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Welcome to the New ZH Servers. Due to recent traffic surges (courtesy of what we believe is a permanent transition to market efficiency) which resulted in numerous server crashes over the past 3 weeks, courtesy of 1.5 - 2 million page views per day, we have had to upgrade once again, a move that was funded thanks to your donation generosity, dear readers. We are now at a state where even a 500 point drop in the S&P will hopefully not bring us down. We will also gradually return all the recent UI improvements such as comment ranking, and contributor blogs that we had to eliminate due to processor capacity limitations. We hope you enjoy the experience.

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Thanks. Looks/works better already.

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I'm trying to find a reason to be contrarian but failing.  Uhm... BART and DHS says internet downtime during civil unrest is a positive safety issue!

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"We will also gradually return all the recent UI improvements such as comment ranking,"

please don't....

let ideas duke it out without the "hype" of "consensus" approval/disapprobation.....ZH has been much cooler to read in the "old school" format...and recent Ayn Rand warfare aside, i think it cuts down on some of the petty personal macho flame war stuff

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Third the motion-

There is a lot of white space, between posts.  New format was even more scrolling to read everything. Why work harder? And if someone got junked  the min threshold made the flamed comment hidden, so showing up to the water cooler late,  you were like, "what is everyone talking about?"  "what did they say?" Which left you cut out of the loop. -which led to users parahrasing and erronously putting words in someone elses mouth as to what the comment was.  People put +1 when they like something and flame them when they don't. People were afronted when junked and much of the comments revolved around being junked or a junker in the midst.  I think enabling trolls by junking tools is a no no.  But keep the math section for posting I do think it keeps idiots out.  You could always ask trading questions too to weed some out.  Call it vocabulary day quiz... But hey, this is your site.  And I'm breaking rule #1 & 2 talking about it.

Regardless, thank you.  It's my favorite website. My home page and so very happy more and more are waking up by reading ZH. 

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Bernanke: Traffic inflation is transitory

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Great work as always.  The information conveyed on this site is phenomenal.

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Indeed, excellent work, Tyler.  This site is indispensable and must never crash.

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+1 Good job guys, I'm a complate newbie here, just joined a few weeks ago. I plan on making a donation. I'm a web programmer and am aware of the costs and labor it takes to maintain a web site with heavy traffic.

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Thanks Tyler. You provide the go-to place for so many. What a service!!

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new servers are fine...but pls dont forget to use a condom.:)

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We're gonna neet it for the Inevitable Fall.

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Keeping the interwebs going post collapse is going to be an interesting challenge. Sadly, I think that most people will be too preoccupied with personal and family safety to pay the infrastructure much attention.

Good on you Sacrilege, TD and the rest at ZH.

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I assume there is a contingency plan to keep key infrastructure rolling, even during chaos. At least I sincerely hope my government has such a plan. We have to keep pumping to keep a big part of the land dry over here in NL.

And yeah, good luck to you too.

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Isn't that some sort of incendiary device?

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One of the Bernankenbombs favorites.... the Cock Tail

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I know this sounds pretty dumb but:

Hey thanks. This site is about the closest to "reality" I can find. And believe me, I've been to other places.

Appreciate the dedication to make all this possible.

Bunga dude.

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Thank you kindly good sir.

Took me a while to find the "DNS REFRESH" button on my keyboard.

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It's to the left of the 'format HD' button

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Like it. Thanks, and my donations will continue as long as I am on this site. Which will either be when I move on or Tyler decides to retire to some anonymous location.

Thank you Zero Hedge.

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Aside from, there's very little on the interwebz that appears to say anything useful/truthful -- keep up the good work!

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I dont sign in often but I come to the site every hour or so and get my tweets regularly... you guys are amazing... THANK YOU!!

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Kick in your f'n money to the Ron Paul moneybomb:


make it fucking happen

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I wonder if Roubini understands the Law of Unintended Consequences?

Thanks Sac, and Tyler for all that you do.

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Well, he is an economist after all.

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Good work chapie, when you are done fixing up the joint will we have spelchex back? 

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I can't keep track of all the changes. Fuck, man. I'm listening to Recoil's "Unsound Methods" a little drunk.

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How about a 700 point drop, a 20 minute "All is well" speech by Obama followed by 5 minutes of incoherent stuttering by Bernanke.  Could your server handle that too?

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you had me at 700 point drop

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So just your average Tuesday?

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You just described next Thursday.   Guess we'll find out.

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We are all going to miss the Chairsatan some day, he was funny.

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I was asked?

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Subtly: it's up there top right between 'glossary' & 'manifesto'.

PS Didn't even have to log back in! Sacrilege FTW.

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Thanks for all you do Tyler.  Zero Hedge has changed my life.

Thank you. 

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"We are now at a state where even a 500 point drop in the S&P will hopefully not bring us down."

If a 1000 pt drop comes in, a favorite quote comes to mind:

And thanks...and congrats on the traffic increase!

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high traffic due to too many of us not talking too much, about Fight Club.

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Thx TD... And to think only a few years ago you were on blogspot! Way to go on your amazing success.. Cheers Gubb.

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zero hedge kills it every day.