Your Taxpayer Dollars At Work

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Not like anyone would expect anything more, technically, less, but it is always gratifying to know there is someone, somewhere willing to fight for the little guy. And lose.


Now if only if the SEC's budget was a few cool billion more they would not be losing cases left and right. In fact, they would be able to prevent mass fraud, and even be able to shut down the rigged casino known as the stock market preemptively. With a few hundred million left to pay that Bang Bros invoice too.

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well, it's expensive to buy the 10-Disc collection of Debbie Does Dallas. The SEC has to prioritize its budget accordingly. Whoever wins, we ALL LOSE.

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Too bad these porn sites weren't going IPO...

You estimate their revenues by simply looking at the SEC's budget.

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Maybe the Porn Industry can lobby Congress to expand the SEC.

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LISTEN KIDS: these conspiracy theories just have to stop. Patriots across America need to unite and agree to move this country forwards, not backwards, and conspiracy freaks give patriots a bad name. Now, I know what it's like to believe in conspiracy theories. I also used to believe that there was "corruption" in our government and "secret deals" with "special interests", but you know what? I got tired. I got tired of believing that crap day in and day out. There’s a big wide world out there and you can't just spend all your time worrying about this nonsense. It's time for many ZHers to grow up.

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More like... born to steal other peoples acts.

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Fuck me. i was thinking the same exact thing.

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More like.... Born Dumbass

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more like...born programmed...

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You're no Patriot. However I do believe you are some sort of insider

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Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel

                     Dr. Samuel Johnson

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If it's not MDB, it's definitely someone channeling him. Nice troll.

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always wondered how the serfs felt about the nobles and rich bishops the kings tax collectors and such..well I am getting a very good idea. tax units feed the machine.

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Dear Born Troll,

Please label your posts as "This has been a paid political announcement" to avoid any confusion about it having any base in reality.

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I think there is more money in new keyboards and mice.  The old ones get sticky and crusty so fast. 

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I need a two car funeral organized, who should i go with??








Will also require documentation of a successful two car funeral orginization prior to this request.

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They spend way to much on online porn it seems.

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I don't suppose I could ask for a bailout for my bang bros. bill...?

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The SEC could take up a collection from the porn industry to offset their legal expenses...

Edit: LOL ~ What's the 'over/under' on how long before when you do a GOOGLE SEARCH on 'SEC', porn sites start filling up the cue?...

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LOL, the SEC always reverts what's it's best at, watching porn and comparing notes on XXX websites.

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SEC shouldn't do "lawsuits".

THEY are the regulating body. THEY DECIDE on guilt or innocence.

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Yeah, right? I thought it was the AG's job to prosecute.

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SEC no doubt was instructed behind the scenes how to lose the lawsuit so that the appearance of "rule of law" could be maintained.

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ebworthen accurately discerned:

SEC no doubt was instructed behind the scenes how to lose the lawsuit so that the appearance of "rule of law" could be maintained.

Expect those at the SEC involved with this case soon to be "seeking new challenges," and coincidentally finding those challenges in highly paid positions at CITI.

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Or they will work for China... That fantasy for another.

There was no conviction because there should be no conviction under US citizen law.

No US citizen has even been punished for behaving the US citizen way. As long as they are human beings.

It is quite sure that non human beings or sub human beings were punished for behaving the US citizen way.

For behaving the US citizen way is a gift reserved to human beings.

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All those words to say nothing.

Chinese schizophrenicitizenism at work.

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You have a point.

We propose an ideal and then ignore it.

Prosecute and jail the assholes whatever law man or woman (or military member choosing to defend the Constitution and We The People) that still cares or this ChiComm is right.

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Well, at least they pretended to try. More than can be said for the scumbag CFTC

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Maybe if we put Jon Corzine in a porn........

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Maybe if we put Jon Corzine in a porn........

For Corzine, it would have to be one of those Scheiss pornos out of Germany.

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Well if they enforce negligently to the benefit of the "regulated" how well do you expect them to prosecute?

In other news:

The Securities and Exchange Commission's long-awaited report on the municipal market asks Congress to give it authority to set disclosure standards for muni issuers and to provide the tools to enforce those standards.

Oh boy! SEC to the rescue!  Why don't they investigate all the WMD interest rate swaps rigged GICS and other IEDs the Street has buried througout the muni landscape over the past 10 or 15 years?

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You really cannot make this shit up.  They cannot nail a bankster on CDOs?

So does this mean the LIEbor scandal will not result in any prosecutions?

Fractional reserve MBS securitization?

Re-re-re-rehypothecation of everyone's soon to be in the account of JPM pension funds?

About time to start reserving light poles.............


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A cynic might imagine they were less then fully committed to winning.

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that and the legal system is constructed to favor big corporations and banks anyway...  like our "democratic" system, it gives the illusion of fairness...

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Yes..., well, apparently it's all been an illusion.

My first marriage was constructed much the same way.... it really wasn't may beautiful house...,

and it really wasn't my beautiful wife.

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"A cynic might imagine they were less then fully committed to winning."

That was my first thought...probably had their latest grad student as the lead on it. I can hear it now...Go git em Tiger...smirk.

Well, at least he's "giving something back" for those student loans ;-)

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Future growth industries:

Guillotine manufacturing

Guillotine operations

Rope manufacturers

Lamp post manufacturing

Noose training workshops

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Debby Does Dallas:  SEC does CFTC ....which one is the Dom and which one is the Sub?  sorry Switch?....

Spare Change....FRAUD MARKETS, ALL you can believe in....

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that rock, scissors, paper trial battle thing doesn't seem to do much justice to.... justice.... maybe they should try something new?

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Its a catch 22

Using taxpayers money to afford lawyers is taxpayers fraud, especially when they are losing the case.

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There is no stock market anymore.  It should be renamed the FED addict market and mark the beginning as March 2009

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Don't tell that to the 'Elliott Wavers'...

They're all still trying to learn their ABC's...

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Peel back the paper that says Market and you'll see word CASINO in bold flashing lights.

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Another name for the yeah we got your number sucka list...

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Regulators, let's ride!

[like ass-chapped tranny midgets on E and painkillers]

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Perhaps the SEC only puts on a show because the banks have the goods on the SEC and will spill the beans if they don't throw the case?  That's the way I believe our entire government works.  I hear about how new congressmen and senators have to go thru indoctrination when they first get to DC.  I can only imagine that it just consist of a lobbyist offering a bribe that he/she must accept so they are as guilty as everyone else. 

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We will soon have our chance to vote for hope and change.

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hope or change


-fixed it for ya