"Your Alpha Is Burning" - Fighting Greek Fire with Fire: Volatility, Correlation, and Truth

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keep the articles coming...the rally is fading!

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What's going on with derivatives trader MF Global ?  stock continues to swan dive despite the delusional stock rally.

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This article is just complete and utter bollocks..

WTF is he on about, arson?

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Imagine there was a financial crisis that involved similar circumstances to the one we are dealing with right now and we knew how it ended. There would be no inflation vs deflation debate because we would have the answer right in front of us. .........Well guess what....There was one and we know how it ended. For some reason though, every econo-financial pundit, no matter what school of thought they are from, have forgotten about it. Wether it is Gonzalo Lira, Peter Schiff, Jim Rogers, FOFOA, Max Keiser, Tyler Derden at ZeroHedge or the vast misinformed crew of keynesians that spew their nonsense all over the  financial world, not one of them has ever mentioned the...........http://freegoldobserver.blogspot.com/


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It was only "forgotten" because the Fed eased and flooded like never before and brought on the mania of 1998-2000.

It is being mentioned by some. And in Asia it's not been forgotten at all. The fear is that China will go down the same road. We'll see

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Greenspan actually raised rates at the time which attracted the capital back to the US from Asia.

As the U.S. economy recovered from a recession in the early 1990s, the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank under Alan Greenspan began to raise U.S. interest rates to head off inflation. This made the U.S. a more attractive investment destination relative to Southeast Asia.

As for China...

The creditor Yuan is pegged to the debtor dollar.

It is still a DEBTOR pegged to a CREDITOR but the roles are reversed which makes it even worse for the debtor. The Yuan is pegged to the dollar but the Yuan is the creditor. The Yuan holds the upper hand. The Yuan can make a run out of the dollar which would cause a 40 60 or 80% fall in the dollar and an equivalent rise in the Yuan.

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It's designed to default.  But first the population will be impoverished and assets will be bought for pennies on the dollar.

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Are we winning yet?

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Hath not an alpha fund fees, managers??? ...fed with the same kosher spam, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases... If you prick us, do we not bleed negative alpha? If you tickle us with bonuses, do we not laugh? If you poison us with toxic assets, do we not divest? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge??? [/merchant of venice]

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I've discovered a HUGE arbitrage between Barclay's XXV and the inverse of VXX. Compression ahead. Take a look. I'm no financial expert, but I am an engineer.


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Man, what type of fucked up data was I served by Yahoo Finance? VXX 11.21 @ 2010-11-08, VXX 45.39 @ 2010-11-09.

1: 4 Stock Split... Never mind, false alarm.

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Yahoo Finance.  ha.

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"A wildfire is blind and cruel"   I guess systematic looting and the destruction of your world by the folks that claim to own it could metaphor into a wildfire.  But it is not blind, and it is cruel by design.   I should read some more of Papa's work to get the bad taste of spoiled adjectives out of my craw.   


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it is also "vive LA volatilité" in french

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There are 'safer' havens than others.    All I know is that if you can't dilute something with the stroke of a keypad then that other something when it's readily tradeable between humans, and can be easily transported for other subsequent trades, becomes one of those havens.      Everything else is too much complex BS.

Keep it simple.   But don't be stupid.

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At this point, as a result of our failed finances, the looting of our wealth and our failed leadership, we've all responded by lowering our expectations. If we lower expectations enough, what's left of our economy will be sure to meet those expectations. Mission accomplished. That was easy. 

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Jubilee or off with their heads?

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