Your Taxpayer Dollars At Work: The Police Get An Upgrade For Close "Restless Native" Encounters

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Just in case America's debt slaves, who as of today can congratulate themselves on a brand spanking new 16 handle in front of the 12 zeroes that frame their public debt obligation, did not have enough to celebrate, here is what happens when the local Police station also wants to celebrate something brand spanking new: in this case the new and improved SWAT-H vehicle. This is merely the latest and greatest entrant in the "gentrification"-vehicles that taxpayer dollars are buying in order to be more effectively suppressed as one after another pillar of this country's democracy is taken down. And, for your viewing pleasure, here are the highest crime rate regions that will likely get their 'fair' share of attention from this perriwinkle-blue camper-van of enforced docility.

The Heat-Armor SWAT-H in all its glory...


and where it will be deployed - possibly... (via Neighborhood Scout)

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Of course, hollow points alone wont kill enough americans!

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My Barrett 50cal would eat that POS alive.

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Speical ammo would be hard to find no? What about some sort of flammable substance to light those tires...


Edit: Dont know if you mean to disable the vehicle or hypothetically penetrate the cabin as I don't know how tank like it is.

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1) 5 gallons of gas - check

2) Zippo lighter - check

3) Roasted swat team - checkmate.

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Countdown to the police state in 5...4...3...2...

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Question to capitalists;

How much do you think the Clint Eastwood RNC prop Chair would go for on EBAY?

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Secret Formula with special sauce:


1 Molotov Cocktail + 1 match = Krispie Critters!

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I am not interested in this vehicle and why would I be?

p.s. I've heard bizarre rumors that shit's about to get real in Fruitport.


-Sent from my FBI-tracked-for-absolutely-no-reasonable-or-articulable-suspicion iPhone-

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armored since 2010. they wheel it out for Christmas parades.

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I've always wondered why I do not hear *cough*cocktail fans*cough*  discussing the merits of *ahem*potato-projecting contrivances.*ahem*

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What no curb feelers, chrome 24s or spinners for that urban camo look?  But that LRAD can sure pump out some solid bass.

IEDs coming to America?


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Well, the good news is that the bond holders who paid for that probably will end up taking  90% of it in the shorts.

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My guess is these fucked-up thug bastards are a bit bored after Iraq and want some of their old toys back.  Drive along and hear some dude with his boom-box up loud?  Simple!  Pop, pop a couple of Mk19s on to his porch then get on the 700watt loud-hailer;

"Turn your fucking shit DOWN you fucking offal-bag! Next one goes up your precious civilian taxpaying-muppet poop-shute!".

The military undustrial (not a typo) not-so-complex, should be happy to sell to both sides, right? ... as it usually does?  Therefore, boom-box guy booms their box with an RPG, to give the remaining fascist arseholes a sense of purpose to relieve their boredom.


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my 1st thought...

"more boy toys"

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It should be pointed out that "HEAT" is in fact an acronym;


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Homemade napalm filling,laundry detergent and gas improves the coctail.

Plus it blocks the windows.

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Nah - No point in adding things that will not add calories to the fuel: 5-10% Polystyrene for sticky nastiness, perhaps complemented with about 5% Aluminium powder (everything by weight), now *that* mixture will burn rather nicely!

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Read history of Molotov, he's fucking bastard. With Ribbentrop split Poland and Czech, with Stalin, starve 4M Ukranians.

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Thanks for posting on EVERY topic.  I appreciate it.

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Oh, you like Million Dollar Booger better?

How to stop a car – spike strips, electromagnetic pulses and the SQUID

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"Oh, you like Million Dollar Booger better?"

Get fucked! You've made 200 posts pimping for Obomber in just 2 weeks! MDB = just 30 [annoying] posts, on various topics, in the same period.

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I'm willing to bid $50,000 on The Chair. Anybody know who owns it?

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1.....0, end game, point, set, and match, it is over

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hmmmm ... 3 questions:


1. anybody know what dealerships will be carrying them?

2. how much do you have to put down?

3. do a leather package and a navigation system cost extra?

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Ask the salesman to use the rebate as your down payment and first chance have it checked for a locator device.

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Thermite is easy as hell to make, and it burns through anything. Good luck when that coffin becomes imobile and some little guy hops up on the hatch with a bucket of homeade thermite and burns the enemies alive.

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but, as the video itself announces, this information may be inappropriate for some users.  the determination of that status is unclear.

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Which is precisely why you should take note when so-called defenders of the 2nd amendment are willing to acquiesce on limitations on assault weapon ownership and only advocate for us peasants to be able to own .22 pistols.

The uncomfortable squirming truth that the status quo hates to acknowledge is that the 2nd amendment does not exist for home defense or hunting.  It's in the Constitution so that the citizenry can overthrow the government if it violates the social contract.


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Protection from rogue governments and the totalitarian dynamic.

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Notice the color choice, UN blue.... coincidence I'm sure.

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Good catch! I missed that.....

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jew blue baby I <3 you...


Here's prolly a look at the SWAT TEAM inside...

"Drones for law enforcement are being developed with the creation of the Talon SWAT/MP that can be configured with a multitude of weaponry. Some include a multi-shot TASER, LRAD, 40mm grenade launcher, and a 12-gage shotgun.

An earlier version of Talon, developed for the Israeli Defense Forces and the Israeli Ministry of Defense’s Directorate of Defense, was of the VIPeR series that were equipped with a 9 mm mini-Uzi with scope and pointer, or grenade launcher."

Shoot to Kill: Autonomous Robots Developed By DARPA Will Not Question Orders

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That color is named "Soothing Blue" so you know it's friendly.

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Chicago is gonna be PISSED. What do they have to do to crack the top 10??

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Go into Neighborhood Scout, change the search criteria to "Densly Urban" under setting. Three "Neighborhoods" in Chicago crack the top ten...

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Didn't they stop officially reporting their violent crime stats, which is why they aren't on most lists?

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If you're not doing anything wrong*, there's no reason to worry and this is not a big deal. (/sarc)


*Wrong is a highly subjective word subject to change with or without a whimsical & arbitrary moment's notice.

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we have our eyes on you.

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leave a plate of donuts in the street in front of this puppy, let the cops jump out to eat them, then steal it. works every time.


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I've got a Groupon for that.

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Yep, flat bottom, meaning no deflection of the blast from the driver cell, the britts took a long time to understand this in Afg.

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Your iPhail UDID just got flagged by the FBI, and redistributed by AntiSec.