Priest, Spook And Banker Arrested In Vatican Bank Probe

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Nearly a year after revelations of financial fraud involving the Vatican Bank, and months after a German lawyer was picked to become the new head of the bank that is collateralized by the full faith and credit of Catholicism, the scandal is back following news tha a cleric, a spook and a banker were arrested as part of the ongoing Italian investigation into the troubled bank.

From Reuters:

A Vatican cleric, a member of Italy's secret services and financial broker were arrested on Friday as part of an Italian investigation into the Vatican bank, a police source said.


The source from Italy's Financial Police said the three were suspected of corruption and fraud. There was no indication of their identity or nationality. The source gave no further details pending a news conference later on Friday.


A Vatican spokesman was not immediately available for comment.


The arrests came a day after the Vatican announced that Pope Francis had set up a commission of inquiry into the Vatican bank, which is formally known as the Institute for Works of Religion (IOR) and has been hit by a number of scandals in the past decades.

Ironically, since it is fiath that is in short supply within the encumbered global fractional reserve banking system, one would think the one place where the money religion would be safe is at the Vatican Bank. And yet...

Now back to reality copycatting the latest James Bond movie.

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"a cleric, a spook and a banker"

Sounds like SuperMario!

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Hostes humani generis, enemies of the human race.

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If Paula Dean had only used 'spook' instead of the 'n' word?

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A Priest, Spook, and Banker walk into a bar......

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"The Corleone family wants to be 100% legit now........."

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Everything they try to get out.....the lobbyists suck them back in.


Turns out they own the wonder the drinks were free.

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They took a risk to gain lots of wealth....after all, when they read, "The Meek shall inherit the earth" they wanted a little  more then just dirt.

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OMG! ... I think they just nabbed ghordius! ... lol

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What?  Another African-American arrested?

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"Priest, Spook And Banker Arrested In Vatican Bank Probe"

Wasn't this in Godfather 3?

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...but the higher I go the crookeder it becomes. [/Michael Corleone]

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While cream rises to the does the scum.

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I've been waiting for this piece to pop up!!


Just wait, this thing is like an onion and it is so incredibly weird...Dan Brown couldn't begin to invent stuff like this.  Oh and it's centuries old in origin.  Only clues I'm leaving on this one.  It makes a great story though.

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seriously? are you kidding me? there is the Anglo-Irish Tape Scandal going on and here comes an article of the kind "let's pamper the crowd that loves scandals about the Vatican"?

No, I'm not trying to change subject. The Vatican has huge problems, particularly when it comes to money. And a lot of it has to do with derivatives, mainly from the Squid and the Morgue. And it's having a covert feud with Deutsche Bank - with Bank of Italy (the Italian cb) probing on both IOR and DB (still quite murky, but it looks it has something to do with ATMs and recycling of mafia money through some clerics)

evidence: lots and lots of monasteries are closing - thanks to accounting books blowing up thanks to those derivatives

the Vatican State even went through the quite unprecedented steps of retiring a pope and setting a new one (with a name fitting to a poor church) because of the twin problems of their "Gay Lobby" (which covers the unmentionable "Pedophile Lobby") and their money issues. now a lot of dirt will come out through this Papal Commission - this is only starting

and yet... I wonder. at the need to write about the Vatican instead of Anglo-Irish. perhaps Colbert has really coined the word of the year: truthinews

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oh wow, there you are ... I thought they got you this time!

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So true...nothing. not a breath, on the Irish shenanigans!

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You nailed it.  The Vatican Bank (aka Institute for the Works of Religion) is not that big of a player as banks go.  I doubt by assets it would even qualify as a major regional bank in the U.S.  So why the interest?  If 3 people from a regional bank in say Minnesota were arrested, would the story merit ZH attention?  I think not.  However add the element of Papist Intrigue and it suddenly becomes worthy of attention.  

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And then there are facts:

Anglo-Irish Picked Bailout Number "Out Of My Arse" To Force Shared Taxpayer Sacrifice

But why bother with that google search if one has an entire comment section in which to extoll their personal indignance, at being lazy and or stupid...

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I beg your pardon, thanks

and yet... this thing is HUGE. And I DID search for it. And it's being BURIED in part of the press. And your (excellent) article is just scratching the surface

why? I I weren't your fan I'd be thinking that... it does not fit the narrative. Instead... puns on Fiat and Faith

why not... moar? note that it's a huge thing even in Britain AND it's going to haunt ALL bail-ins-and-outs

Thanks again

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Just to let you know: I answered your question in the other thread and gave you the link. Possibly you just overlooked it ...

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Don't flatter yourself Tyler- those type of comments are what keep many coming to ZH- most skim the stories and go right for the red meat. If ZH's comment section was as pussified as seekinalpha's your readership would drop like a rock.

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Thanks for putting up a link to the true voice of Catholicism! It shows just how much the machine controls the message- and us. It also shows that chris matthews is as big a piece of shit as I thought he was.

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+1 from me. Thank you for a very good link. I imagine this happens ALL the time whenever anyone honest steps forward (pun intended) and talks.

Expect the next pope to be a friend of the money-changers, communism, everything anti-church, and a member to the NWO.

Also thank God we can post these kinds of articles on ZH. Anywhere else and it would be quickly deleted.

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Think for yourselves, and do some due dilligence, for crying out loud (the interview is a hoax): 

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It's soooo much weirder and older than that.  This is it's current shape.

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A cleric, a spook and a banker walk into a bar; the bartneder says................GET THE FUCK OUT!

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A priest, a spook and a banker walk into a bar...."Bless me father for i have sinned" says the spook. The priest replied: "Forgive me my child for I too have committed this sin"... the Banker said "What the fuck are you two faggots talking about?"

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Caught doing God's work, no doubt.

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So a Priest, a Spook and a Banker walk into a bar......

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So a Priest, a Spook and a Banker walk into a jail...

(Fixed it for you)

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So a Priest, a Spook and a Banker walk into a boys school.........

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Another tool who looks to the MSM for his news- those Zionists really have no axe to grind at all with The Catholic Church/ sarc.

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They've taken over our media, government, banking, etc. I see where one of the shining lights of zionism (marc rich) finally got what he deserved. Also noted that the tribe got his monies...

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Lol.............. you weren't supposed to take the blue pill and the red pill at the same time.


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A Priest, a Spook and a Banker ; the Unholy Trinity.


What scandal these days doesn't involve at least one of the three ?

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Faith is like fiat. They are both made up.

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Please, Dear Lord, let the Banker be Ben Bernanke.

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Usury is a sin.  And usury in the classic sense does not mean lending of money for an unreasonable amount of interest, it means lending money for interest PERIOD.

We continue to look at the consequences and symptoms without looking at basic causes.  Get rid of usury, and the entire ponzi scheme is no longer an issue. 

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What socialist snot you blow our way .... and your socialist dream is here .... with these low interest rates .... rates should be higher .... so lent money is spent more judiciously (juden delicious) .... and productively !

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That socialist snot is written in the bible itself in exactly that sense: Usury is a sin. For catholics that should be of some importance ...    ;-)

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Charging "usurious" interest rates, then, must be a compound mortal sin with aggravated circumcision ?

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According to the book clearly yes.

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I will admit .... charging interest on "fiat" .... is like charging interest on the air we breathe .... but, if I loan you gold .... I want collateral (that's gotta be a sin, too) .... and a little interest .... paid in gold !

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Those Roman soldiers were shooting craps on Jesus' robe .... was that a sin, too ?

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"That socialist snot is written in the bible itself "

Are you I plying the bible couldn't possibly be anti-capitalist, or did I miss the /sarc tag...