You Are Now Here

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Repeat the following with increasing vigor...

Source: Citi

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Too bad you have to be a day trader to follow this cycle as it goes 360 degrees in hours not months or weeks or even days

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The cycle works until it doesnt Tyler.... We are on the edge of the cliff with Dow 2k as the floor...

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But where's the part where people create value through combining land, labor and capital in response to the demands of transactors in the marketplace?

Oh, wait -- I stopped reading too soon:

Source: Citi

All they know is that their bonus bread is fiat buttered on the side of the command economy overlords.

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you forgot the step immediately before the market selloff:

"Goldman Sachs tells muppets equities are the opportunity of a life time"

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It occurs to me that I was perfectly content in nonexistence for billions and billions of years, until, without my permission, I was born, and forced to survive.

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Brilliant. Thanks for that.

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It looks like a 'how to' instruction for a double dutch rudder!

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Just think, we only look like a glass 90% fool, (full).  LOL

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And all timed perfectly for Obama's reelection.  Do-si-do and around we go folks!

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I think the life cycle is all backwards-- You should start out dead-- Get it out of the way-- You wake up in an old age home, feeling better every day-- You get kicked out for being too healthy; go collect your pension-- Then, when you start work, you get a gold watch on your first day-- You work 40 years until you're young enough to enjoy your retirement-- You drink alcohol, you party, you're generally promiscuous and you get ready for High School-- You go to primary school,you become a kid, you play, you have no responsibilities, you become a baby-- Then, you spend your last 9 months floating peacefully with luxuries like a central heating, spa, room service on tap, larger quarters everyday-- Then you finish off as an orgasm! It's got to be better this way, 'cause this getting old sucks!

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what ? what is this ? some kind of business? lol we dont do "business " anymore in America............ we gamble the retirement funds of millions of people to make a few million in bonuses and charge administrative fees.

Productivity? pssshhhhh a relic of the past.....

Value creation???? psssshhhhhh the only value we need is the VALUE WE CAN STEAL.

"investments" pssssssh a cover phrase for "we stole your money two months ago and your balance still says its there until you go to withdraw it".


Welcome to America, 2012.

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It's the 21st century.  Where's my flying car?

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You don't know the power of the dark side... Bernanke MUST print.

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We can only hope that Benanke is mentioned alongside Diocletian in the history books...

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This cycle works when we add the Edward Jones Cycle of Investor Emotions chart overlay. Dither>Euphoria>Time to Rebalance> or some such crap...  Keep the 99% in the market bitchez!!! SSSLLUURRRPPPPPP

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That was comforting, thank you Tyler. Bring on the vigor!

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Did we blow through jalapeno and jump to concentrated habernero?

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what sell-off ? I dont see one. The lemmings are crawling up the walls again..

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Precisely ...the "End of the World is Nigh" hysteria is still at fever pitch but there's probably 3 years before we fall off a cliff again

we're going to kick the can for a long while yet, relax everyone, time aplenty to prepare for the meltdown

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'Probly 3 years' know no such thing, stop acting like you do.

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PPT's got a bazooka..  algos are the ammo..

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I know what you mean.... I'm looking for the arrow that says "bathroom" and I can't find it either....

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Actually I think we've stalled inbetween outlook improves and Policy Makers dither

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...'and so there is nothing new under the sun.'

-King Solomon


The Calendar rules us. Monday to Friday. Take your precious two days off and go back to work...


History is merely repeating itself...

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But Jim Sinclair said the bottom was in at gold $1,650!!!!!

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Sell Mike, sell! Sinclair was off by 6 bucks. Then see what recommendations Crammer has for you.

Sinclair also called $1625 gold for 2011 back in 2007!!!!

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Absent money printing gold will likely sell off, but ultimately not as hard as everything else.

I've corresponded with Sinclair trying to correct some of his errors (mostly about other's positions, which he misrepresented), and IMO Sinclair is far, FAR too arrogant for his own good...  And therefore the good of anyone who takes his advice w/o taking that particular character "aspect" into account.

I think Faber has this right near term.  Faber thinks it's still in a correction, but continues to buy physical gold, although he is hedging his position with USD and Asian dividend paying equities.

strannick's picture

You were trying to correct some of Sinclair's errors? Sorry, who is arrogant?

Sinclair sold his gold at the peak in 1980 when he saw the rate rise writing on the wall. Sinclair called $1625 gold for 2011 in 2007 when it was utterly audacious to do so, and was roundly ridiculed. 

The best thing you can do regarding Jim Sinclair is to sew your mouth shut like Big Mike, take his advice and enjoy the ride.

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Read carefully you yapping little prick:  Sinclair clearly misrepresented some people's positions, I politely tried to correct him (so he wouldn't come off as a boorish, ignorant asshole), and he arrogantly dismissed me.

So go ahead, keep your nose firmly planted in his sphincter and slavishly follow every word he says.  I personally like to make up my own mind (but I understand how that's too hard for some people).

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 and he arrogantly dismissed me.

I arrogantly dismiss you, as well.


strannick's picture

I  cant really imagine you politely trying anything, Internet Tough Guy

You go ahead and make up your own mind if it makes you feel empowered, while guys like Sinclair and Gold Hounds in general rake it in.

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I quit following  because it was like a broken record.  buy buy buy.  I like dan norcini better.     Jim never called over bought and kept telling everyone its going higher instead of warning that there could be corrections.   He is a cult leader who reveals enough to convince but not enough to educate challengers.   He has huge credibility but says little of merit anymore.  Like I said a broken record.    Don't get me wrong I have huge repect because he was a formative part of my education, my problem is he holds back and he knows way more than he's telling. 

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Huh? I bought few Oz after Benny's announcement and I'm just starting (since I last loaded up at 1500).

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Sitting in cash, waiting for the next sell-off

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Sitting on gold, waiting for the blast off

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Sitting on silver, waiting for the nova

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Sitting on the can, waiting for a movement.

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And retail still wont show up.

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You could really be just about anywhere at any time. It matters not.

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Quantum Mechanics and the Uncertainty Principal.

As near as we can tell, we are nowhere.

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This is what happens when you enter a purely symbolic sphere: a mindfuck.

Unlike physics, none of this shit actually exists.

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Are you saying that fiat currency doesn't actually exist!

Get my broker on the line!

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At impulse speed.....warp factor 1 next....

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In The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy movie, the spaceship they stole, The Heart Of Gold, had a maximum speed at 'Ludicrous' speed.

I think the next big upleg in the POG will be as "ludicrous' speed.


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Dizzy         vertigo

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Really? I thought I was here.