Wikileaks Discloses The Reason(s) Behind China's Shadow Gold Buying Spree

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1/10 th oz (troy, +/- 2.84 grams (?) check my math someone!) US Gold Eagles will be about $200 now.  Maybe a bit more.

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1/10th troy is 3.11 g.


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Thanks. can learn something everyday, even at 55...

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check out sgorem1949 on Ebay. just sold 4 x 2.5 grams(Pamps) for $700.00. Gonna be more come Monday morning for sure. Buy cheap, sell very high amigos.......

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==> At that price, everybody can at least buy 1 per month.

Come live in my county. Median household income? $23,500. Average number of kids? 2.8. Try to support a wife, three kids, and a trailer and a pick-em-up on Bubba Joe's $1,900 a month (before taxes and expenses) and tell me "everybody" can do it.

There are folks who regularly, y'know, go in the hole deeper and deeper each month. And there are quite a lot of 'em.

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They're called condoms. Can't afford em? Don't have em!

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Gold isn't becoming more expensive - you are just becoming poorer and poorer.

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can the same be said of a barrel of oil? (it's not getting more expensive, being priced in dollars, and the dollar is getting less valuable)

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Not exactly, since oil is (at least in theory) strongly affected by supply and demand, because we used it for so many things, and both extraction and abundance is far from static. If anything, oil indeed IS something that will in the longterm only "go up" (unless an alternative for it is found). So, if what you want is making longterm profit, then OIL is the place to be, NOT gold!

With gold on the other hand, the only dynamic aspect about it.... that is, the only things that may affect it's supply and demand, is manipulation, and demand as a currency.

Manipulation can in the longterm only happen up to a certain degree - even with tens of years of price suppression, it reacts to fiat inflation in only one direction, even if perhaps less than it should.

That leaves demand as a currency as the only reason, for its exchange-value raising faster than inflation, or its exchange rate going down.

Phrased another way: Absent changes in using gold as money (or not using it for that), real gold value is static. After all, this is why fiat-proponents have such an interest in keeping gold exchange rate in submission... because a raising gold exchange rate can only mean one single thing: Lack of trust in fiat. Same the other way around (trust in fiat instead of gold). Thus, the exchange rate of gold really measures only one thing: Trust in hard assets vs trust in conceptual promises (i.e. fiat).

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I don't understand why this is such a hard concept for the American public to grasp.  *sigh*

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Who let the Queen of England on here?

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" At least our food isn't made out of plastic"


Well your cheeses and your burgers are...

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A point I make often as well. Call me strange, but I'm not turned on by plastic.

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I'm not a "into details" kind of guy.

If a woman has a rack that wobbles if she shakes it. I'll take it.

Even if the bumper has been remodeld.