No Tapering Any Time Soon As Fed Announces $45 Billion Of July POMO Days

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It seems, based on the latest Fed POMO schedule that there will be no 'Taper' anytime soon. We are downgrading our communications warning from "shorting the market on these days 'will' cause pain" to "shorting the market on these days 'may' cause pain" based on the increased volatility and total disarray that appears to have broken out among the great, good, and wise at the Fed this week - we still await the big "just kidding..." line from the Bernank...

In summary, spot the non-tapering trend: May POMO: $44 billion; June POMO: $45 billion; July POMO: $45 billion.

It seems Friday 5th, Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th are your best bets...


And this...

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My guess is that most have figured out the POMO thing now and the effect will begin to be arbitraged out.  Sorry Bernanke, guess you'll have to come up with another way to blow a bigger bubble in the S&P---MOAR QE!

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Have a good weekend bitches!

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We will start tapering by the year 2030...we promise. It's like each administration promises to balanced budget two years after they are out of the office.

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The tapering will commence much sooner but only after first increasing...multiple times...until dollars become worthless. When it becomes meaningless to create more dollars, the Fed will then stop creating more dollars. Ponzies have only two paths: inflate or implode.

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No Tapering Any Time Soon As Fed UNEXPECTEDLY Announces $45 Billion Of July POMO Days

fixed it for msm

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I like how they release this at 3:15 to coincide with the PPT ramp at close.

Also huge POMO right before July 4th so as to make Obama look like a genius when he speaks about how great America is.

Wow another year passed by and the same shitshow is still alive and well.

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Amazing, isn't it?

Almost like it's scripted? s/

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Of  course it's scripted. The central planners' ONLY goal is to keep the world fiat monetary ponzi from collapsing so they can wield power over their dear printing press for as long  as possible.

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BTFD, Wed July 17 & Thurs July 18, No POMO for Two days in a row!

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Isn't this a bit unusual? I wonder what they have in mind...


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Time ... just a matter of time...

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The Taper Talk will continue until morale improves.

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What tapering? Did I miss something?

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     Tony Hayward, "We no longer f*** the Earth, we DP it." One of the better things about 'South Park' quotes is that they often hit home quite humorously. British Petroleum, Dependable Petroleum, it's all the same, right?

  *Please insert proper subject matter.

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"Please step aside for people who actually have money with the bank."


"'s gone."

Wonder how many people in Cyprus have watched that clip.

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Coming to an Ireland and Spain near me soon.

There are a bunch of Spanish people working in my office, I have pointed out that their pension system is "all in" on government bonds. They don't seem to understand that they've already been screwed.

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Yes the main dealers of monetary drugs to the eCONomy.

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I really like the annotated chart - it's a great comment on how absurd the markets are.

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By "absurd", I assume that you mean impressively sensitive to important clues uttered by powerful people.

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Fundamentals have been replaced by the Post-fundamentalist chorus at the FED. My Art Appreciation Professor would be proud.

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QE is the only bubble gum and chicken wire holding this whole charade together.. it is never going to stop...

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They are going to need alot of POMO to support this market through one of the worst earnings seasons in a long time. 

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when was the last time earnings really mattered?

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I only have one question: "Do Algos get to know when and who of Fed's heads is about to speak, few microseconds prior?"

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Of course - the Fed dudes ARE algos/programs, like Mr. Smith.

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Twitter is the "network TV" of today, it disseminates information in a controlled manner, with the guise of being impromptu and random and spontaneous.  "Hey guyz no mo taperz k? #BenB"

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"All She Wants to do is Dance"

Don Henley - from the album "Building the Perfect Beast"

"But that don't keep the boys from makin' a buck or two
And all she wants to do is dance, dance"

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Economy is in contraction due to zero interest rates and QE


Only two options left:

1) Implode derivatives

2) Implode the economy


I do believe common sense still prevails. I do NOT believe that US leadership has gone totally bananas because this is an international issue, not just US centered.


I do believe we will have rate increase from the Fed by no later than September meeting and the decision has already been made to choose number 1.


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Yes, just a matter of time.

Some risks can not be insured and nonexchange based derivatives are a perfect example of that.

The large banks will still be insolvent, but that's another set of disasters.

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All misunderstanding about zero interest rates come from the misunderstanding of the concept of


Money cannot exist without positive real interest rates and an economy cannot last long without acceptable positive real interest rates.


At 0% or negative, money is un-monied and economy tilts toward barter

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I read you every day, ekm, thanks for the education...

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They know they have lost control. The only thing they can do is feed the pig.

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technical analysis for July = read the Fed report for July

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well the market certainly tapered today didn't it.


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Silver Bitchez!

My first post on this website nearly four years ago was the above - price was about the same as well.

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Not what they say, but what they do. All of this taper talk is pure jawboning.

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Can somebody explain to me why 45 billion?


Why not 43 or 52 or…


Did they just pull the number out of their ass?