You'd Think The New York Fed Can At Least Afford Error Checkers

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It may be time to scrap this morning's Empire Fed Data, because if the Average Employee Workweek data is wrong, which it glaringly is, then who knows what else is totally mistaken in the report.

From the just released Empire Fed report, spot the error:

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The Careless Whisper Morning Report


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Trader Arrested In London For Losing Alot Of Money

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Jew or not a Jew, thats funny, I thought Adam Sandler cleared that up...


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Cut and paste. Never do that as a professional programmer.

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The Fed can hire as many error checkers as they want, but they'll never be able to keep up.

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SAT reading scores are down.  Oh wait, those were numbers.  Maybe the problem is worse than the SAT scores lead us to believe.

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GOLD is getting bombed....stocks are up, that's all they care about

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Even sprott is going into papers instead of physical.

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So, you're the new anti-gold flavour of the week?

Is this your first assignment with the "advertising agency"? Do they pay well? How many alt egos have you had previously on this board?

Or are you just another garden-variety Keynesian economics student, with zero understanding of monetary history?

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Ever notice how no matter what Sprott does, it is evil and bad for gold and silver bugs?

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Was thinking about gold. How do you buy on the dip? Make the dip. Sell 1.x paper and stealth buy 1 physical until you get to your dollar cost average of paper purchases. It will be interesting to see changes in soveriegn and fund holdings next period.

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Would be curious about other similar thoughts from others ... but the US Mint sol 1.1M gold eagles in 2011 ...

That is roughly 34 tons in total. Given that China blocked gold exports so they could accumulate their 300 tons of domestic production annually, I just don't think that the "private" gold market (APMEX, Gainsville Coins, US Mint, etc) has the supply to meet real demand.

So the "dip" is an opportunity for the small fry to get a little here and there.

Gold price directly correlates to the implosion of fiat money. I think Volker even said so in retrospect regarding the late 70s gold run up (which we aren't even close yet - at the peak in 80 ever M1 dollar in circulation could have been redeemed for gold and there would have been gold left over - this is from a Rickards interview on KWN but not sure exactly which one).

Gold price manipulation is purely about keeping the system going ... and it works until one day it doesn't ...



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Geez, give the guy a break. It was a fuckin story right here on ZH just yesterday!

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Hey, if NFP can remain unchanged, why not this? Eh? 

In Gubbermint Statistics land, no lie is too big.


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Hilarious. Must by the new guy forgetting that while you can copy-paste, it must be done with some time passing between reports.

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Deja vu, bitchez! It happens whenever they change something in the Matrix

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dont expect us americans to spot any error....

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This is the stability the Fed is always talking about, right?

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Trader Arrested In London For Losing Alot Of Money


So they arrest a trader that lost money for the bank?  Yet banks lose money all the time for their clients, the banks are not arrested?  Funny how that is, if a trader for a bank loses money then the trader is arrested but how many billions have been lost of other people's money by banks?  How much of tax payers money has been lost by the betting of banks?  What absolute bull shit. 

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Rogue-trader is the new fat-finger.

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Statistics brought to you by Jimmy Two Times

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Co-incidental and , of course, transitory.

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What does déjà vu in the matrix mean?

Isn't this a bad sign?


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My guess is that the end result (-8.82) is correct, but the flunky who created the report copied and pasted the wrong details.

alfred b.'s picture thinks they've gone metric!



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The input data is faulty??

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not familiar with these reports but noticed that the New Orders and Shipments numbers for September are exactly the same. is that normal?

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Is cutting and pasting the same numbers from the previous month and hoping nobody notices normal for our present govt? Yes.