Xtranormal Explains The European Non-Bailout Best - With A Cartoon

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While it is not the bears doing the explaining in this latest all too realistic summary of the European non-bailout, it is the next best thing.

Souce: Guardian

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LOL Hasn't this summary been out in various predictions for months?

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If she doesn't have a pH Dee in Economics from an accredited university (Princeton, or London School of Economics) then she has no credibility. /s

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I guess in the new Alien movies, instead of having us fight them with fighter jets, the story will have them being petitioned to bail out bankrupts ntations by buying their Bonds. Wonder if the aliens terms will include not labelling them currency manipulators.

Michael's picture

I have been praying for someone to come out with a cartoon to explain all this Euro bailout shit to the sheeple for days now. The ending of this priceless brilliant masterpiece is absolutely epic.

Thank You God.

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Paul Krugman was right, we do need space aliens, both for an invasion and to lend as money so we can afford to finance the war on aliens.

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@ Michael,


Yes, this xtranormal very nicely explained the latest from Europe.  I feel the same as you re Europe and the sheeple.  The kettle is about to explode.

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Strannick: Maybe another Men In Black movie???!!! YEAY!

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Da Bears, please, bring back Da Bears.

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What's truly scary is that this could lead to war.

Europeans have been killing each other forever.  And the rest of the world always gets dragged into their lunacy.

But what the fuck do I know?


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Europeans have been killing each other forever. And the rest of the world always gets dragged into their lunacy.

Go tell the Mongols.

Perhaps killing each other is not a strictly European trait.

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They don't have to kill each other anymore. They have more sophisticated ways of stealing.

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Da Bears, please, bring back Da Bears.

Get on that SGS.

In the meantime..

WATCH: Sprott On Silver Shortage

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Consultants for and officials from Sovereign Bank testified that NGE used some of the collateral pledged to the bank for $35 million in loans to obtain loans from other entities and co-mingled assets with Gainesville Coins, which operates in the same office and is affiliated with Mark Yaffe and Alan Yaffe, owners of NGE.


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Working on Bears 8, not to worry.

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I thought the bears would be hiding in shame after they told everyone to buy $38 silver when they could've got it for $26 a month later...!

tamboo's picture

or $15 if you wait til after the crash.

sold some at $30 (bought at $11) will buy back at half price.

holding generic rounds made me too nervous.

Hide Your Liberty Dollars, Secret Service Is Coming To Confiscate ...


theMAXILOPEZpsycho's picture

doubt it, I think $26 was the low; if not I very much doubt it will go down much further - not under 23, I really don't see it

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I prefer the bears although after a couple of Johnny walkers that dark chick might be worth rubbing one off to.

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Here's a bear...

Simon Johnson address in Reykjavik, Friday. ~16 min.


smoked's picture

ru  Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda tyler

gojam's picture

Honestly ??

That is pretty poor.

It's far worse than that and far more ironic.

Couldn't they get someone who really understands the EU bailout to script the animation ???

Schmuck Raker's picture

I bet you never had a Pet Rock.

jomama's picture

feel free to upload your own.

Mark123's picture

Can we sell houses to the aliens?

Zero Govt's picture

You have been as Fanny, Freddie, Ginnie and Barnie Frankskie have never had their feet on Planet Earth at any point in their history ...they all come from Uranus, a planet in the imploding solar system called the US Govt


LowProfile's picture

There goes the neighborhood.

Diogenes's picture

Foreigners. They are already talking about giving free passes to foreigners who bring their money to the US and spend it on houses.

M.B. Drapier's picture

Hasn't it long been the case that a sufficiently large investment in US assets gets you a green card? I could certainly see that threshold being lowered ever more in the future, though.

Max Hunter's picture

Can we sell houses to the aliens?

No.. we are the aliens..

Zender67's picture

Finally, layperson's English and understanding... 

When will markets reverse course/turn down - or will they "melt up" in hope-based perpetuity?

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Didn't Paul Krugmanpredict that we would get the money if there really was an alien invasion.  Calling all aliens.

Carlyle Groupie's picture

I wish I could watch it but these paranormal video are unwatchable. Fingernails on a chalkboard.

traderjoe's picture

And yet you clicked on the article and even bothered to comment. Huh, go figure.

prains's picture

nobody has asked the illegal aliens for help yet

old naughty's picture

Prains, how can you be so sure?

What better way to fight the aliens by whirlpooling their resources into the ponzi---at least they could continue for a while longer...

It's possible we spell PTB wrong. It could be a-lien.

Be well.


Yellowhoard's picture

I learn better with cartoons.

Jendrzejczyk's picture

Is it too pathetic to admit that my best financial investments must be credited to cartoon bears and a talking Raccoon on ZH?

Nate Taggart's picture

Sure puts the whole bullshit system in perspective doesn't it.

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Don't forget "the turd".  It's not shit advice from him either.

yabyum's picture

The last words "we are screwed". That about sez it all!@!

blindman's picture

"You're gonna need a bigger helicopter."
just to review. there can be no real lender
of last resort because the "money" does not exist
as of yet. it is a debt based system in an exponential
leverage dilema. that is, there is no money honey,
only debt. it's a global paradigm termination event.
either go for the stars or stfu and let smart people
have a shot at creating some systems that might be
satifactory, healthy and sustainable.
ps. we don't need no stinkin' aliens, just financialize
the stars and outer space, monetize star gazing and
make the helicopter drops! my account is open, send me
a few million and i'll buy some funny damned bonds.

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

ps. we don't need no stinkin' aliens, just financialize
the stars and outer space, monetize star gazing and
make the helicopter drops! my account is open, send me
a few million and i'll buy some funny damned bonds.

Rocky Mozel and the Star Registry http://osr.org/en-us/?gclid=CNuBgJ2lj6wCFUfsKgodIxtymA#star-page

Boxed Merlot's picture

i'll buy some funny...bonds.


The US treasury has announced that on Jan. first 2012 they're no longer going to issue paper savings bonds, too much expense.  They anticiapte "saving" 70 some odd million cyphers by going "paperless".


So in order for gramps to buy his latest great grand kid a savings bond on the day of birth, the kid has to have an account already set up with the principle (and supposed interest), being held in the ethreal world of the cloud.


Great gig if a guy could get it.

unspoken's picture

Let us put these countries on eBay and get it over with.

Mark123's picture

I've been to Athens a couple of times over the last few years....believe me they won't get an bidders.  That is one messed up city.

Zero Govt's picture

Yep that's socialism for you

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