Will Today's Second "Reverse POMO" Serve As Merely Another Capital Transfer Mechanism From Taxpayers To Banks?

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Last Thursday we observed the first "reverse" POMO event, in which the Fed sold $8.9 billion in sub 1 year bonds... on $242 billion of submitted bids, or a grotesque 27.4 Bid To Cover (aka Submitted to Accepted) ratio, for bonds that yield several basis point of interest, leading us to speculate that the only reason for this epic surge in buying interest is due to a levered ability to capture a taxpayer funded bid-ask spread courtesy of Primary Dealer BWIC-like collusion. A few minutes ago Ben Bernanke has commenced the second such bond sale as part of Operation Twist, this time selling bonds maturing between 03/31/2013 - 10/15/2013. So if indeed Operation Twist is nothing than a POMO-facilitated conduit to fund the Primary Dealers bond trading desks with precious, precious year end bonuses, what should we expect? Well, the most recent regular Treasury auction of 2 Year notes saw a Dealer Bid To Cover of 5.4 ($95.7 billion Bids tendered on $17.8 billion allotted). Assuming the same incremental efficiency pick up as seen last Thursday of 4.3x difference between the S/A ratio and the regular BTC, we would hope to see nothing short of 23.2 Submitted to Accepted ratio in today's POMO when it closes 30 minutes from now. It would also validate our theory from over a year ago, that no matter how it is structured, QE, Twist, or what have you, is merely a collusive way for Primary Dealers to extract a pound of flesh from US taxpayers via the Fed guaranteed bid-ask spread... With Bernanke's blessings of course.

Source: the Criminal Reserve

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Weekend at Bennie's!

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no wonder there is envy everywhere!



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Will Today's Second "Reverse POMO" Serve As Merely Another Capital Transfer Mechanism From Taxpayers To Banks?


Does the pope shit in the woods?  

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If one thinks about it outside gold KY really is the only appropiate retail investment for the long term.

Living the Cramerica Dream.

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No... The pope shits in John Thain's $35,000 toilet paid for by tax payer bailout money... like all of Merrill's bonuses...

Pope got it a bankster yard sale...

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The market says "yes". 

HFT: Fucking up the markets since Janurary 16, 1974.

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"Will Today's Second "Reverse POMO" Serve As Merely Another Capital Transfer Mechanism From Taxpayers To Banks?"

Short answer: YES.

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What isn't a Capital transfer from taxpayers to banks? That might be a more difficult question to answer.

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There are purchases today also,$3.25-4Billion of 4/30/2017 thru 9/30/2018


Final day of current TOTO schedule

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Here's a plan:

 - Nationalize one bank (BAC).  It's going to happen anyway.

 - Use its manpower and trading systems to cut the middleman out of Fed operations by dealing directly with BAC account holders

 - While we're at it, why not issue mortgages directly to the sheeple too.  The Fed winds up owning them all anyway.

Socialism - yes.  But better than the current kleptocracy.

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Here's what we'll get - After QE7, there will be no sustainable econmic recovery. So,  the Fed will announce that it will pay 100% of the U.S. consumer's unsecured debt, and 50% of their outstanding secured debt, allowing our consumer based economy to consume again.


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Front-running the Fed is the only game in town -- not working so well at the long end though.

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Gee lets see...'will todays covert FED manipulation with billions in the market cornhole taxpayers for the benefit of banksters?'...

I'll take 'No question about it at all' for $500 Alex...

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Believe Bens including money market fund s in the bid pool for this short paper, TY

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Didn't break through it Bennie...what now? ;-)

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"Bailout My Bonus!!"

Wall Street's only plan... besides fraud...

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Well, it is election campaign kick-back season.

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this is bullish4bullshit right?

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Occupy bond desks?

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Fucking thieves.


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Ben is selling the very bonds he bought at a premium in QE2, again at a second premium for the banks. Of course the tax payer is getting screwed and the banks blown.

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"Why steal less when you can steal more," they say on Wall Street these days.