Vatican Bank Scandal Widens Following Resignations Of Director, Deputy

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The story of the Vatican Bank's priest, the Italian secret service spook, and their "fiduciary" banker gripped the world's attention over the weekend when the latest iteration in the Vatican Bank's money laundering series were revealed. Now, comes the resignations: the first of many. AP reports that the Vatican Bank director, and his deputy have both resigned "following the latest developments in the broadening finance scandal."

From AP:

The Vatican said Monday that Paolo Cipriani and his deputy, Massimo Tulli, offered to step down "in the best interest of the institute and the Holy See."


Cipriani, along with the bank's then-president, was placed under investigation by Rome prosecutors in 2010 for alleged violations of Italy's anti-money-laundering norms after financial police seized 23 million euro ($30 million) from a Vatican account at a Rome bank. Neither has been charged and the money was eventually ordered released.


But the bank, known as the Institute for Religious Works, has remained under the glare of prosecutors and now Pope Francis amid fresh concerns it has been used as an offshore tax haven.

We are confident that the rabbit hole on this one will stretch very deep by the time all is revealed, and the resignations will reach all the way to the very top.

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Time for the black pope

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The real story over there is the homosexual priest ring involving children being investigated. The Pope has a huge cleanup job to do.

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A rapist, a pedophile, and a preist walk into a bar...

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ANYBODY Hanging From The LONDON Bridge Yet ???

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This story needs more chick pix - it's been too long since ZH posted a good one. Where's my naughty nuns?

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.. and the bartender yells "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!"

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Kiss my Ring says the Cardinal and Bash my Bishop.
Never a dull moment with the Holy See-men

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...and the bartender says, "Table for one?"

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... and he looks around and says " where is everybody?"

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Bartender says "hi father".

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Just for the record:

A rapist, a pedophile, and a rabbi walk into a bar..


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This pope won't make it past a year and I think he knows it. He's being forceful with the cleanup and making himself a target. I got a feeling it'll be by sept/oct....... Then?

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Well at least they can now get married in the US.

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They're sure trying to squelch the sodomite child prostitution ring.

YouTube coverage from

Breaking News : Rome's Gay Clergy (27-Jun)

Follow Up Report: Gay Roman Clergy (30-Jun)

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Obama does not like competition!

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They've tried men long enough, so why not.

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Only men are allowed to teach and lead in religion per the Bible, that's why not. Oh, I know many ignore that simple command these days. 

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Ah yes, that greatest story book ever written by man.

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Commie judges spiting out poison , out of self hate on anyone not as ugly as themselves passing by : rich entrepreneurs cum prime ministers, catholic clerics charged with activities better left to other tribes.

Soon they will order pogroms against anyone not yet receiving government support .

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" and the resignations will reach all the way to the very top."

One pope already resigned.

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It's hysterical that god does not have a money printer. This would have been papered over very easiely. 

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this is the wrong pope to be greedy around.

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quick..   get Clint Eastwood..  That empty chair needs some talky talk..

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

This pope will change nothing. My Church my faith is gone. Burn it down and begin again.

>born raised and once loving Catholic....

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God and Allah hate money and interest, so Yaweh created the Jews. The vatican should have hired the Jews to handle all his money.  ....just making a little fun of history.

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

Allah is a pimp who wants young girls raped. Allah is a pimp.

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Remember, 'this is the last pope'  we want him to stay in as long as possible.



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And even more importantly:

Texas middle school sex-ed teacher arrested for sex with students

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Looks like Miss Piggy as a brunette.

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According to Nietzsche, expressing an understatement is just another form of exaggeration and he more probably than not had a decadent failing church in mind too. Beware of the "humble", the naysayers without a healthy appetite usually
have an agenda and a touch of death too.

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Someone's gotta pay the papal prostitutes.

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What do you expect from a bunch of child molester protectors - fair play? honesty? or just any old kind of criminal behavior? So who is the stupid one? Them the crooks? or you poor bastards who believe in religion and morals?

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Ask any good con man where the #1 preferred target to steal happens to's always the church....pick a denomination.

icanhasbailout's picture

pfft. The real pros in that field own banks.

TheGardener's picture

Con man just harvest on greedy people , just like pimps turn any greedy slut into a real whore.

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Don Lucchesi, you are a man of finance and politics. These things I don't understand.

You understand guns?


Finance is a gun. Politics is knowing when to pull the trigger.

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It's amazing how many scandals, leaks, small wars, revolutions, crisises, and even meteors are raining down on this world.

Smegley Wanxalot's picture

One square meteor, 10 miles on each side, taking out DC would make my day.

It may be my last day, but I'd be laughing my ass off as the shockwave washes thru.

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money, the root of all evil! and the worst of it comming from the church. what a disgrace and not only catholics but all of them are all about the money! I'm glad I have my house of worship in the woods where I can dress as I please and pray to god for a better world and to get rid of the trash that is bringing our country to it's knees! Also, I know of a person and his soon to be wife was ask to pay the minister $500 to get married, what a scam. They are getting married by the Justice of the peace next month on the farm!

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rootless caveman, it is still just the "want" of money the church bedevils. You must be referring to the democratic
religion in her many socialist forms...

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"The LOVE of Money is the root of all Evil."  Check yer bible.