A World On The Verge Of War?

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Here is a summary of where the world stands:

From Reuters:

Members of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) are providing non-military assistance in Syria and Iran may get involved militarily if its closest ally comes under attack, commander-in-chief Mohammad Ali Jafari said on Sunday.


Jafari's statement is the first official acknowledgement that Iran has a military presence on the ground in Syria where an 18-month-old uprising has left tens of thousands dead.


Western countries and Syrian opposition groups have long suspected Iran has troops in Syria. Iran has denied this.


"A number of members of the Qods force are present in Syria but this does not constitute a military presence," Iranian news agency ISNA quoted Jafari as saying at a news conference.


Qods is an IRGC unit set up to export Iran's ideology. It has been accused of plotting attacks inside Iraq since the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.


Jafari did not indicate how many IRGC members were in Syria but said they were providing "intellectual and advisory help".


The Islamic Republic has backed Syria's President Bashar al-Assad since the crisis began and regards his rule as a key part of its axis of resistance against Israel and Sunni Arab states.


Jafari also said Iran would change its policy and offer military backing if Syria came under attack.


"I say specifically that if Syria came under military attack, Iran would also give military support but it ... totally depends on the circumstances," he said.

Next up: satellite photos somewhere "confirming" beyond a reasonable doubt that weapons of mass destruction are being prepared for usage, and a preemptive war is the only way to not only preserve peace, but to be awarded the Nobel prize in said activity.

What is perfectly obvious to anyone but the most jaded and biased, is that the West will use any opportunity of conflict escalation which in turn will send crude, and gas, prices soaring, to commence the launch of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve release, arguably at just the right time to push down gas prices, which as we showed on Friday have never been higher on this day in history. "Right time", because any SPR release will have the short-term benefit of boosting Obama's re-election chances even more, even if it means surging gas prices after the election.

The reality of course is that the bulk of upside pressure on commodity (crude and gas included) prices is as a result of the Fed and ECB's recent monetization expansion and liquidity tsunami, which does the usual: soothes the symptoms for a few weeks, crushes volatility and creates the impression that all is well.... if only to lead to yet another far more grave outcome. And since there is now officially no limit much debt the Fed will monetize, there is so no limit on how high commodity prices will go.

So while in reality any war, supposedly one which is "regional" and "contained" will merely be a smokescreen to the central banks officially taking over ownership of the insolvent developed world, the likelihood is that a war will neither be "regional" nor "contained" as both countries that make up the axis of a future hard-backed currency, China and Russia, have already made it quite clear that any intervention by the US in regions they themselves consider strategic, such as the Senkaku Islands, Syria and/or Iran, will result in retaliation.

And retaliation by one or more rising superpowers to another fading superpower, will inevitably lead to yet another World War.

Needless to say, nobody could possibly foresee war as the outcome to the global depression ver 2.0: certainly not the Princeton historian who will be, more than anyone else, responsible for it.

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A Lunatic's picture

A big fat Middle East War would excuse a shitload of hyperinflation now wouldn't it..............

Michael's picture

All we have to do is eliminate those thousand individual points of light George Bush Sr spoke of.

Badabing's picture

In the distant future history will be recorded ;

The third world war was started with desert storm in the 90s and is better known as the second nuclear war.

Al Gorerhythm's picture

Pah. No goddamn chocolate icecream in the PX. That means total war.

vast-dom's picture

let's not forget the OWS blockage tomorrow am -- that should add a bit to this madness -- one wrong arrest Monday morning could kick off some serious fucking rioting.

Aziz's picture

I have never denied that the collapse of the regime of irredeemable 

currency could take the form of a hyperinflation. However, we would be hard 

put to find an historical example of a hyperinflation that was not preceded by 

war or civil war destroying supplies and production facilities. On the other hand, 

we know that a depression could often push the government into a shooting war. 

Today, the president can start wars anytime, anywhere in the world 

at pleasure, and a pre-emptive attack on Iran is badly itching. If such an attack 

materializes, all bets on a deflationary scenario are off. 

— Antal Fekete 

LULZBank's picture

historical example of a hyperinflation that was not preceded by war or civil war destroying supplies and production facilities.

Question would be, does going into a war or civil war causes hyperinflation or regimes go to war when they see hyperinflation coming, or more appropriately they have caused hyperinflation.

You steal what you can from the sheeple and then send them to their death, sounds logical.

Michael's picture

I get that Wendell Goler confused look at the end of this video a lot on some of my comments;

Mike Huckabee Challenges Ron Paul on Iraq


Do you want to change those down arrow votes on my original comment to up arrow now?

LULZBank's picture

I did'nt junk you bro.

Secondly, dont be such a pussy :)

Michael's picture

I know, your good. I was speaking to others. Mossad/CIA/MI5

I just dont think anybody got what I was talking about. Note the date of this GB SR speech.

George Bush Sr. New World Order Live Speech Sept 11 1991


Bush Sr. New World Order Speech Rare


Those 1,000 points of light are the 1,000 people who own us.

NewWorldOrange's picture

I was just about to explain that for you Michael. You're comment was highly underappreciated;)


Oh regional Indian's picture

Not true actully NWO/Michael.

Actually the 1,000 points of light refer to NGO (non GOv. Orgs) and the general non-profit scams that are funded BY the controllers (all the foundations).

Those NGOs are the spearheads of Agenda 21/De-population/Vaccination/Social engineering moves of the UN etc.

Those 1,000 points of light.


Mysteerious Rooshian Vooman's picture



You shoulda warned us to get out barf bags ready before we watched that video. Eww.

And anyway, aren't you supposed to be dead? I saw it on Tee Vee.

vast-dom's picture

correct. and let's not forget that maintainging this alleged 2% inflation targeting vs market deflationary tendencies has cost Bernanke Trillions and with QEi they realize that they need BOTH more inflation and a distraction to achieve said such inflation; printing with such meagre results has proven untenable. clear as day are these machinations of this grand chessboard of ponzi.

BurningFuld's picture

People's net worth has plunged by 30% over the last 5 years and Ben is still focused on the 2% inflation rate. Really pretty funny if you think about it.


Clycntct's picture

Pretty funny if I could locate a bullet in the correct location.

grid-b-gone's picture

The above list is mostly powder keg, and powder kegs are always at play somewhere in the world. Think spark.

Iran-Israel could provide ignition, but the U.S. election is an escalating element, too.

Romney needs to appear like he would be tougher. Obama a year ago had the option of the presidential, diplomatic response. Now he needs to preempt Romney as the tough guy.

This means for the next seven weeks, any U.S. response will begin one octave or degree higher than it normally would.

Bucks in rut take abnormal risks. 


NewWorldOrange's picture

It seems that everyone I know, even if they don't follow what's really going on, feel that something really big is just around the bend. I have no doubt at all, and I say, BRING IT ON! Let's destroy the whole mutha fucker!

I'll be back in Amsterdam in the meantime. White Widow and window shopping bitchez!

Go out with a bang not a whimper! See y'all in hell mutha fuckers!

Michael's picture

At this point in time, I could care fucking less if they nuke the whole fucking planet.

At least I will have achieved my monetary system goals.

Michael's picture

That was the #1 or #2 reason the revolutions around the planet started.

dolly madison's picture

At this point in time, I could care fucking less if they nuke the whole fucking planet.


I could care less for myself, but I have 3 kids, and I care oh so very much for them.

JOYFUL's picture

Yu've just summed up the entire rationale for international solidarity and co-operation amongst all peeple...against the sionist scheme to take us all down...We need to print that line up in a hundred languages, an put it on one big phuckin flag!

knukles's picture

Unbridled Human Demands for More Money, Power, Property and Prestige coincide with Murphy's Law and the Fourth Turning manifesting as the Prophesies from the Book of Revelations.

Thanks much, New World Order.




From Chaos, Order


                        and Nuclear Winter

resurger's picture

The US will rehypothecate the entire world with Corzine Bombs!


Pooof! and we are ...

wandstrasse's picture

light speed, ridiculous speed, LUDICROUS SPEED..

carpet bombing, nuclear warheads, PRINTING PRESS..

sgt_doom's picture

Hmmm....that would be the war precipitated by the slant drilling into Iraqi territory by that Kuwaiti-American oil company, whose board of directors sat one Richard Armitage, who would later be a member of ChoicePoint's board of directors during their involvement with the stolen election in Florida in 2000?

On a far more important historical note:

The Lion's Warning 

It has become almost traditional at every anniversary of 9/11 to mention all those warnings from American and foreign intelligence agencies, compulsively ignored by the Cheney-Bush administration.


While those are all well and true, it should never be forgotten that repeated warnings were also coming from a warrior-commander far away in Afghanistan, Ahmad Shah Massoud, known as the Lion of Panjshir for his fighting to repel the Soviet invasion.


Commander Massoud, of the Northern Alliance he had formed to fight against the Taliban, had repeatedly attempted to warn the Bush administration of an impending terrorist attack, and had spoken of such in a speech several months earlier he had given to the European Parliament.


Told of several journalists who wished to interview him, and ignoring the concerns of his aides, Commander Massoud made one last attempt to publicize his warning to America.


The two reporters turned out to be imposters, cowardly dogs of Al-Qaeda, who would self-detonate to murder the noble Massoud, who made the ultimate sacrifice in his final attempt to warn America!


One can only wonder what Ahmad Shah Massoud, the martyred commander might have elaborated about after the attacks on 9/11/01, and what his living testimony might have shed light upon?


Dead men tell no tales, but Americans should never forget this tale of yet another Muslim hero of 9/11, the Afghanistani warrior-leader who died trying to sound the alarm.


The Beloved Martyred Commander

Ahmad Shah Massoud

Sept. 2, 1953 --- Sept. 9, 2001


Hvil i frioi, Commander


LULZBank's picture

You might want to research that a bit more. Northern Alliance had quite a chunk of former pro-USSR and anti-US/mujahideen characters in them, shady and duplicitous.

sgt_doom's picture

You are waaaay off, sonny.  Excepting, the anti-mujahideen part --- FYI, dood, the Taliban derived from the Mujahideen, which was originally financed by the Carter/Reagan administrations, and their first misdeeds were to murder all the secularist Afghanistanis still in that country (academics, professionals, artists, etc.), before they even considered dealing with the Soviets!

Try reading sonali kolhatkar's Bleeding Afghanistan, plus,



13thWarrior's picture

Carter/Reagan came late into the scene. Taliban were trained by Pakistan well before and Col. Imam (trainer) asked them to provide an Islamic Scholar to keep them grounded hence you see the Shariah system in their reign. 

Here is the interview of Col Imam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOPLnvEXTiU&feature=related

As far as killing seculars, anyone with a turban is not Taliban. Colonel himself was killed by Fake Taliban group called TTP, while news repeatedly say he was killed by Taliban.



JOYFUL's picture

Doom's praise was directed towards the leader of the Alliance...the organization, like any organization of human beans, had it's share of dupliticious characters to be sure. Massoud stood out as the kind of leader who led from the heart - and just like all those others of his stature, was killed off by the sio-nazi cabal which has run the Merikan Secret Government since the 1950's.

Massoud. Bhutto. Frank Pais. Giants amongst us.

Unforgotten. The krime Unforgiven.

Mysteerious Rooshian Vooman's picture



Fail. There were no "terrorist" attacks.

Lore's picture

"All we have to do is eliminate those thousand individual points of light George Bush Sr spoke of."


847328_3527's picture

"We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud." –National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, on Iraq's nuclear capabilities

LawsofPhysics's picture

Right, now how many countries already have nukes again?  Still waiting to see those "weapons of mass destruction".  Where the fuck are they?  The only ones I have seen came from the financial sector.

JohnKozac's picture

Bibi in Tel Aviv said Iran has the WMDs now.


This sh*t never ends as long as Banks make fat profits from war.

dubbleoj's picture

heres a smoking gun! i crack myself up

Producer Of Anti-Islam Film Was Fed Snitch


Sheeple Shepard's picture

Have you seen any of that "film"? Looks like it was made by a local amateur theatre group. I don't know who is more gullible, the MSM and Joe-public who believe that this caused the present "unrest" or the portion of the rioters that aren't government assets/professional murderers, who are genuinely outraged by that piece of crap.

Humanity is fucked.

fockewulf190's picture

I predict the first use of EMP weapons will happen over Iran once the show begins. Probably a wave of three or four EMP tipped cruise missles timed to explode at low altitude simutaniously over various parts of Iran. That should turn off the lights for awhile. Then comes the following waves of bunker busters and conventional cruise missles. Hope the 5th Fleet is far enough away and those EMPs don't detonate too high up or Mr. Murphy is gonna laugh his ass off.

Jack Burton's picture

FW190, Good plane by the way! Are you implying that the EMP weapons will be small nuclear weapons? Or has the military developed a conventional EMP weapon big enough to mimic a small nuke.

Just as a point, I understod that a good EMP effect required a high altitude detonation.

Still, EMP could also be used to throw the US military back to the stone age if an enemy had an EMP weapon that worked. Without electronic superiority, the US military is just another bunch of guys with rifles.

fockewulf190's picture

Read up on conventional EMP weapons here: http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/munitions/hpm.htm 

Limited ranged EMP weapons could do the job of knocking out air defences, radar, and command and control around critical targets.

Nuclear EMP detonations at high altitude would produce a Carrington Effect just like the Sun would if the Earth received a direct hit from a massive CME. 

Indeed, the US, as well as most other nations on the Earth, are highly vunerable to an EMP attack.  A successful attack can easily kill millions and millions of people from starvation alone.

Mysteerious Rooshian Vooman's picture



I got "the ubiquitous 404 Error" when I tried to open the link. Is there another?

DanDaley's picture

The US Navy is hardened against EMP.  Here's an PDF from 2007 that explains EMP in great detail:


jerry_theking_lawler's picture

so, russian and china are going to sit idly by and let us EMP Iran.....


Syria is the key. We will invade Syria and this will finally stoke the flames of war on both sides. The cards are set, we are just waiting for the dealer to make each player call their hand.

Mysteerious Rooshian Vooman's picture



Faites vos jeux, mesdames et messieurs! Faites vos jeux!

We are all croupiers now.


johny2's picture

Condoleezza Rice would nuke any place, without any questions asked. 

Cloud9.5's picture

My friend, the only two nukes ever dropped were dropped by democrats.

Cloud9.5's picture

My friend, the only two nukes ever dropped were dropped by democrats.

Jack Burton's picture

Agreed. MS Rice and MS CLinton are both evil and born killers. MS Clinton seems to really enjoy issuing threats of death to any who do not bow done before corporate America and it's enforcers.

Gully Foyle's picture

South Africa in turmoil!

This does not bode well for filming the next season of Strike Back!