This Is The World's Balance Sheet

Tyler Durden's picture

It is rather surprising that in a world in which anything and everything is only about money, it is next to impossible to find a consolidated balance sheet of the world's insolvent economies (i.e., the developed countries: US, Japan and the Euro Area). So for all those seeking a visual presentation of all the liabilities that have to be inflated away by the central banks (because that's what this is all about), rejoice: the broke world is presented below in its glory. The irony is that the problem would be quite fixable if it weren't for one minor issue: the bulk of the world's assets also happen to be its liabilities! At the end of the day, this may prove to be the fatal flaw in the chairman's attempt to dilute the global liabilities, he will be doing the same with the assets.

We will follow up with an analysis of what this actually means shortly (those who have been reading in the past year can come to their own conclusions), but more importantly we well next show how the global "household" sector is invested across these three distinct economies by assorted asset class. Prepare to be rather surprised as various conventionally accepted notions are thoroughly debunked...