Workers Shot At Another South African Gold Mine As Miner Strike Spreads

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Last night we reported that the troubles for South Africa's metal mining industry, which accounts for 20% of the nation's GDP, have spread, when in the aftermath of the Lonmin Marikana Platinum mine bloodbath which saw 44 miners shot by police another mine - this time Gold Fields' KDC mine - went dark as the bulk of the firm's miners went on strike. Moments ago AP reported that violence has erupted at a third mine, this time the gold mine owned by the nephew of Nelson Mandela, where 4 workers have been shot. So much for an amicable resolution, or for gold production returning to historical levels.

From AP:

Police and politicians say four miners have been shot and injured, apparently by security guards using rubber bullets at a gold mine owned by the South African president's nephew and a grandson of anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela.


Monday's shooting comes after firebrand politician Julius Malema visited the Aurora gold mine last week and told fired mineworkers that he was going to make South African mines ungovernable.


Police spokeswoman Pinky Tsinyane said four miners were shot and that police have arrested four people for public violence.


Two weeks ago, police killed 34 striking miners at a platinum mine. Scores of miners arrested at the scene of that mass shooting northwest of Johannesburg await release Monday.

Expect more South African mines to shutter, as gold production in the world's third largest gold producer grinds to a halt, and the local workers grasp they had the leverage all along. Should the South African example spread to other countries, then expect the price of gold to soar regardless of how much printing the central planners engage in the coming weeks and month.

For those curious for some more info on the Aurora mine, you are in luck. Aside from everyting else, it appears that the name of the actual mine is "Orkney" - Johnny Drama would be proud. Somewhat amusingly, the below blurb is from "In Defense of Marxism" -  a website that somehow still does not have a US branch...

Aurora mine scandal highlights the need to struggle for socialism


In October 2009, South African mining company Aurora Empowerment Systems took over Pamodzi Gold Ltd when it went into liquidation. As a result, Aurora started to run two gold mines, Grootvlei mine in Springs, on the East Rand, and the Orkney mine in the North West.


Soon, the company ran into trouble and by February and March of this year, miners at both mines stopped receiving their wages. Aurora had also accumulated debts with the tax office, the unemployment insurance, the miners’ pension fund, as well as creating environmental damage through contamination of water in one of its operations. The company’s 1200 workers, most of them miners who work 1000 metres underground and live in run-down hostels with no schools, have not received their wages since. Since April, there has been no water and no electricity at the hostels.


Then in August, four bodies were found in Aurora’s Grootvlei mine, after reports appeared in the newspapers that security guards had killed up to 20 “illegal miners”. The investigation has not yet been completed.


The story is even more scandalous because Aurora owners are extremely well connected individuals: Mandela's grandson Zondwa is managing director of the company and Zuma's nephew Khulubuse is chairman. They still live a life of luxury which is paraded everyday in the pages of South African newspapers. In September, Khulubuse Zuma attended the wedding of national police commissioner Bheki Cele in a R2.5-million Mercedes-Benz SLS63 AMG gullwing.


Aurora was supposed to be a model of “Black Economic Empowerment”, the mechanism through which a handful of black businesspeople (many of them with links with the liberation movement and even the trade union movement) have become capitalists themselves while the majority of South Africa’s poor and working class population still suffer from low wages, lack of housing, landlessness, etc.


Now, the miners have taken action demanding the payment of their wages and to get their jobs back. We publish here a letter we have received from South Africa regarding this issue, which expressed the depth of anger which has accumulated over this struggle, and also advocates the only solution to the problem: nationalization under workers’ control.


The scandal of Aurora highlights one of the main issues confronting the workers’ movement in South Africa: the end of apartheid has given everyone political rights, but workers are still oppressed by capitalists. The only difference is that some of these are now black, but they are still capitalists, out to make a profit from the exploitation of the working class. The attempt to solve the “race question” without addressing the “class question” has failed miserably. The only way forward is the struggle for socialism, where “the mineral wealth beneath the soil, the Banks and monopoly industry shall be transferred to the ownership of the people as a whole” as is stated in the Freedom Charter. The struggle for nationalization under workers’ control of Aurora should be seen as part of that wider struggle.

Perhaps the take home here is that in addition to being an antidote to the stupidity of politicians, and the printing of central planners, gold is now also the hedge against socialism, as the "workers' takeover" of more and more South African (and then global) gold production means only one thing: an inevitable collapse in supply and production.

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BaBaBouy's picture

AND Notwithstanding the Ft. Knox BARE Shelving, Euro / USD CTRL-P, Etc Etc ...

GOLD $50K Bitchies ...

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

This is exactly why Gold mines should either be 

a) Nationalized 


b) Nationalized and subsequently acquired by competent large cap mining companies such as BHP Billiton, Anglo American or De Beers in no-bid contracts

It is simply unacceptable that incompetent "small businesses" should get to run operations within a sector that employs thousands of people

BaBaBouy's picture

""" this time the gold mine owned by the nephew of Nelson Mandela """

Whaaaaat? Noooo, Can't Be "CORRUPTION" ...

Cortez the Killer's picture

Which is more valuable?  The gold in the mine or the bloody Kaffirs that dig it out?

economics9698's picture

The 85 IQ crowd making economic history.

schatzi's picture

You and the poster above with the "kaffir" comment are racist fucks. No need to be politically correct all the time and especially here, but that is just plain and blatant racism.

Randall Cabot's picture

Some history on South Africa:

Another example of the Cousinhood’s increasing grip on the direction of British politics came with growing Rothschild involvement in South Africa. Feldman states that during 1890s the Rothschild branch became “heavily involved in diamond and gold mining on the Rand.”[40] When the German-Jewish diamond and gold mining magnate Alfred Beit floated Rand Mines in 1893, he was crucial in ensuring the House of Rothschild received more than 25% of the shares. By 1899, Britain found itself at war with the Boers of the Transvaal over the vague cause of securing political rights for foreign gold miners.[41] Because of the obvious shared ethnic heritage of the mine owners and the diplomats who trod the path to war, “the view that the war was a Jewish war was commonplace among its opponents.”[42]

This opinion was reinforced by the fact that one of the conflict’s earliest supporters was J.H. Hertz — Chief Rabbi in South Africa. Hertz would later be rewarded for beating the war drum with an appointment to no less a position than “Chief Rabbi of the British Empire.”[43] In February 1900, Members of Parliament were openly acknowledging the Jewish complexion of the hostilities, with John Burns emphatically declaring before a full House of Commons that “Wherever we examine, there is a financial Jew operating, directing and inspiring the agonies that have led to this war…the British army which used to be used for all good causes…has become the janissary of the Jews”[44] — a comment that rings true today as a description of the American armed forces as a tool of Israel and its powerful American lobby in the war in Iraq and the looming war with Iran.

The same year, the Trades Union Congress issued a statement that the war was being fought to “secure the gold fields of South Africa for cosmopolitan Jews who have no patriotism and no country.” Justice, the newspaper of the Social Democratic Federation pointed out the involvement of “unscrupulous Jewish financiers” and the “Semitic-capitalist press.”[45] It is difficult to conceive of such free public expression today in the mainstream media.

erg's picture

I think the fact that you always latch on to the top comment is pitiable. You want to talk about self-aggrandizement. Shit.

A joke really.

jmcadg's picture

MDB - you are officially a twat.
You were creaming yourself over Facebook.
Wanting to buy shares at any cost with you mum's money.
If that isn't a company run by an incompetent employing thousands I don't know what is! Have you checked the share price on Facebook recently. Let's have a look ... $18.06, and you wanted to pay about $50 I seem to remember.
Go away you muppet.

lakecity55's picture

Either great sarcasm, or Barry has an account here.

caimen garou's picture

Not to worry China will have miners on the scene before you can say "GOLD BITCHES"!

dark pools of soros's picture

As I said since the first shooting, organized labor driving up the price of gold will be bittersweet for much of this crowd. I haven't heard any of them cuss out those 'entitled' workers yet..

GMadScientist's picture

You could never get away with that shit at a coal mine; too many explosives handy.

Expect some BBQ'd Boer for dinner.

Dr. Engali's picture

Crazy basturds wanting a decent pay for risking their lives every day. What are they thinking? Don't they know their place? After all South Africa is the model to be held up and celebrated.

Bob's picture

You get the feeling they think they built that!  This calls for a massive airdrop of Atlas Shrugged to wise the dumb basterds up. 

Oh regional Indian's picture

It's all a part of manipulation. A few dead bodies are nothing to the cartel. 

Perhaps the idea is to wrest control from current owners. And that bit about Mandela's relative owning part of it... classic. 

Half-Nelson Mandela, just another Brit-pawn.

Upward trajectory in metals seems assured for a bit now it would seem


i-dog's picture


"Mandela, just another Brit-pawn"

Correction, ORI: Jesuit pawn ... he's a Knight of Malta.

Oh regional Indian's picture

A-ha! I'm sure he had a rather cushy Jail term too, by the way, like Gandhi did here in India.


GMadScientist's picture

It's always someone else getting smacked in the face or catching bullets.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Yeah. Funny thing though that Gandhis and MLK (birds of a feather) were both put down once their role was over. 

Mandela looks like got a great deal.


Yardfarmer's picture

any attribution on that, dog?


FORMER South African president Nelson Mandela is to be named as an MI6 agent, it emerged yesterday.

Mr Mandela is alleged to have given MI6 information about Libya's weapons programmes and backing for the IRA, as well as arms shipments to Loyalist terrorists in Northern Ireland from apartheid South Africa.


i-dog's picture

I posted the attribution in another thread earlier (2757357):



Mugabe gets a free pass ... because he's a Jesuit:

and invitations to Vatican ceremonies, notwithstanding an EU travel ban:

Mandela gets a free pass ... because he's a Knight of Malta (the Jesuit 'militia'):

The Kleptocratic Khazarian Klique Konnection is everywhere ... for example: ALL 9 Justices of the US Supreme Court are Jesuits, Jews or Catholics (unusual for a nation formed by Protestants escaping persecution by the Catholic hierarchy of England and Europe in the 17th century)!!


Zwelgje's picture

Former General Stanley McChrystal (Iraq/AfPak) is also a Knight of Malta.

Think for yourself's picture

Also Former General Wesley Clark, of "7 wars were planned in the middle east" fame.

tip e. canoe's picture

and also, supposedly, Joe Paterno and also, Louis Freeh, who dropped the dime of the PS "boys will be toys" scandal on Paterno's lap after he kicked the bucket.   figure that one out.


HardAssets's picture

Having no first hand on-the-scene knowledge of the situation on the ground . . . I have no idea whats really going on

I just generally stay away from S. African heavy mining stocks

Their govts have been screwing things up for years

Perhaps one day that'll turn around and present an opportunity . . . if you like rolling the dice (even more so than with other miners)

Fix It Again Timmy's picture

Miners - you have my respect; the only thing I know about a hard line is that it must be erased...


dingoj's picture

Mandela's nephew should be fighting with the miners, not against them. Another myth bites the dust: first Eastwood, now Mandela, who's next?

Luckily my gold is already out of ground not inside it.


Whoa Dammit's picture

Zondwa Mandela is actually a grandson of Nelson & Winnie. He probably takes after his grandmother who built herself a mansion with anti-apartheid charity money.( Although Nelson had no problem living there when he got out of prison.) Winnie advocated torture deaths by "necklacing" and had her own gang of thugs, presumably also paid for by the same money source as her domicile, that terriorized other blacks in Soweto.

Chartist's picture

shooting striking workers is so USA 90 years ago......How about something original?

BeansBulletsBandaids's picture

I watched a program yesterday about the WV mine wars and found it quite disturbing.

jonjon831983's picture

Convenient when gold is going up now eh?


What are miners around the world paid in comparison?  (Benefits and work conditions included)

EmileLargo's picture

South Africa is slowly unravelling. The "rainbow nation" is not the paradise the Western media like to paint it as being. There are real problems with law and order on the ground and corruption has become endemic. The aggressive "positive affirmative action" laws are another major problem. I'd give it a generation before it turns into another Zimbabwe.

The Chief's picture

You wont have to wait that long.

Your post is precisely correct. SA is a joke. I was just there and Im going back for a power conference later this year.

The savages, mostly uneducated buggerers, have control of the purse strings and it is a disaster. Crime is wide-spread. In fact, according to my SA friends, Mugabe is revered there as a Mandela-like figure.

The problem is in the numbers. The number of filthy savages simply outnumber the number of working people and business owners. The country absolutely must fall into the sea. There is simply too much momentum for any other outcome.

Perhaps it is how it should be.

The really sad part is that when the savages start eating each other, as is their nature, the 'UN" and other global organizations, will simply confiscate more of the civilized world's resources under the auspices of repaying a debt to the black men. Good God, where is that asteroid?

I grieve for SA and the whole world.

Urban Redneck's picture

It`s too bad they didn´t  find Melma`s rotten rabid canine corpse in the mine, just of bunch of poor dumb schmucks who didn`t realize the redistribution and the hope & change wasn`t for them... only the oligarchs they foolishly empowered.

The Chief's picture

Frankly, these savages dont think like average, sentient human beings. This is not what they are. They are reactive creatures.

Hope and change? They never considered a new world for their children; Hope and Change are translated into "Let's take their stuff" in the savage mind. They never considered better education and hard work as a means to lift them from the ghettos or the mines. They simply wanted more stuff. More food, more clothes, more cell phones and a nicer place to lay their nappy heads.

They figure they are owed it.

They dont know any other way.

Imperialists had something going for them. Physiologically superior brains. They seized the opportunity.

Virtually every single ounce of gold and every karat of diamond ever mined from SA is still on this planet being enjoyed or utilized by someone. Those someones are not just decendants of the Dutch, British, Germans and Portoguese. They are also the 50 Cents, Mr. T, and Kanye Wests....the amount of bling on those guys might be responsible for at least a conflict or two.

Simply put, we need to stop paying for the debts of dead men. Give the whole fucking continent back to the animals. In 20 years, Africa can be carved up between whoever wants it by just asking if they "want some help". I'm so sick of being blamed and I am even sicker of the propaganda that the Hope and Change crowd poison our children with.

Fuck Africa in its entirety. It is the venom of snake that bit the world a few hundred years ago. It's too late to save the limb. Chop it off.

jmcadg's picture

I thought you were talking about the mine owners at first, then I realised you're a nut job.

Urban Redneck's picture

I wouldn`t lump the whole continent in with SA & what used to be Rhodesia, it`s not that homogeneous or hopeless, even if it is entirely hit or miss when crossing from country to the next.  I also don`t think the corruption (outside of SA) is any worse than I have encountered anywhere between Washington and Bangkok, they redistribute roughly the same western standard of extravagent existence to themselves, which works out to be a much larger piece of a much smaller pie.

My problem lies with the not-for-profit (i.e. underperforming and never-accountable) do-gooders.  They wanted money for "lessons learned" after Rawanda, and again in Darfur (when they could have simply done the Harvard CTRL-C/CTRL-P thing a lot cheaper), in the next couple years- it will be Libya and Syria, for all their "education" they repeatedly demonstrate an utter incapability to learn ANY lessons.

The goal of Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards Men would be furthered by someone making a purrrdy Christmas tree ornament out of Julius Malema, but the alternative of waiting for the inevitable ICC genocide conviction (and another round of lessons not learned) would be par for the course.  SA is on the path to genocide in the name of redistribution, fortunately, since the do-gooders will be among the casualties, they might actually learn that racism is color blind, even if it is their very last thought before the darkness.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Think for yourself's picture

You have no empathy, no sense of responsability, no systemic understanding, and no soul. You are a psychopath, and killing yourself is probably the best thing you could do both for yourself and for the world at large.

Just sayin'

The Chief's picture

I have an amazing soul. I also choose my destiny. You're another do-gooder, it appears. Just another loud mouth who would redistribute the fruits of the world's ingenuity to creatures that couldn't give a fuck about you....or their neighbors, for that matter.

I had empathy until reason and fact began to take hold. I've lived there. How about you, Santa?

In the early 90's I had 3 of my engineers (evil white men) murdered by the typical animals that inhabit the dark continent. Their crime? Driving into the svelt to help bring the "magic" of electricity to savages that can't even remember how to use a hoe, despite being taught a hundred times. Murdered for their G-Shocks and some tools. They could have just been held up by the highwaymen. That wasn't good enough. Instead, they were treated to a nice hackjob with a machete.

Feel free to take your Peace for All Mankind ass over there for a few months. Wear a machete-proof vest and duck the blowgun darts. They'd kill you for your shoe laces, lover, regardless if you have a sack of corn meal over one shoulder and a bag of rice over the other. That's right, ObiWan, reason with them. Your good intentions should persuade them.

What's that you say? They simply lack education? We can help them, you say? Bwaaaaah Hahhahahahah!!!!

Hating yourself for your lack of ability to save the planet is typical of your ilk. Eat shit and fuck off.

EmileLargo's picture

As I worked in London, I met a lot of South Africans. You could call them exiles. They were not a stereotypical bunch - some were from working class families, some were descended from classes that had it good when South Africa was a British colony, some were just born into farming families. To be honest, I found less "racism" and more "terror" - it is what made them run away. The regime that ran South Africa before had its bad points. The white and Indian minorities were told that the new South Africa would be a big improvement. What happened, however, is that all hell broke loose on the streets. Crime skyrocketed. I find it funny that the Libs don't want to talk about it and any talk about that is regarded as "racism." Well, 52,000 rapes a year is a lot of rapes (and is even more shocking when you consider that the vast majority are never even reported/recorded). Also, the vast bulk of these violent rapes and murders is of blacks by blacks.

The Libs like to pretend they "care" but actually they do not. Now that the place is screwed, they can move on to their next sacred cow. This happened in Zimbabwe just a few years back. People forget that Mugabe was a darling of the Left. He did exactly what we should have expected. The SA regime will do the same. It will make Apartheid look benign by comparison.   

Antifaschistische's picture

Yes...we know this script.  It has been played out numerous times in post-colonization.  RSA has held on strong.  This is primarily due to the intellectual strength and work ethic of the remnant colonizers which are some of the hardest working and most creative thinkers on the planet.

There's too many foreigners in RSA at this point.  It's an irreversible and painfully unfortunate slide.   I'll compete for down arrows with milliondollarbonus by stating the fact that most of Africa was much better while being colonized.  Not because of the virtue of colonization or it's moral superiority.  It was the governance model that it brought to Africa compared to the thuggery and utter gangland that now rules most of sub-saharan Africa.

Extending to pre-colonization, the tribal governance model that worked in Africa for thousands of years was also vastly superior to what they have today.  If smaller, tribal governance models work then that's what should be pursued as Africa is broken up in smaller 'county' like governments rather than the thug dominated lords who sit in their capitals today.

But that won't happen.  RSA will deteriorate eventually on an unknown timeline.   Eventually China will come to buy and run mines since the virtual descendants of Mugabe will sell out to anyone with cash...and the Chinese have cash...and then, I guarantee you, when a few dozen, hundred, thousand peasants are shot in a a riot you will not read about it in the news...and the great thing about running a mine, is you've got plenty of equipment around that can bury a few thousand bodies in minutes.

EmileLargo's picture

Meanwhile, closer to home in Obamaland....................

TheObsoleteMan's picture

Shitcago's police force is being federalized by that filthy little Moussad agent. They get what they deserve. How anyone could live there is beyond me.

lakecity55's picture

Well, it may not be "politically correct," but this is what happens when Europeans are not around to keep order.

Poor Grogman's picture

I thought the term " Hell Hole" was metaphorical...

bugs_'s picture

Meet the NEW BOSS

Same as the OLD BOSS

WhiteNight123129's picture

Well, who would have guessed?, and that would be nice to see more gov nationaization of mines. It would be ironical that the government over extension into gold mines (Bolivia Venezuela) would result in busting the government over extension in their attempt to control in financial market (paper gold). Ah the law of unintended consequences.... thank God it exists!


Dr. Engali's picture

I'm sure the main stream media will be all over these mine shootings. Any second now......... Still waiting....... Getting sleepy ... Can't .... Stay..... Awa