Zuckerberg Speaks (Finally) - Live Webcast

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Prepare for an onslaught of social media buzzwords: we will have a word cloud after the speech. That said, here is a suggestion: less "disrupt" ... more "cash flow"

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Zuckerberg handles himself like a child...... 

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zucky is nothen but a bag of tools

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That's funny, all I hear out of his mouth is a bunch of pops and buzzes.

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I for one am glad to see what happened with the FB IPO ... I think it exposed a lot of the corruption behind the IPO process, and seeing the lack of "retail" participation put a smile on my face.


... and now my friends are talking about how CNBC does a disservice to the world :)

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We'll see how good FaceBerg does going down the line as another 63% of shares are coming before year end.



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November 13th. What a day that's going to be.


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Good for them. It took them long enough though and now they are off to bask in some other MSM beacon of disinformation. Got to have that watercooler talk ready, got to fit in. Winning. Insert official ZH tag here.

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That fucking prick Kernan said this morning that "nobody at this station said FaceFuck was a buy". What a fucking liar. Cramer, Faber, that moronic Simon Hobbs jackoff were all jacking off on air the day of the IPO

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Zuckerberg has a brand new strategy to monetize the activities of the users of its free service and the users of the free services (e.g. instagram) that it is acquiring at pets.com circa-1999 valuation models.

All those Facebookers will be cash cows soon...each and every one of them.

The solution will be make up the non-monetization of users (and maybe negative-monetization soon given advertising trends) on growing volume.

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He needs to spend some of his IPO money on a better teleprompter.

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It's amazing how pathetic they all look compared to Steve Jobs!! Now there was a man who knew how to work a room and deliver a product!!! The rest of these dorks look like idiots!!

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To be fair It is a lot easier when you actually have a product to deliver............

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And to think I was on the verge of patenting and selling jars full of air. Everyone needs air to live just like food right? Should make a fortune...

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You do realize that there are literally tens of millions of absolutely stupid dipshits that would buy such a product.

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I think Dave Berry said, 20 years ago if you told someone people would be making tons of money off bottled water, you'd just spray them with your garden hose and tell them to get off your lawn...and most of it isn't as good as most city water anyway, which in turn isn't as good as the artesian spring in my backyard, which no, I won't sell the water from.  Bitchez.

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Bottled water comes to mind.

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Pre-cut & washed salad in a bag has made billions for its founder.

Pre-mixed & flavored liquor in a bag is now showing monster growth.


Both these products sell at about a 600% price premium to the sum total of their ingredients (the automated equipment that shreds the lettuce and mixes the beverages must be quite expensive).

There's no possibility of underestimating the stupidity of the American Consumer.

Go forth and make it rain, bitchez.

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@beam me up scotty

You aren't aware of Marcel Duchamp's "Paris Air"?? I'm certain William Banzai is.



I don't trust amyone (with my money) born after 1955 and you shouldn't either.


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Monitize mobile.... Good luck with that Mark. Hahahaha

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Pfft...  D'Italia putaz!  Non-shareholder Bearing could care less what happens to zuck.com...

Domani andiamo a Bari!  (on vacation in Italy)

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c'è l'ho parenti a Bari...buon viaggio

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Salento! .... ah...enjoy lu mare lu sule lu ientu

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Here is the sumary for word cloud ... "mobile mobile.. uhm.. mobile mobile... "

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Convert or die, Bitchez...........  -"Uncle" Mitt Obameny-

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This is the funniest thing I've heard in a week. Thank you.

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please don't put his ugly mug on the blog.

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 Wall Street's  poster child. Morgan bet a lot on facefart. 

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"We have 235 million people playing games monthly.  OK, that's real."



If playing video games is real, what's fake?

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When you don´t have a job and you are in your parents basement...waiting for that phone to ring......you have to do something...of course after you have jacked off ten times...

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How is that different from any other game or even reading a book, idiot, you are out of your body while doing it ?

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I just bought a new Samsung G III..it had Facebook already on it.....I  did not think much of it...but when I got back to my big computer...and logged on to Facebook...it had a map of everywhere I went.....I thought that was a little over board....

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I'm sure the CIA, FBI et al are very thankful.

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If FB had a map, then so did the DHS. And probably in real time, if they wanted it.

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You've left us with more questions than answers ...


- Why do you have a facebook account?


- Why did you get a Samsung G III? (as opposed to a dumbphone)


- Why do you log into facebook on your phone?


- Why aren't you clicking on those ads?

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we all got that map of you too..  you spend a lot of time in the bathroom  O.o

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Every cell phone, whether it has a GPS device or not, constantly records your location for your wireless carrier. The different wireless carriers retain this data for however long they want and provide that information to the FBI upon request. No warrent is required.

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And that is why I haven't carried my cell phone around for the last 2 years.  I have one just in case and I usually leave it my car... a very old Motorola flip phone.  I always leave it turned off.

Everyone I see, everywhere I go, wherever I go is walking around focusing on their cellphone.  They're so zombified I don't believe the sheeple-bots could ever survive 1 minute without checking for their next text message.  

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if you care what howdy doody says.. all i can say is get a life

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I'm holding him to his word that he will not sell his shares until 1 year (after the financial collapse has ocurred.)

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Does Zuckerberg have a chart of the Farcebook stock price on his Timeline?

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good thing he made money...ugly dude....