Egypt's Pope, Grand Sheik, And ElBaradei To Present Political Roadmap

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While the situation remains fluid, and the US state department remains in the dark as far as it wants the public to know, Reuters is reporting that Egypt's state news agency MENA states "Egypt's leading Muslim and Christian clerics and the leader of the liberal opposition alliance Mohamed ElBaradei will jointly present a roadmap for a political transition shortly." Of course, use of the word 'coup' is expressly forbidden but as @RichardEngel asks (rhetorically), "Is it a coup if the people ask for the military's help?  The brotherhood clearly thinks it is."


It appears like the liberal opposition leader ElBaradei (infamous for his disagreement with the US over WMDs in Iraq) will assume some leadership role.


Via Reuters,

Egypt's leading Muslim and Christian clerics and the leader of the liberal opposition alliance Mohamed ElBaradei will jointly present a roadmap for a political transition shortly, state news agency MENA said on Wednesday.


The announcement follows talks with military chiefs who gave President Mohamed Mursi an ultimatum to share power, which has now expired. The generals would be present at the announcement along with members of the Tamarud youth protest movement, MENA said.


The clerics would be the Grand Sheikh of Cairo's Al-Azhar institution, a leading authority in the Muslim world, and Pope Tawadros, the head of the Coptic Church and leader of Egypt's millions of Christians.

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Charles Nelson Reilly's picture

"While the situation remains fluid, and the US state department remains in the dark"........ hahahahahhaha, yeah right!

Shell Game's picture

I think they meant, ...and the US state department remains on the Dark Side."

James_Cole's picture

El Baradei definitely a step above the US-backed dictators. Suprised the Egyptians are cheering the military so much though..

bank guy in Brussels's picture

« You can't eat sharia »

- Egypt's Mohamed El-Baradei

Urban Roman's picture

Somebody had to say it: 

Egypt's Pope, Grand Sheik, And ElBaradei walk into a bar...

LeisureSmith's picture

The muslim brotherhood is definitely not the right crew for Egypt(or any country), but ElBaradei is just another bad choice.

Egyptians.....Kick'em both square in the nuts and get some fresh uncompromised meat in there. 

SilverRhino's picture

Mohamed ElBaradei : the same guy who was with the IAEA inspecting nuclear programs?  Hmmmm. : Iran comments


ziggy59's picture

Global criminals keep being recycled...amazingly

thisandthat's picture

So, someone honest, at l(e)ast... just to end like Mossadegh...?

ZerOhead's picture

That was a transcription/translation error...

dark was supposed to read > shadows

Ghordius's picture

"the US state department remains in the dark"
it could be literal, then Egypt's ties were historically through military officers exchanges, with the Pentagon having the lead

Freddie's picture

Shame the Pentagon does not have such guts.  They are more into pensions, keeping the F-35 gravy train alive and feeling up fake t*ts like "Jill Kelly" Abdullah and other spy whores at country clubs near US military bases like McDill AFB in Tampa.    "Oh general - yes I am Irish on my father's side and my breaststss are real."  

"Anna Chapaman? No admiral - I never heard of her."  Cowards.

debtor of last resort's picture

It's not a political roadmap, it's the same fucking template.

cougar_w's picture

Same tracks, different train, ends up in the same place.

McMolotov's picture

Yeah, it's either the same ol' shit, or they're conveniently rolling out this "new roadmap" just hours after the coup — much like the Patriot Act that magically appeared out of nowhere.

Governments, as a rule, suck ass. Egyptians: be prepared to bend over again.

Off topic:

LeisureSmith's picture

Need a team player in Egypt on the path to Persia. ElBaradei's got faux anti war cred and name recognition....International Crisis Group is their name and they are not in the peace racket.

Snake in the grass....and going for the kill.

thisandthat's picture

Does their logo includes a vulture... or an hyena? - both?

malikai's picture

Everyone keeps freaking out about that.

C'mon people, if you have nothing to hide...

...don't send mail.

bozzy's picture

At last!  Those freakin' US generals bin hidin their stuff recently, now we are gonna see some real stuff. Where's Cheney?

prains's picture

He's busy clenaing up the ninth layer of hell for visitors

nope-1004's picture

The US wrote that "political roadmap", no doubt.  More of the same BS from control freaks.


LeisureSmith's picture

I fucking knew it. Eat dick ElBaradei!!

newengland's picture

Check mate.

The Mursi/O'bomba axis of evil are contained.I think it's interesting that the Egyptian high command have been trained by Russian and British military, traditionally. Intriguing - especially given that the Mursi/O'bomba/Cameron arming of mercenaries in Syria is vehemently opposed by the top brass in Russia and Britain.

One less lil helper for DCs latest failed foreign policy when Mursi and O'bomba share the humiliation for igniting the world's biggest public protests ever...and the military declared that Egypt's army is for all Egyptians.

That's rather uncomfortable for a democratically elected leader like Mursi and O'bomba to see that they can be democratically removed - when the military intervene on behalf of the people, the majority.

DeliciousSteak's picture

Egypt's leading Muslim and Christian clerics and the leader of the liberal opposition alliance


Religion and liberalism holding hands, Egypt truly is a progressive promised land. But I still don't get why the clerics are there. It's like these muslims live on a different planet.

ZerOhead's picture

The clerics are there to represent God's interests as they see it... which of course usually corresponds to their own desires for power wealth and hegemony over ... well ... everyone.

Same end-product just different marketing everywhere...

FieldingMellish's picture

The clerics are there to represent God's interests

I thought that was Blankfein's job?

Ghordius's picture

it's the same cultural war. white Turks vs black Turks (sic), city vs countryside, urban vs rural, liberal vs conservative, freedom of and from religion vs religion, minorities together vs majority, "western" vs heritage

education is not a divide, money also not. and socialism has nothing to do with it. militarism does, including a military ethos of being non-partisan and the garantor of basic constitutional frameworks

Totentänzerlied's picture

Bahahahaha, thanks for the laughs. Now, back to the manuscripts and parchments!

PontifexMaximus's picture

Funny, that there are no news from Bashir al Assad, consider it as OT. BTW, 1 mio $ question: do the Yanks double their aid for the new gov. in ex- brotherhoodmursiland?

monad's picture

The scionists with nukes (not yanks, octopi) will systematically undermine whatever happens next, until the Egyptians make concessions restoring the status quo. The scionist propaganda outlet will make sure we know that this is in their best interest and not to try this at home, and anyone who disagrees will be dealt with

RacerX's picture

"Meet the new Boss. Same as the old Boss" 

walküre's picture

Where is Henry Kissinger?

Mitzibitzi's picture

If it's not in the crosshairs of a loaded Barratt M82, who gives a fuck?

prains's picture

dude the ninth layer is a big place, bodies everywhere, lives wrecked, families destroyed he's helping Cheney with clean up.

ziggy59's picture

Probably with the rest of the the Hamptons

kralizec's picture

A Pharoah is a Pharoah...


A. Magnus's picture

It's a fucking bankster roadmap, lock stock and barrel; all they are doing is changing the marketing campaigns - clearly Morsi's Pepsi didn't win the asshole taste test with the Egyptian public, so it's CIA Coke through the military all over again...


RacerX's picture

Exactly what I was thinking. When does the IMF come in with their "stabilization" loans?

NotApplicable's picture

Just as soon as Egypt's "government" is willing to offer the canal as collateral.

Oldballplayer's picture

Funny, when you lose the people everywhere else, you lose the government.  Here...we watch a half white idiot on trial for shooting a half wit black guy.

ziggy59's picture

How much gold does, uh, DID Egypt have?

lindaamick's picture

The situation in Egypt for the moment looks better for Egyption Citizens due to representation by a more broad group of interests. 

The people back the military for the moment due to the military saying they will respect the direction of the multi faction group of leaders.

The situation could change in a flash.

The Egyption people need an Economic plan to resolve the current issues with lack of necessities, infrastructure and joblessness.

The unfolding of this situation should have lessons for us all regarding future events in many countries.

Tucson Tom's picture

how about some "Hope and Change" Egyptian style,some QE 1, solar grants,they have lots of sun,shovel ready projects,like more pyramids,Cash for Camels,trade your old one in,Service International sand pile workers  juice! Sure worked elsewhere.

Things that go bump's picture

Don't they get a toll for use of the Suez? Maybe they could up their fees or get a percentage of everything that goes through.

groundedkiwi's picture

All will be revealed once WE see who starts to give international aid.

cognus's picture

Christians were headed for the proverbial gas chambers there - the 'Brotherhood' was going to make Egypt look like the same toilet Afghanistan is where, thanks to the meddling of the USA, the last christian church was burned to the ground a little over a year ago.

The so-called government of the USA, the cabal in charge in Washington D.C., seems bent on eradicating Christianity from the Middle East, putting Christians to the sword in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, now Syria, Pakistan, Mali. Refugee camps are bursting at the seams in the few remaining places they can survive in: Turkey [for now], Jordan, Lebanon, and some spots of Gaza.

God bless these clerics, Muslim and Christian, as they try to find a way to ensure peace without violence.  My advice is ban all USA visas....

NotApplicable's picture

It's hard to have a successful movement (especially if it's a casus belli) without victims.

WWII provides all the examples one might need.