Words and Phrases We Hope Not To See Or Hear In 2012

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Via Peter Tchir of TF Market Advisors,

Rather than making some predictions, here is a list of words and phrases that were popular in 2011 that just annoy me.  It would be nice if they become less popular in 2012, but I predict they will remain in use.



No self-respecting videogame would have a “bazooka” as the ultimate weapon.  Bazookas just aren’t that powerful.  Maybe Europe needs to search for a “nuclear” option, that at least sounds big enough to scare people.  Or, just maybe, Europe needs a credible plan for debt sustainability rather than a “weapon”.


Unintended Consequences

No policy ever fails anymore, it just had “unintended consequences”.  Unintended consequences sounds better than sloppy planning, but when a consequence is forseeable and likely, it is not unintended.  Unwanted, yes, but unintended, no.  If I punch someone in the face, and they punch me back and break my nose, that is not an unintended consequence.  It is not the result I was looking for, but it is a  completely logical outcome.  We will never get to the point where decision makers admit that they made bad decisions or didn’t think things through carefully, but unintended consequences is not an excuse.


Black Swan

Not everything that is bad is a black swan.  Black swans are things that no one thought could exist (based on some amount of analysis) that turn out to exist.  The Fukushima plant was a disaster, but not a black swan.  They just didn’t plan well enough for a likely possibility.  It seems like small mistakes are covered up by being “unintended consequences” and big mistakes are covered up by saying they were “black swans”.  Accountability would be much better.



Transitory sounds much better than temporary.  Maybe it is used because everyone knows what temporary means, but transitory is a little harder to nail down.  The Fed in particular has embraced “transitory”.  Anything that occurs that they don’t like is deemed as “transitory”.  This is even better than talking about unintended consequences because it implies you have actually thought of everything and that the bad stuff will go away.  Maybe that is why Ben really, really, really likes it.  CPI was 3.4% over the last 12 months, that doesn’t exactly seem “transitory” to me.



Bipartisan is a myth.  In American politics it has come to mean that the other side decides to agree to your view, or that both sides get what they want.  In no case does it imply a willingness on your part to change your stance materially.


Gold Bug

Why is someone who invests in gold, considered a “gold bug”.  Why are shorts constantly reminded that being short a stock can cause you have unlimited losses?  I know far more people who have lost 100% of their money being long, and no one who has lost an infinite amount of money being short.  Maybe it is just a cute term, or maybe it is a way to disparage people who invest in anything other than stocks and bonds.


CDS and ISDA and Credit Events

Okay, I’m not bored with this one and hope it gets used more in the future, but am shocked how many people who have never read the ISDA Credit Derivative Definitions, have never traded a CDS, have strong opinions on the subject.


How January goes, the year goes

We are about to hit that time of the year, where everyone points out how the first day in January is important, or the first week, or the first month.  The S&P 500 went up over 1% on January first last year to hit 1272.  It ended the month at 1282.  On the bright side, it looks like that “buy” signal worked as the S&P is going to finish the year positively, but anyone who bought at the end of January will have lost money.  All these rules of thumb and “ideas” based on historical annoy me, but I am sure we will hear about how important the first trading day and week are again.  It is kind of ironic that in 2010 almost the entire gain in the S&P was captured on the first day of the month.  In 2011, the entire gain was captured in the first trading day of the year.



We are going to get even more summits this year, but we have done it to ourselves.  Somehow we have decided that phones are insufficient and the only way to properly rally around a Grand Plan announcement is at a fancy summit.



Somehow we changed what a “realist” is.  Things that at one time would have been considered giddy with optimism are now “the norm”.  Looking at facts and analyzing them and coming up with negative conclusions leads to being a labeled a cynic or even a “doomer”, yet those conclusions have turned out to be correct more often than not.


Dude, when was the last time you made it to the gym?

That is just depressing and mean, but may be more of a personal issue, than a market one.


Have a Happy New Year and a great 2012 and thanks for all your support and comments and helpful insights.

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mikhail kalashnikov's picture

Torah! Torah! Torah!   NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL!

AldousHuxley's picture

How about...

Record wall street bonuses


Record executive bonuses for poor performance


Rick Perry wins the election!




TARP 2 for banks


Iran-China-Russia declares war against US-Israel


draft is back...OWS protesters first in line


Ron Paul wins republican nomination but is assasinated before November


founders of ZeroHedge is accused of rape just like Assange of Wikileaks.

greyghost's picture

damn the torpedos.......bazooka haha....go get the panzerfaust....full steam ahead

General Decline's picture

Please add "Ron Paul is a radical"to the list. It's interesting how what used to be normal is now radical. Strange days, indeed.

Pinky's picture

Actually they are being unintentionally flattering by calling Dr. Paul a radical.  The word means "root."  Radicals get to the root of matters, and Dr. Paul is very good at it.

Smokey1's picture

Actually, Ron Paul is good at eating roots.

Everybody who agrees, please thumb down this comment.

akak's picture

Smokey1 is a neocon troll.

Everyone who agrees, please thumb UP this comment.


boattrash's picture

Smokey1 has two thumbs-up, problem is, it involves his thumbs and his ass.

Smokey1's picture

You are confusing my thumbs with your tongue.

boattrash's picture

I'm not that fucking high/confused. I piss in the cup to drop 50k a year into the welfare bin. It's your thumbs up there Smokey.

Smokey1's picture

Hate to break it to you, boattrash, but the biggest give away of a broke loser is when they brag about having money. I have known scores of extremely wealthy people and I have never known any who bragged about it.

Which means you are most likely a fraud. I will say I am highly confident that I have several friends whose annual wine bill exceeds your net worth.

swani's picture

Hate to break it to you Smokey 1. Even if Ron Paul doesn't win the Republican nomination, he is still winning. His message is being heard because he is running. It takes a long time to turn a country around and start to repair what has taken tens of years to create. This level of abuse of the voters and tax payers requires an ignorant and easy to manipulate populace and this will not be possible if the majority of the people are awake.

Contrary to what many people think, the American people are not impervious to the truth. It only takes is a few angry and informed men and women to spread the word from group to group. That's how trends begin. The liberation of minds has already begun and word is spreading fast. 

Smokey1's picture

"His message is being heard Because he is running."

Hate to break it to you, Swani, but he was running in 2008 also, when his ass was thoroughly thrashed, as it will be in 2012 also.

He is NOT winning, except in the minds of delusional sycophants who are too fucking stupid to pour piss out of a boot.

Your "liberation of minds has already begun "  displays a shocking misunderstanding of society as it exists.

This notion of Ron Paul as Savior reveals a depth of ignorance that is astonishing.

akak's picture

And your desperate refusal to acknowledge, or even see, your beloved fear-driven political paradigm crashing around your ears in well-deserved failure reveals a depth of cluelessness that is astounding.

However much your handlers are paying you to make these inane anti-Paul, pro-status-quo comments, it is too much, given your complete ineffectiveness.  NOBODY is buying your transparent lies and propaganda here, asswipe, so give it up already.  Back to troll school for you.

swani's picture

Smokey 1

2008 was a different time, if you can't figure out how it was different, you are really deluded. Let me try to help you.

A. The Left thought Obama was their Saviour. Now, most know, that he is continuing the policies of Bush and making it pretty clear that when it comes to ridding the country of that pesky little Constitution thing, there is little difference between the parties.

B. Everyone can see that the Corporate Welfare that has been costing the American tax payers trillions is benefiting no one, except the politically connected.

I never said that Ron Paul was the country's Saviour. It would take a lot more than one man to turn this country around, even if he won the nomination. What I said was, that his message, about respecting the Constitution, smaller government, auditing the Federal Reserve ext. is getting out there, and it's being discussed, and not, just by his fans or supporters. 

As far as your attacks on the intellect of Ron Paul supporters, i find that pretty funny, especially, if you think people who support any of the other MSM candidates are 'smarter'. If you ask me, most people supporting the MSM candidates are only doing so because they have been spoon fed by sound bites who they are supposed to like, and told, who is going to win.   

And lastly, the collective liberation of minds from the propaganda machines is very real and it's happening all over the country. Remember that 10% of the population determines what 90% believe. Thinking people with strong opinions are switching off in droves from the MSM. People talk to people, and that's how people collectively stop listening to utter bullshit and stop the effects of the programming. I know many people don't believe that Americans will ever have a clue and they'll keep on being opiated by shopping and reality shows, but I have faith in the human spirit and faith in the future of this country, even though it will be very difficult for a long, long time.   







Lord Koos's picture

The problem I have with Ron Paul is seeing recent photos of him standing with the current KKK "Grand Dragon" and the guy who runs the Stormfront website.  I agree with some of his positions but that shit is toxic.

flacorps's picture

John Wayne Gacy had his picture taken with all sorts of notables.

akak's picture

Lord Koos, you reasoning here leaves much to be desired.

"That shit" would be "toxic" ONLY if you have proof that Ron Paul willingly had his picture taken with those two individuals KNOWING exactly who they both are.  Prominent politicians have their photos taken with literally thousands of individuals annually --- do you REALLY claim that they know, or should know, or could know, exactly who each one of those individuals really are, and their full background?

With how many wife beaters, sex offenders, and murderers has Obama had his photo taken by now, merely by statistical chance?  And is that, in and of itself, ANY indictment of the man himself? 

Strawman, meet match.

Smokey1's picture

Ron Paul has NO chance at the nomination.


Tough shit, asshole.

akak's picture

Ron Paul will win the GOP nomination.

Face it: neocon RINO warmongers and mindless Muslim-haters and gay bashers like Grinchgrinch, BachmannWarmongerOverdrive, ObamaCareLite and Sanitorium have NO chance at it.

Tough shit, neocon asswipe.

Smokey1's picture

Hey dumbass.

Romney has it wrapped, you deluded fool.

Ron Paul has the same chance at winning the GOP nomination as Charles Manson or JFK does.

Send Paul some money and maybe you'll increase his odds from nonexistent to beyond hopeless.

The passion of you Ron Paul supporters is admirable, but to a fucking person, every deluded one of you has utter shit for brains. Especially you.

akak's picture

Even, if, hypothetically, Ron Paul were to NOT win the GOP nomination (hypothetically, of course, because he has it in the bag), you and your neocon warmongering fascists have lost --- and will continue to lose, as the tide of the pro-liberty message washes away your lies and your obsolete, control-through-fear, reactionary Neanderthal politics.

Smokey1's picture

You stupid fucking brain dead maggot.

Ron Paul's entire asinine platform is based on yanking ALL troops from the Middle East.

Ron Paul is more dangerous than Bill Clinton.

Clinton gave North Korea the money, the material, and the technology to build nukes, because Kim Jong Ill said he wanted it for energy. Clinton swallowed it whole.

Of course North Korea immediately began production on and completed nuclear bombs. And do you know what the stupid fat bitch, Madeleine Albright (Clinton's Secretary of State) 's comment was ?

"He tricked us."

That shows the goddamn level of gullibility and stupidity of Clinton and Co.

Ron Paul is a hundred times worse.

When Iran gets nukes, you shit eating maggot, how long do you think it takes for them to start selling that shit or giving it freely to Al Qaeda and other fringe terrorist groups that hate the USA ? You can measure the time on a fucking egg timer, you stupid fuck. Hello suitcase nuke in Times Square New Year's Eve. Hello suitcase nuke at the Super Bowl.

And then when we inevitably get hit 9/11 style again, you stupid cocksuckers will scream "blowback".

We yank troops out of the Middle East, as Ron Paul has a hard on to do, how long before Iran closes the Straits of Hormuz, which brings the USA and world economies to a screeching halt? Not weeks, cocksucker, DAYS.

Think about that you fucking mongoloid.

akak's picture

You are insane.

And you have it EXACTLY backward, fool.

They (want to) bomb us here, because WE bomb them over there!
It is as simple as that.

You don't go around routinely kicking hornet nests, and then blame the hornets for trying to sting you.

It is insane, spineless, no-nothing, march-with-the-herd fearmongers and warmongers like you who bring retaliation upon this country, and who are, and will be, directly responsible for the decline of our freedoms and our prosperity.

Take your wild, overblown, misdirected fearmongering and shove it up your ass, you chickenhawk piece of filth.


"The Many Contradictions of the Paulophobe":


Smokey1's picture

Get back to gobbling Ron Paul's shriveled pecker you psychotic fool.

You and Ron Paul would have violently protested America's stopping of Hitler in WWII.

In fact, if Ron Paul had been president, we'd be speaking German in this country today.

"Leave Hitler alone. It's none of our concern. We don't need to poke our noses into the business of Europe. The Japs attacked us because we DESERVED it."

You, Ron Paul, and Neville Chamberlain in a mean threesome sucking each other off. Bliss for each of you.

I'm sure that tomorrow night you have plenty of Youtube clips of Ron Paul that you can jerk off to, to bring in the New Year in style.

akak's picture








Paranoid schizophrenic


Pick one, or pick all --- any or all of them work equally well to describe you and your mentally deranged, un-American neocon brethren. 

Sieg Heil!

Smokey1's picture


I like that. You Ron Paul cocksuckers motherfuck America at every conceivable turn, and ALWAYS blame America first.

Constantly blame America for everything. Your crowd is the most Anti-American fringe in the entire country, with the possible exception of the communist party.

Ron Paul supporters claim the government is corrupt, business is corrupt, military is corrupt, claim America brought down the towers, absolutely want to gut the national defense---and then little pussy faggots like you call mainstream Americans like me anti-American.

You cocksuckers are the fringe, I'm mainstream. I love my country.

LOL----Go get those Youtube clips now comrade and start whacking off.

akak's picture

No, sheeplike fascist brownshirts like you love your GOVERNMENT, but whether you realize it or not (of course you do not) you HATE your country, and you SHIT ON your heritage of liberty and limited government, by constantly defending the sociopathic warmongers and financial elites who are destroying both our rights and our prosperity in the name of securing an illusionary "security", which is nothing but rationalization for the their further consolidation of power.

Everything you post demonstrates beyond any shadow of a doubt that you understand NOTHING about freedom, nor about individual rights, nor recognize the ever-present and growing danger from the home-grown terrorists (the ONLY ones we really are threatened by) who reside on the Potomac and in the Pentagon.

You and your neocon masters are nothing but un-American, anti-American traitors to everything that the USA used to stand for.  YOU are the enemy, not some laughable cave-dwellers halfway around the world.  Death would not be a sufficient punishment for traitors like you --- your kind fully deserves the barbaric torture that you so willingly mete out to others; the irony is that, in a libertarian, Ron Paul-led USA, torture would be prohibited, even for sociopaths and monsters such as yourself.

Smokey1's picture

The only thing I shit on is deluded fools like you who have a deranged belief that somehow Ron Paul is the answer to America's problems.

You sanctimonious cocksucker, lecturing about freedom and individual rights when Ron Paul is absolutely desperate to put this country at risk.

Newsflash, cocksucker. Millions of foreigners hate us. Millions of Akmeds who would love the opportunity to get their 88 virgins by giving their life setting off a bomb in this country.

You kooks that want to hold Ron Paul's dick whenever he pisses have no fucking clue how suicidally dangerous the man is.

You all use these empty platitudes about freedom and liberty when those concepts are beyond your comprehension. You claim there is a heritage of limited government in this country. Heritage of limited government ? GFD, have you not seen the $50+ trillion pissed away on social handouts in the last fifty years? I support NONE of the candidates running for office, but I do understand keenly that of all the candidates, Ron Paul would immediately and enthusiastically assure violent retribution on this country from our sworn enemies.

You are willfully blind, clueless, and beyond hope.

akak's picture

You are so stupid, and so blind.  I shake my head in despair when I encounter clueless, moronic, truly evil idiots such as yourself.  Please kill yourself, now.

Don't you ever ask yourself WHY there are people overseas who hate "us" (not "us", but the AMERICAN GOVERNMENT!)?  It is precisely because of the American legacy of foreign interventionism and neo-imperialism!  Were there ANY Iranians who "hated us" before 1953, when the CIA fomented the overthrow of the democratically-elected government of Iran?  Were there ANY meaningful number of Arabs who "hated us" before the unconditional US funding and military backing of Israel?  And if these radicals "hate us for our freedoms" (which you neocons are doing the best you can to eliminate and destroy), then why are they NOT attacking Swedes, or the French, or Australians, or other such nationalities who enjoy more-or-less equal freedoms?

You blind neocon-led fools seem to believe that this foreign hatred of US FOREIGN POLICY just seems to spring out of nowhere, with no antecedents nor explanation.  But it is perfectly understandable and explainable, at least to those who refuse to fall for all the wild, hysterical fearmongering of a military-industrial complex (which Eisenhower wisely warned about in his farewell speech) and their agents who need that wild, overblown fear of non-existent foreign enemies to further their agendas and expand on their own power by destroying our freedoms in the name of aggressive war that they monstrously mislabel, in true Orwellian fashion, as "defense".

It is only when I encounter monsters and sociopaths like you that I can fantasize about holding a gun to somebody's head and doing the entire world a favor.

Smokey1's picture

You delusional shit eating maggot.

All of you pacifist cocksuckers parrot the same idiot mantra. America's fault. Always. Always blame America.

You are too fucking stupid to consider the fact that there have been dozens of terrorist attacks by radical jihadists on OTHER countries since 9/11.  Did they deserve to be attacked also? According to your sick thinking, the terrorists are always justified in murdering toddlers by suicide bombs. Answer that, COCKSUCKER.

How do you justify the droves of terrorist attacks on countries throughout Europe, Asia, and South America? You can't justify it. You try though, by deep-throating Ron Paul and thinking he'll end the hate of a sub-human species of diaper-headed barbarians who have the collective intelligence of a herd of field oxen.

US embassies were hit twice in the 1980's by terrorists. Americans were killed and injured. The US did not respond

The Pentagon was bombed in the nineties. Bill Clinton's response? "We'll hunt down those terrorists and make them pay." And then he did nothing.

The Khobar Towers were hit, more Americans died, and Clinton's response was, "We'll hunt down those terrorists and make them pay." And then he didn't do shit.

Then the Naval ship USS Cole was bombed by terrorists in the early 2000's, killing more Americans. Clinton's response---"We'll hunt down those terrorists and make them pay." And of course he proceeded to do nothing.

Then 3000 innocent Americans were incinerated on 9/11, and video footage was played on national TV showing hundreds of thousands of Middle Easten citizens dancing in the streets.

At some point, a country has to take its hands off it's nuts and fight back.

Since you claim you want to fantasize, fantasize about Ron Paul's shriveled sack pounding your chin as you greedily swallow his liquid treat.

akak's picture

Since you claim you want to fantasize, fantasize about Ron Paul's shriveled sack pounding your chin as you greedily swallow his liquid treat.

I think this pretty much demonstrates your level of reason, and the level of your moral and intellectual integrity and insight.

I hope you enjoy the fascist police state that your paranoia and spineless fear is engendering.

Smokey1's picture

Here is a link for you regarding my spineless fear. Please read it and then scroll down the page. By the way, your breathtaking ignorance was laid bare yet again in your dumbfounding comments about no terror attacks in France or Australia. Google it, dumbass.



Smokey1's picture

Did you read the link, asshole ? Check out the links provided for their attacks throughout the 2000's.

Then tell me again how America invites the attacks from those animals.

But Islam is the religion of peace, and anyone that gets hit by the Islamic "freedom fighters" deserves it.

Your misunderstanding of the reality of radical Islam is stupefying. You read the same tired shit spewed out by Ron Paul followers and then you get on a blog and mindlessly recite the same unfathomably stupid short-sighted shit and  think you are some kind of deep thinker, when you don't know shit.

jm's picture

When muslims in the ZH community don't respond to this, it makes their religion look like a swine lying in its own filth.

Smokey1's picture

That's the nasty little secret LK.

Paul is great at bashing his opponents while embracing a nuclear armed Iran, but now the shit is being tossed back at him and his nonexistent integrity is being exposed to the world.

I ache to watch that fucking mumble-mouthed weasel defend his positions in the next debate. Newt will trash that squirmy little kook back to the stone age.

At least Ron will have Rand there to fondle daddy's cock after the beat down.

I hope Ron Paul runs as an independent, so that when he giftwraps the election for Obama, his idiot son Rand will be an outcast in Congress for the next four years for having supported his kook father.

akak's picture

Your feeble attempts at disparaging the integrity and sanity of Ron Paul, his positions and his supporters are so weak and absurd, it literally makes me laugh to watch close-minded, spineless neocon worms such as yourself squirm with dismay at seeing more and more Americans throwing off their fear-induced shackles and finally embracing the truth. 

Face it, you statist Quisling, your outdated political-control-through-fearmongering,  and its concomitant warmongering, is becoming less and less effective as more and more people turn away from the corporate-controlled, pro-status-quo media and turn to alternate sources of information (such as this one) instead.  Your sociopath-controlled political paradigm is crumbling.  You, and it, are obsolete.

stocktivity's picture

How about adding "kick the can down the road" at the top of the list.

UP Forester's picture

I'm beginning to think that can is made out of kryptonite, or titanium or some other strong shit, 'cuz everybody and their Uncle has punted that fucker more times than anyone can count.

Kinda like that ball-on-a-rope thingie, it seems to end up in exactly the same place, in perfect kicking position....

carguym14's picture

Shut up and eat your peas..........

Urban Redneck's picture

... while my bitch, Marie Antoinette, grazes on her "arugula"

Or, on a more serious note, the one I hope not to start hearing "FORCE MAJEURE" even with all the lucrative opportunities it creates.

nope-1004's picture

"____is Big Hat, No Cattle."

AlaricBalth's picture

November 6, 2012 (AP) 10:46.23 pm EST

"Obama defeated in a landslide!"

In one of the biggest upsets in the history of presidential elections, Republican candidate Ron Paul, defeated the incumbent, President Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate. Four states — Ohio, Florida, Texas and Illinois — with a combined 102 electoral votes, secured Paul's victory. In each state, Paul prevailed by a margin of less than 1 percent. However, the heartland or flyover states, voted overwhelmingly for Mr. Paul.

Obama — confident of winning on the basis of Paul's purported unpopularity and out of the mainstream views — had run a vapid, risk-free campaign. By contrast, Paul scornfully targeted the DEM-controlled U.S. Senate and the GOP-controlled U.S. House, launching a relentless wave of blistering bi-partisan attacks. Paul's campaign also concentrated on the activities of the Federal Reserve in the wake of the stock market crash of this past August and the subsequent economic downturn. His campaign slogan "It's the Fed, stupid.", was reminiscent of a slogan used during Pres. Bill Clinton's campaign, "it's the economy, stupid." This slogan, and Mr. Paul's laser-like focus on the Fed and in particular former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, seemed to strike the right chord with voters from the heartland most affected by the economic problems we now are contending with. Mr. Bernanke, who resigned under pressure, has been in seclusion for the past 2 months and could be facing indictment under a Paul Administration.

Most pollsters had been so sure Obama would win that they had stopped polling weeks before the election — missing a late surge by Mr. Paul.


Drunken Monkey's picture

"Obama___________ for sale cheap. Only used 1 term, good daily driver. Gives good Fed.

Reply : 11 Wall Street  New York, NY 10005, United States

(646) 525-3000
rehypothecator's picture

"There's going to be another round of layoffs this year."   Something else we'd rather not hear in 2012, but probably will.  

Sofa King's picture

Can we add "unprecedented" to the list?  Every god damn thing these walking clown shoes do is unprecedented...when in reality the only thing unprecedented is the level of their failure, not to mention their stupidity.