...> Non existant .

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I like conspiracy theories as much as the next guy. And sometimes they even have credence. This Ben Fulford guy though - no. He was born in Canada and he seems to be an outright loonie (no pun intended).

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All this money flow discussion is unnecessarily complicated. If gold is 0.15% of assets and it goes up to, say, 3% of assets, then it will appreciate 20-fold relative to those assets. Easy math. Now if it goes up to 5% of assets, not only is the math easy but my eyes start watering in earnest.

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especially when you divide the number you get by 16 to get $3925/oz silver... 

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fulford is the son of rich jews from new york. i believe he has some mental issues. he is a complete idiot and nobody should waste their time listening to this idiot. he lives in japan and he speaks japanese and i am not sure what he does for a living besides live off of his daddy's money....

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Which of the family is this one?  I hear they are all over the television and people want to know just everything. Are they really Houri's?  do you know?  do you want pictures?   swimsuit or with basketball jones?

sorry, sarc off.

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I heard a gold analyst on CNBC World asked the question;

Q; How do you know when gold is in a bubble?

A; When every guest on CNBC is recommending people buy gold.

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remain somnambulist. allow JPMorgan suppression. Allow us to buy AU and AG on the cheap. When they awake/when they are done suppressing the game is over and prices will be stratospheric.

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Coma- hell most are totally fvkin brain dead. Dont even try to wake them either or u will be slammed with out  the respect of added grease. Makes for sore assholes.

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the whim of some ponzi "policy maker".



Executive Order 6102


The Gold Confiscation Of April 5, 1933


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Skid Marks,@ 18:39,

No one (in this day and age) is going to pay one iota of attention to any EO, or PDD, in regards to giving up PM's.


We know too much.

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+ $1880 and green

Come and get it, bitchez!

Might get Pb at a high velocity first though...

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In my view, the real question is just how willing the Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury will be to defend their massive gold holdings — after all, selling a big chunk of that "barbarous relic" at a higher price (let's say $3,000 or $5,000 an ounce) would go some way to paying down that huge crushing weight of fiat debt without having to resort to printing moneyLet's not forget that Bernanke's mentor, Stanley Fischer the head of the bank of Israel, presides over a central bank with zero gold reserves.

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Zero declared gold reserves.

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and lots of gold plated tungsten

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more euphemismically known as salted gold (technically it is peppered tungsten)

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When I wrote that Israel hold no gold I based it few sources.
Bank Of Israel spokesperson, the world gold council data and Stanley Fischer's statements addressing the Israeli parliament.

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Would it be better for the Treasury to hold the gold, and tell the rest of the world that our gold is now worth $74,000 an ounce to back up all the airdollars we printed?

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I think that might be America's endgame... The Rebirth of the Dollar...