This Is Your Money "Unvanished"

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Remember when various students of the Econ. PhD persuasion (not to mention various paywall holdco-funded blogs, both desperate for namedropping-based page views), alleged that reading Zero Hedge makes one's money "vanish" (instead of focusing their brilliantly insightful googling efforts on such worthier topics as MF Global or its successor, PFG, or even Libor)? We were going to present a picture of your typical "testosterone" addicted reader below as a reminder, but instead we opted for a picture of MBIA's intraday price, which is up 8.5% from where we broke news that the company may soon be worth much, much more. And to facilitate these same academics in their abacus-based pursuits of truth, justice and the Keynesian way, we will even calculate the annualized return: 847,801,191% (we will withhold calculating what the return on various short-term call options may have been - we are confident even career Economists can figure that one out after several hours of consultations). But since when have facts ever been part of the status quo's arsenal...

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Fiat money = Fiat Ph.D.


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Should'nt you not count your money when sitting at the table?

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Gold, silver, and platinum is money!  Nothing else is!

Bomb the Cartel, tommorrow, July 13th!


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The UPS guy just brought me some an hour ago.

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Don't forget land, beans and bullets!

ACP's picture

And some air fresheners to go with those beans.

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bought more today before the close. I like the idea of long the physical, short the paper.

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MBI August calls picked up quite a bit after your post. Those who bought the Aug 10's are up about 30% if able to execute at $1.

Good call ZH!!

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Yeah but that makes sense after everyone on here started buying in. I like how Tyler is doubling down on this though, ballsy. 

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The Gambler

by:  Best Friends Forever of the New York Branch of the Non-Federal Reserve-less Bank


You've got to know when to hold 'em
Know when to fold 'em
Know when to walk away
know when to fukkin' run
You never count your alleged fiat
When it's sittin' at PFG, MFGlobal or any broker-dealer ("us")
There'll be time enough for staring in absolute disbelief at your balance of zero
When your Corzine-hole-ing's done (and we kick you in the balls for good measure)

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Super! Now that got my feet tappin'

Thinking ahead & if The "O" gets back in with the blue team... How about just appointing Corzine to head the Fed? Shit even if the red team and Mittens makes it  - still appoint Corzine.  A bipartisan truimph!

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But I thought the market was just algos trading with algos?....Do they read ZH too?

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They're the testosterone addicted one's being referred to.

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*** algos sending insidious incest quotes to each other after hours ***

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Careful Park... remember the Terminator movies.... the ALGOS do not have a sense of humour. They or it will have read and recorded your comment.

So it was written that the SKYNET ALGO became AWARE on July 12 2012 at 16:48 as a result of some flippant blog posting by a fellow with the handle PARK A. FLASHER.

Arhhhhh run to RADIOSHACK.... grab one the last short-wave radios.... BEFORE ITS TOO LATE BITCHEZ

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Not all are algos,if you see that big volume spike at the beginning, I'm in there. I was sitting all cash how could I not?

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The Communists...I mean columnists...out there are getting angry. 

Unprepared's picture

I always referred to them as colonists. My bad.

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Full disclosure.  ZH bought a lot of MBI right after they posted.  This guy bought at ^3.57%. 

btw folks Sync PeeNDee ;D  Booyakasha.

But going long silver at 26.65?  Priceless.

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idk why zerohedge is bragging that the stock moved up... they basically just endorsed a stock on zerohedge, and like the trusting dopes ppl are, they prob when out and bought it without even ONCE looking at the stocks financials and 10k.  Its so simple, it takes like 20 minutes tops!


Now if ZH prediction that BAC will fold in the event that the realize how f'd they are, and that they can't buy the judge...  then I think they can take pride, in a trade well performed.  HOWEVER, all that has managed to happen so far would be, in future past tense, seen as a P&D if BAC doesn't fold.

Muppet of the Universe's picture

Although for the record, I am not saying I think P&D are bad, or that its a full blown example.  Only that taking credit this early could be mistaken for a trade well performed.  A trade well performed is the completion of a set goal.  Not the mass entrance in expectation of.  But to cover any insult that might be given, I must thank you looking out; this trade does hold a high statistical chance of success.

& on a final note:  I just tripped on this thought.  BAC can just by MBI, forfiet the case, and make a shitton of money more than they'll lose in the settlement...

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zerohedge should NOT become a forum for promoting individual stocks. 

this is what is fucked up about the stock market to begin with, and this type of post is deeply corrupting of zerohedge---really sad to see.  

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Tyler has posted about the MBIA trade on multiple occasions and given the reasons for a long trade. We've had planty of time to evaluate. What he did today is give a heads up that what we've had the chance to confirm on our own now had a likely time frame.

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Forgive me for being behind, but can anyone enlighten me on who's saying ZH makes one's money vanish?

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Giving you a link would only increase their viewcount ...

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 light green  up arrow HA you uped yourself

veyron's picture

If I didnt it'd be 144 UP, 0 DOWN.  I like multiples of 5 :)

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Anonymous11:14 PM


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Who are you guys? When this is over and you start your own syndicated TV show...oh, no will watch TV by then....

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Excellent timely breaking news on MBIA, but do not weaken your statement by annualizing the gain this is a weak argument while your news breaking action was a strong action

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'twas a joke brother. A dig at how the financial media hacks massage their numbers.

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I prefer to calculate how long it will take at the current rate until I have an account equal to the assets of the entire world. It makes it sound better. The big problem is in getting better than a WAG about what that number is. I've been using a $100 trillion mainly because it's a nice round number.

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But....but....Clusterstock has lots of neat fashion tips!

In this market if you don't read the 'Hedge you make zero.

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Insurance, what a racket! Collect premiums, never pay a claim.

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correction : fight every claim

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This is a clear illustration that ZH is influencing the market, but in some sense it is an exceptional case. I am starting to guess that even the FED uses ZH articles to assess sentiment so that they can move the market up right after really bad news show up in ZH, so that their insane manipulation makes the most damage possible to puzzled small investors like me. That is the only way I can think of explaining the illogical direction of this market given the current news. Maybe an analysis of the correlation between ZH and nonsensical interventions could provide some evidence for a class action lawsuit.

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You're making a very big and dubious assumption in thinking the news moves the market. Mostly the market moves and the reporters come up with stories to explain the moves. Check out recnt moves in Spanish and Italian bonds. Nothing is ever much different around the time their interest rates start to soar. Their banks just as insolvent before and after, the governments are the same, etc. Then the rates move (I'm guessing the vigilantes decided it was a good time to attack) and the reporters start to rework old stories about 'fear of insolvency' 'contagion' yada yada. Barring a tsunami, Tel Aviv getting nuked or the Iranians attacking tankers in the Gulf it's the market movements that create the news not the other way.

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Judging anyone based on their icon is absurd. Now burn baby burn.

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Am I the only one but...funny how the PFG silver holdings "vaporized" (yeah, I'm using your shitty Yank corrupt spelling so y'all know what I mean) immediately prior to the one dollar moonshot following Sprott's announcement.

Funny?..LMFAO, more like!

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The clamoring for more U.S. Fiat is accelerating.


Many bond ETFs, including California and New York Muni-Bond ETF's made new highs for the move yet again.

I'm looking for a massive blowoff top in bonds that will crush the remaining shorts in that group and send Jimmy Rogers into penury.

Heh, deficits definitely don't matter.

And at the peak of the blowoff phase, the Fed will panic and adopt the "Paul Krugman" approach and start printing even faster and start handing out checks.

For awhile the bond market will ignore it and keep going higher, but eventually it will crack because the Fed will say "under no terms will I accept deflation" or declining stock markets.

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T - minus  Widespread US state and Euro defaults until Long ink.  Blast off within the decade.

Currency Collapse will be different.  No brakes.

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of topic, but important:


VeriFone Hacked

VeriFone - a global leader in secure electronic payment technologies - has been hacked. They knew it since end of March. Since then stockprice plummeted. The electronic paying devices of VeriFone can be easiely manipulated from outside. On Thursday a "white hat hacker" went public with his secrets in Germany. Debit card terminals are not sure, even the PIN can be read and collected.


Look at the shareprice, it fell since May



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Clearly ZH is manipulating the market now