Let Freedom Reign This July 4th By Withdrawing All Assets From the Global Banking Slavery System

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Aeschylus stated, “In war, truth is the first casualty.” The Third World War has clearly already begun, as it is a war being waged by the global shadow banking system against all of humanity. Just because the war is not an overt military theater operation (though there are plenty of these as well in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya and in the likely future, Iran, just to name a few) does not mean that a shadow war is not taking place right now against the freedoms and economic rights of all of humanity. At their heart, all wars ultimately are about money. In order for the banking elite to keep their monopolistic control over the global monetary system, they consequently wage war against the liberties of humanity.


The real goals of the bogus War on Drugs and the equally bogus War on Terror are to enrich the people that started these wars. That’s it. Though it’s incredibly simple, it still seems to be too complex an idea for most to grasp. There are no further humanitarian or benevolent goals to these false wars. If there were truly a “real” War on Drugs and a “real” War on Terror, then British run and controlled HSBC would have already been shut down for laundering billions of dirty money for the most violent drug cartel in the world, the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel, and contributing to the slaughter of an estimated 20,000 people a year. However, the aim of the War on Drugs is not to end drug trafficking but rather for those waging this false war to profit from its continuation. Likewise, the aim of the War on Terror is not to end terrorism but rather to profit from its continuation. If you doubt these statements, merely study the Prohibition era in the United States during the 1920s. Did gangsters, politicians, and police illicitly earn enormous sums of money during the period when alcohol was “illegal” or did they earn their huge amounts of profits after alcohol was legalized again? Today, the answer to this question remains the same and that is why these so-called wars are stretched into perpetuity. Bankers and politicians benefit the most from the War on Drugs and would not be able to reap their massive profits if the most heavily trafficked illegal drugs were legalized. Thus, when one nation declares war on another nation to gain access to (and control over) their resources, this act is truly no different than one drug dealer that murders another drug dealer to gain control of the opposition drug dealer’s territory in order to expand the size of his distribution network. In the end, either these wars involve a bigger bully gangster killing another less formidable gangster, or it is about one gangster killing off innocents to expand his empire and riches.


Unfortunately, most people continue to be manipulated and misled by the lies of our world leaders today simply because they are ignorant of history. Many people feel that knowledge of history is unimportant or irrelevant because they fail to connect the power structure of the present to the “gangsterism” of the past. But one must understand the past if one ever expects to understand the present. If one takes the time to study how JP Morgan placed millions of Americans in their debt and hundreds of their competitor banks out of business with the schemes they executed to artificially create the Great Depression, then the same plans being executed stealthily by bankers today to the mass ruin of billions would be crystal clear to this individual. There is a mountain of documented factual literature that explains how the bankers deliberately created the Great Depression to enrich themselves and to enslave everyone else back in the 1920s yet even though this scenario is being repeated today, billions of humans believe this information is irrelevant because it is “ancient history”. If one understands why bankers perpetually place billions of people in dozens of countries into massive debt and this tactic is a matter of controlling the people, then jingoistic, infantile and unthinking celebrations of examples of any nation’s military superiority would immediately cease forever because people would understand that by starting and funding wars, bankers enslave a nation with the debt war imposes upon its citizens. Consequently, to vote and support going to war against Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, or to support an endless War on Drugs and an endless War on Terror over attempts at diplomatic resolutions and negotiations is simply moronic. Anyone that votes for war as the first response to conflict resolution is essentially voting for his or her own enslavement and own financial destruction. And how dumb does one have to be to support one’s own enslavement? Again, knowledge of history would lead to this very simple understanding of the ulterior motives of endless wars. Tragically, today bankers have successfully brainwashed millions into believing they are being “patriotic” by supporting their unjust and often unnecessary wars, when in fact, bankers use our unthinking, uncritical jingoism as the very mechanism to enslave all of us. However, if we fail to understand the history of global banking, we are bound to remain slaves to the Money Masters for the rest of our existence (beyond even our own lives as our seeds and their seeds will continue to remain slaves).


The More Things Change, The More They Stay the SAME!


There however, is even a larger casualty of war than truth, and this is the expansion of ignorance. Along with the global banking/military industrial complex’s shadow war against all of humanity, they have also been waging a covert war to control everyone’s minds. Like lemmings that follow each other over a cliff, the majority of humanity today continues to blindly follow their politicians and leaders down a path that will end in their financial deaths. Chris Hedges provided a fine update to Aeschylus’s centuries old statement with his own version: “We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.” And how is this accomplished? By the global elite’s use of police that have pledged to “protect and serve” but instead “oppress and terrorize.”


So even though it seems that every month, more and more people are awakening to the global bankers’ plan to loot everyone’s assets to recapitalize the world’s major banks, all of which are essentially bankrupt today and cannot be recapitalized by the creation of trillions of more ‘free” money as the total amount of derivatives owned by these global banks are believed to exceed $1,200,000,000,000,000. Consequently, the only way to resolve this problem, since many of these derivatives are worthless or are only worth pennies on the dollar, would be to create so much more new money out of thin air that hyperinflation in all the world’s major fiat currencies would occur. And if this occurred, then mass global revolution against the bankers would undoubtedly occur. And the global bankers fully understand this equation. This is why their much preferred plan is to bankrupt as many people as possible, so that no one will have the financial means to revolt against them when the global financial system finally collapses. If you still are so naïve as to believe that the Central Banking system is not deliberately designed to transfer money from all citizens to the top executives at banks to enrich them at our expense, then listen to these tapes of John Bowe, the Director of Retail Banking and Peter Fitzgerald, the Head of Capital Markets, at Anglo Irish Bank. Note in the audio file in this link, how these top two banking executives express not the slightest shred of guilt about undermining every citizen in their nation through their failures and instead, joke and laugh about how they will never pay back a 7 billion euro loan from the Irish Financial Services Regulator Authority (IFSRA) that was provided to them to recapitalize their failing bank. 
And if you still naively believe that the War on Terror is really a war to instill freedom, then watch Jeremy Scahill’s heavily investigated and fact-finding documentary, Dirty Wars.


Today, our government and financial leaders routinely sell us lies as truth and attempt to marginalize and denigrate truth as crazy conspiracy theories. Remember that our political and financial leaders have all vehemently and passionately discredited breaking stories, multiple times, over the past several years about bank manipulation of LIBOR rates, bank manipulation of credit swaps, bank manipulation of FOREX prices, accusations of huge global banking institutions’ heavy involvement in drug and criminal money laundering (Citigroup, Wachovia, HSBC, etc), accusations of government spying on email, Facebook pages, and phone conversations, and other unsavory and immoral business practices too numerous to delineate here. Recall how political and banking leaders have repeatedly called all these accusations the work of crazy conspiracy theorists in order to discredit them and recall how, in each and every aforementioned case, the “crazy” accusations have all been proven over time to be the truth while a very large contingency of our political and financial leaders have proven to be outright liars. Again, as I’ve stressed all throughout this article, understanding truth always points back to understanding history. When Nicolas Tesla was working under the patronage of Westinghouse and Thomas Edison was funded by JP Morgan and the Rothschild banking clans, Tesla invented a far superior, more efficient and much more powerful alternating current electrical system that could provide more electric power to a far larger network than Edison’s direct current electrical system. Only there was one problem back then. JP Morgan and the Rothschilds did not own the patents to any of Tesla’s far superior alternating current electrical systems. So what did they do? They called Tesla’s work “crazy” and ridiculously “dangerous”, even though they knew Tesla’s system to be far superior to any of the electric networks that they controlled and thus profited from. Because they couldn’t profit from Tesla’s work, these banking families spent enormous sums of their own money to spread lies about the danger of Tesla’s alternating current system, even falsely stating that if Tesla’s system was used to provide electricity to America’s homes that someone would be dead in a couple of months from Tesla’s dangerous electrical grid. Today, just as a gold-backed monetary system would undoubtedly be far superior for all of humanity to a fiat currency system that enslaves everyone, the bankers spread ridiculous lies, such as the lie that a 100% backed gold monetary system would constrain
growth and that these limitations were the cause of the Great Depression. However, I have thoroughly debunked these lies and falsehoods spread by global banking trolls masquerading as "economists" like Paul Krugman in my book, The Golden Gift.


These combined tactics of presenting lies as truth and discrediting truth with more lies have created a huge disconnect between knowledge and action. Defeatism seems to be embraced even among many of those that can separate fact from fiction. I personally have heard many people react to Edward Snowden’s revelations of massive US government spying on all US citizens, regardless of a citizen’s wrongdoing, with responses very similar to the following: “So what? What do you think you can do about it? There’s nothing you can do about it, so why waste your time worrying about it? That’s such a waste of energy.” Such an answer reveals that these people sadly and tragically have resigned themselves to their lowly positions of slaves within the State instead of using such revelations to firm their resolve to fight for their freedom. Instead of taking action to protect their privacy given the information Snowden has revealed and instead of heeding his warning that “the Obama administration is afraid of you. It is afraid of an informed, angry public demanding the constitutional government it was promised — and it should be,” the vast majority of people simply remain apathetic, and by and large, don’t care about their freedoms any more. In other words, regarding the substantial contingency of awake people that exhibit self-defeatist behavior,




I believe this horrible trend of self-defeatism can firmly be traced back to decades of indoctrination through the institutional global education system that systematically and progressively destroys all remnants of an individual’s creativity, critical thinking processes, independence and individuality and replaces these critical elements of human spirit with blind and unthinking obedience to authority figures. Forget about the coming zombie apocalypse. If the reaction to excessive State destruction of privacy and liberties that I’ve thus far witnessed is indicative of the sentiment of the masses, the zombie apocalypse already is here and on full display. Because of the systemic and deliberate destruction of independent thought through the institutional academic system and the consequent replacement of thought with hero and/or celebrity worship, many of us now fail to recognize the divinity and resident genius that resides within each and every one of us. If 7 billion of us disdain the reality that has been created by a few thousand morally bankrupt global elitists, then without doubt, we have the power to create the reality we desire. Forget about the unlimited superior firepower of our oppressors. A united front of 7 billion morally strong and awakened individuals is far more threatening to the global elitists than all of their combined weaponry that they can rain down upon us, including all of their Stinger missiles, all of their drones, all of their white phosphorous and all of their RPGs. It is only our failure to recognize that we have the power to win this shadow war being waged against us that leads to our failure.


So today, symbolically on America’s Independence Day, we should all take the first step to realizing and exercising our power to create the reality we want in this shadow war being waged against us by removing all of our financial assets from the global banking system if you have not had the foresight to do so already. The bankers are planning to steal, pilfer, loot, appropriate, burglarize, extract, deplete, exhaust, bamboozle, fleece, impoverish, and plunder any remaining assets inside THEIR system in any manner they can, whether this looting is executed through further devaluing fiat currencies, by creating artificial stock market plunges and panic, through outright theft of up to 80% of bank accounts as occurred in Cyprus, through increasing taxes, through forced conversions of retirement and pension plans into State controlled assets, or through increased capital restrictions. In order to continue a state of complacency, bankers have promised citizens all over the world that federal deposit insurance exists to protect their digital deposits and that situations like MF Global theft and “Cyprusing” bank accounts will never happen again. And again, we the people naïvely and foolishly believe these empty promises even as elitist global banking organizations like the Central Banks, the IMF, the BIS, and the World Banks continue to plot to steal our assets. Many of us feel so defeated that even though we know that the global bankers’ promises not to further loot our assets are lies, we take no action. I say no more. The only way to prevent bankers from stealing from us in the coming months is to get our assets out of the system and to get them out now.


One of the tells the bankers have revealed, like a bad poker player, is their massive looting of paper gold and paper silver that began this past April. With the numerous revelations since 2008 of bankers deliberately stealing assets from their clients, I don’t know a single informed person that doesn’t realize that global bankers do not have their best interests at heart today. For those of us that don’t realize that our friendly globalist banker is planning to loot our assets in the immediate future, our ignorance is only maintained due to the fact that the very purpose of today’s global banking system conflicts with our own internal belief system about banking, and the resultant cognitive dissonance is too hard to reconcile for us. Often a refusal to adjust a belief system that is patently wrong is responsible for our inaction and our refusal to motivate ourselves towards self-preservation and away from self-destruction. In other word, it all comes down to the almighty ego and our refusal to reign in our egos. So if you are of the inclination not to consider information that may threaten your internal belief system, please consider this question instead: “If someone wished to destroy you, what would be the best tactic to take in doing this?” The best tactic, of course, would be to convince you not to buy the asset that could protect you, or to sell the asset you own that already protects you. This asset of course is precious metals, or gold and silver.


If one asks how can gold and silver not be in a bear market given that both gold and silver have dropped well over 20% from recent highs and a 20% drop is typically the definition of a bear market, my answer is that bankers have created a bear market in imaginary gold and virtual silver but not in the real physical gold and real physical silver markets. In other words, globalist bankers have created the recent plunges in gold and silver prices entirely by selling huge amounts of virtual gold and virtual silver into the market that are only paper contracts that represent molecules of O2, not molecules of Au or Ag, the chemical molecules that constitute gold and silver. If one were to examine the behavior of the physical gold and silver markets during this recent bear market in imaginary gold and silver, one would see the exact opposite of what one would expect. Yes, the bankers have been selling tonnes upon tonnes of imaginary gold to cause imaginary paper prices of gold and silver to plummet, but at the same time, their actions have created a raging bull in the physical gold and silver markets. That’s why any debate over whether the gold and silver bull is over is just silly. I guess if you have imaginary friends and live in an imaginary world, the gold and silver bull market may be over for you, but for anyone whose existence depends on the reality of tangible assets and not imaginary ideas that float in mid-air (because that is all a futures contract really represents), there is not a single credible argument for the gold and silver bull market being over at this current point and time. Purchases of real physical gold and real physical silver in recent months have matched and/or exceeded the highest buying volumes since 2008 in many regions, including Australia, Hong Kong, the US, China, and Dubai. The ONLY rational explanation for the simultaneous existence of a raging paper gold and silver bear and a raging physical gold and silver bull is two-fold:


(1) low prices of gold and silver are being interpreted by people with deep pockets as these assets being hugely undervalued; and

(2) the same players that are buying real physical gold and silver as the paper prices have plummeted fully believe that the paper market is fraudulent and dishonest.


If we look at explanation (1) above, if a true bear market and not an imaginary bear market existed today, then record buying behavior in the physical market would never have materialized. In other words, in a bear market, people tend to dump the underlying commodity, not buy it in record volume. Record buying only occurs in a bull market or at the top of a bull market. But we don’t have a bull market or anything close to it in terms of paper gold and paper silver prices. Of course, the emotional distress caused by these banker paper gold and paper silver price shenanigans has been real, not imaginary, among the gold and silver community. There is no doubt about that. But if those among us that own gold and silver have the foresight and understanding to hold through this artificially created raid and accumulate more physical when possible on such artificially depressed prices, great rewards from standing firm against banker fraud in paper markets will manifest in the future. Secondly, the bankers are pulling off a huge magic trick right now. For a couple of years now, they have kept the price of gold and silver down and really have convinced many in the Western world, through their concurrent media propaganda, that gold and silver are in a bear market. However, the real trick is that the globalist bankers have been turning their suppression of the imaginary gold and silver market into great stores of real gold and silver at depressed prices. By bankers, I mean the bankers that are ushering in this global financial collapse, or the owners of the world’s top Central Banks and the CEOs of the largest global banking institutions. I have no doubt that they have been converting their fiat currencies into physical gold and silver on every major raid that they have been executing in the imaginary paper world.


Still, to provide sufficient warning, data in the gold and silver paper markets that we research point to the likelihood that we will suffer one final paper price takedown and banker raid before gold and silver prices finally turn around with spectacular upside and vengeance. And this final raid will unfortunately provide all the ammunition that gold and silver bear market believers need to never investigate the action in real physical precious metals markets and thus miss out on what will turn out to be one of the most spectacular monetary recoveries and runs of our lifetime (we consider gold and silver to hold more monetary than commodity status at the present time despite silver’s heavy industrial use). However, regardless if one believes that gold and silver will save your financial life or not, we all should take action to prevent further looting of assets within the global banking system because this as an inevitable event in the very near future. Cyprus was not a one-off event and the banker theft of Cyprus accounts was a template for many countries in the future. Central Banks and international banking institutions like the IMF, World Bank and BIS have made it crystal clear that they will loot private citizens’ accounts to recapitalize failing global banks. The theft in Cyprus should have woken all of us immediately to the global banking plan to commit further acts of theft from savings, checking, and time deposit accounts and retirement and pension plans. Instead, it seems as though most of us only opened one eye momentarily and then went back to sleep, apparently unfazed by the massive banker theft of assets in Cyprus because it “happened to them, and didn’t happen to us.”


Lastly, for the non-believers in gold and silver that exist, let us consider the silly argument that I’ve often heard many of us use to rationalize not converting our slave-money (digital fiat currency) into real hard assets (physical gold and physical silver). I’ve often heard many ask, “Well, the government could confiscate gold and silver at any time and if they do, what good will it be then? Good luck with holding worthless assets!” My counter-argument to this weak logic is the following. Imagine that you lived back in the days of the Roman Empire and you were a slave forced to train as a gladiator and then fight, and likely die, for the entertainment of the mob. However, one day your master came to you and said, “You are free to leave now. Only I will no longer provide for your food, water and shelter, and you must fend for yourself. Or you can stay under my rule, continue to have these provisions and continue fighting until one day you die for my glory and the glory of Rome.” If you did not immediately take your freedom, every one of your fellow slaves would think you were a cowardly fool. All of us have the same choice today of whether to introduce more risk into our lives but seize our freedom, or to stay dwelling within the “comforts” of our slavery.


Staying under the rule of the Roman master as a slave is the conscious choice we will make if we choose to maintain our earnings in slave fiat currencies. But we have a choice to opt out of the banking system by converting our slave currencies into the hard assets of gold and silver. We have a collective opportunity to opt out of the slave banking system entirely, and who cares if the people that want to be our masters make ownership of gold and silver illegal again. They could all make home ownership illegal. If they did, would we all immediately give up our homes and opt to live on the streets? The choice of whether to continue using the slave banking system or opting out is one simply of slavery v. freedom. Just like we would not sell our homes if tyrannical governments made home ownership illegal, if a tyrannical government made gold and silver ownership illegal, why would we be forced to sell our gold and silver? Just like we would opt to fight for our homes if home ownership were made illegal, we all could fight to keep our gold and silver if ownership of such were made illegal. If tyrannies tried to confiscate people’s only legitimate store of wealth, physical gold and silver, people could opt to form their own underground financial network and trade in gold and silver and simply opt out of the more widely used financial system of tyranny called fiat money. It is only tyrants that wish to impose upon you the silly notion that you have no option but to be a slave under their rule. Again, it comes down to a choice of slavery versus freedom, and which system you are fine living under. Just as a cowardly fear of having to fight for freedom would prevent the Roman slave from taking his freedom, it is the same cowardice that prevents us from opting out of the global fiat banking system. Forget about the pro v. anti gold and silver arguments for now. Whether or not you believe PMs will serve as the ultimate store of wealth as the global fiat monetary system collapses should have absolutely no bearing on making the intelligent decision to remove your financial assets from under the domain and inevitable confiscation of global bankers and their State-run tyrannies.  Independence Day is a fine day to start the process of taking back our freedoms from the tyrants that rule over us by removing ourselves from the financial systems they impose upon us.


Further reading about the same topic as available in these below articles:

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"The Death of Capitalism, Redux"



About the author: JS Kim is the Founder and Managing Director of SmartKnowledgeU, a firm dedicated to rooting out the truth in the midst of a very untruthful global financial world.

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The problem, among many, is fractional reserve banking with government backing.

Fractional reserve banking backed by the government has failed in the same way every time throughout all of history.

Fractional reserve banking not backed by the government also fails for similar but not identical reasons.

Fractional reserve banking backed by the government creates moral hazard.

The simpliest solution is not to play.  Take your money out of the system and convert it to something of future value.

GreatUncle's picture

Think the reason in the article is wrong, this is simpler.


This is the real battle of all time, us plebs are really not in the game anymore hence we are bystanders.


Once upon a time in a very inefficient world it was possible to skim off the top whatever you wanted. As the efficiency increased though like another virtual person appeared skimming off the top generating some competition -- MR EFFICIENCY. Bankers would call these the "good old day"! Bankers can only resort to creating money to compete with MR EFFICIENCY so they started started to play the inflate / deflate game (1930's) trying to keep MR EFFICIENCY in check. That was the plan I do believe thereby allowing them to be become immortal forever. Well MR EFFICIENCY did what he does best, become ever more efficient and the bankers / polticians fearful of losing decided to never part with any money preferring electronic transactions instead so it never actually leaves their possession at any time. That is where we are today.


The last point exposes the bankers weakness. Mr Efficiencies weakness is that the bankers will use whatever he develops to defeat him, like ipads.


paint it red call it hell's picture


One by one the royal bricks were laid in the dungeon walls instead of Heaven's stairway.

DosZap's picture

As Seneca used to say: "Religion is viewed by the simple as True, by the wise as False, and by the rulers as Useful". Think long and hard about this my friend, before getting on your holier-than-thou horses.

Anton, what is that God say's about those that think of themselves to be WISE?,they are fools.

Whether ''God'' is the Christian God or not, I seriously doubt that ''He'' (or is that ''She'' - I get confused?) will help us get over our current predicament(s).

Not HIS job, that is why we have FREEWILL.HE did not get us into this cesspool, sin did.

decentralizedscutinizer's picture

"It is only our failure to recognize that we have the power to win this shadow war being waged against us that leads to our failure."


So true.

The question we on the internet should be asking is how do we organize all this power? Is there anyone we can trust? Is there a system that would ensure trust? If that system is the Constitution, and it's all we have, how do we use it against an organized usurpation that's not bound by it?

This is one idea, my idea, of how; but what would work for the millions that would have to ratify it?  

28th Amendment (The Constitutional Emergency Amendment)

    Corporations are not persons and shall be granted only those rights and privileges that Congress deems necessary for the well-being of the People. Congress shall provide legislation defining the terms and conditions of corporate charters according to their purpose; which shall include, but are not limited to:
    1, prohibitions against any corporation;
    a, owning another corporation,
    b, becoming economically indispensable or monopolistic, or
    c, otherwise distorting the general economy;
    2, prohibitions against any form of intervention in the affairs of government by means of;
    a, congressional lobbying
    b, electoral sponsorship or advocacy
    c, educational sponsorship or publication
    d, media news reporting
    3, provisions for;
    a, the auditing of standardized, current, and transparent account books
    b, closing the FRB and the establishment of state-owned banks
    c, civil and criminal penalties to be suffered by corporate executives et al for violation of the terms of a corporate charter.

MicroSecession's picture

I like the idea.  It is certainly true that corporations create moral hazards that either do not exist or exist on a much smaller level in private businesses.  The problem with corporations is that it is always unclear the extent to which moral reasoning can play.  In a private business, if I see something I think is immoral, I can appeal to the owner's sense of morality.  In a corporation, the highest executive is at the service of the shareholders, and they base their decisions entirely on money.  Shareholders, as a rule, don't even have the information to know if the executives are behaving morally.  They know the value of the company's assets, but there is no number which pegs its morality.

I think, however, that this is not the core of the issue, but that it is merely an extension of the wider issue that we no longer educate, and therefore can no longer think, using moral terms and categories.  All public education is materialistic, in that it denies higher truths, ideals, and categories of being.  Therefore, why should we be surprised when such reasoning is absent from our executives, and no one cares?  Of course, they care about the destruction, but they didn't care at the point where they could do something about it.  That's like being against war but still hating your neighbor.

decentralizedscutinizer's picture

The differences between proprietary behavior and corporate behavior are so vast, subtle, insidious, and pervasive that whole books could be written on the subject. It's difficult because there aren't many absolutes and our language is so ambiguous after centuries of accepting business corporations as a fact of life.

In my personal experience, the most obvious difference between dealing with my usual customers (timberframers/building contractors) and dealing with the occasional corporate customer (custom saws/ industrial applications) is that I always had to charge twice as much because I could never find the "responsible party" with whom I could negotiate compromises and reach decisions. Their decisions were almost always, and predictably, the short-sighted viewpoint that minimized up-front cost at the expense of long-term economy-of-use. They seemed universally incapable of in-house innovation beyond cost-saving cheapness measures.

Like I say, a book could (and should) be written to qualify the profound differences between corporate thinking and proprietary thinking. It sounds so disingenuous when I hear people lumping proprietary businesses and corporate businesses into the same category of "private business" . Likewise: lumping Mom&Pops Pizza on 1st St. and JPMORGAN in the same category for being "corporations" is even more absurd.

Following corporate thinking and corporate money down the cultural drain requires the understanding, recognition, and exposure of corporate news broadcasters, Hollywood producers, publishing houses, especially textbook publishing houses, think tanks, alumni associations, and so forth and so on for all the subtle little political games they play in selecting what constitutes "suitable content". The culture of corporatism has penetrated so deeply into our species' self-image that I don't think people are even aware how assimilated they've become into the BORG. This is starting to sound like a book, isn't it.

lynnybee's picture

i'm in awe of J.S. KIM's article.    i forwarded it to all my friends & family. 

CustomersMan's picture


This is interesting.


For the first time in a while, we see an airliner carrying someone important (President of Bolivia) being forced to land and NOT being allowed to use other countries airspace. The idea was Snowden might be on-board. Snowden has NOT seen his day in court, and certainly the President of Bolivia was not the target although his diplomatic immunity did not protect him during his trip home.

Where does this type of arbitrary use of force lead us?

This has implications for other "important criminals" that may be on route to somewhere. Examples might be Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, O'Bama, Holder, Rice, Wolfowitz, Netanyahoo, Silverstein and many others.

el Gallinazo's picture

I agree with the vast bulk of what Mr. Kim has to write about the globalist elite banking system.  One area where I would make a different emphasis is the following.  Since they make money (credit of course) out of thin air, do they really have to accumulate more?  If anyone knows how intrinsically worthless their digital fiat is, it is they.  In my opinion, this money thing is just a system of convenient mind (and thus behavior) control, and their true motivation is the complete global enslavement of the human race.  It is not the possession of money they desire (at least not for those who are represented by that evil eye capping the pyramid), but rather it is just a means to their end, the loss of our will, freedom and souls.

Also, I don't think he does fair justice here to the details of the recent globalist take down of PM's.  While physical now is selling at a substantially greater premium to the paper price, the price of physical is still much lower than it was say 4 months ago.  Here in Mexico one can walk into a Banco Azteca and walk out in a few minutes with quality 1 ounce 99.9% silver Libertades.  (They are actually quite sexy with a well constructed, bare breasted winged woman on the face).  All one needs is the fiat pesos in exchange.  No ID is required.  You do have to sign a receipt, but there is nothing to stop you from scribbling with your left hand, John Smith.  Anyway, in those last 4 months, the selling price at BA has dropped from Mex$ 420, to this morning, Mex$ 286.  A small portion of that is the forex drop of the USD against the peso, as the world price of paper PM's is calculated everywhere against the USD, but the peso has weakened recently and is now back to about 13 to the dollar (it had recently fallen under 12), so most of it is the drop in the price of silver.  And I remind you, this is cash and carry physical.  BTW, Mexico produces 20% of global silver.


OK, cutting to the chase, this is where I think the excellent article above is deficient.  Kim writes of people of all economic brackets around of the world stepping up their buying of physical PM's.  And yes, the volume turnover in tons has increased greatly.  But for every ounce bought there is a seller.  So who exactly is selling all this physical?  Is it only the bullion banks? Is it hedge funds with margin calls?  We know the bullion banks' inventories are dropping, but does this account for all or most of the sales side of this increased volume?  I think not.  And this is the elephant in the living room.  Who is coughing up all this physical?

All Risk No Reward's picture

el G, main street's organic growth is collapsing to the tune of $500 billion a quarter.


...and dropping like a rock (third chart down).

The jjig looks to be up, the the chain on the plug looks to be taut.

I believe the take down in commodities, not just gold and silver, presages the coming deflationary collapse that will turn all that "worthless fiat" into what is real - our land, our homes, our businesses, our farms, our streets, our water company, our energy company, our parks, etc...

The banksters simulataneously have increased interest rates going into this main street organic growth collapse, all the while pretending they aren't doiing it.

They are lying.

I think the rim of the "big bust" is dead ahead...  so buckle up.

I also think everything gets a lot cheaper as American is taken into insolvency and its former wealth transferred to Big Finance Capital corporate fronts.

Note - nominally cheaper.  As American is gutted, the plebians won't have access to much money.

Oh, who is selling physical?  Insiders that will likely look to buy at much cheaper prices.  Don't think that's not possible because it has already happened.

IMHO, Nicole is dead on right in her macro view, even if her market top predictions suck.  ;-)

Mr. Hudson's picture

: "Who is coughing up all this physical?"

The same people who keep telling everyone that they have to buy.

Svendblaaskaeg's picture

@Author of article JS Kim

Great read, Thank You!

Anusocracy's picture

Yes, for the what and why of it, but little on the how of it. The masses are manipulated through their morality, and that's 'perfectly moral' to them.

A feedback system that's hard to overcome.


CaptainSpaulding's picture

How does one withdraw negative  $30?

CaptainSpaulding's picture

I discontinued it. There were new conditions i wasn't too crazy about

Fix It Again Timmy's picture

"The best slave is the one who thinks he is free.” - Johann von Goethe

Escapeclaws's picture

A man walks into a bar with a huge reptile eating away at his side. The bartender asks, "What's that thing eating you to death?" The man says, "Sorry, I'll get in trouble if I say."

And, indeed, it is better that he not say.

Dealyer Turdin's picture

Umm tha downside. search and seizure without pretext or recourse.  Find stash, sieze cash. Your sock drawer and safe aren't sacred anymore.

esum's picture

If you want to see a banker get upset, go to the bank and withdraw a large sum in cash. Then the manager will ask to speak to you and then INTERROGATE you on WHY DO YOU WANT THE LARGE AMOUNT OF CASH. Now you can come back with various responses. Know full well you are being reported to every government agency that exists.

I would not be the least bit surprised to see physical currency disappear and be replaced by electronic medium and a chip implant. Oh wait a minute, isnt something like that mentioned in the Bible. God, religion, rights, all tied in a neat bundle. So the commies start by attacking the "concept" of god, then debase religion and this leads to your loss of rights. Listen to the lib vomit they spew. Atheism, secularism and entitlements from the state (with money stolen from productive people).... The USA is so morally weak it would take the wind from a sparrow's wings to topple the house of cards. Our "civilization " is like the candy coating on an M+M.... thin and fragile and easily broken. 

The open attack on Constitutional rights, religion and the essence of freedom is upon us. But notice that the majority of people WISH TO BE SLAVES.... or have SOMEONE ELSE DO THE WORK.... So, very few will listen and even fewer will take action. Those opting for freedom have an uphill struggle and have an opportunity to demand the truth on the issues of today as a starter. TRUTH and JUSTICE regarding alll the current scandals, coverups and abuse in wash dc. ACCOUNTABILTY and punishment for those found responsible. That would be a great start. Right now cronyism and curruption are acceptable and you are a fucking schmuck if you are not part of it. Cheating, lying and stealing are heroic endeavors rewarded and admired. Right is wrong down is up and darkness is light. We have lost our moral compass. 

Azannoth's picture

Every fruit needs a tree to grow on. You can't just simply blame the greed of those few bankster bastards for the complicity of the masses, our politicians are just puppets, police just paid thugs without the apathicall consent of the slaves no such system could ever stand.

disabledvet's picture

so by definition profit is the goal of a war on terror. so are many other things though...not least being a policy "that can be programmed." the propose is obvious: leverage informational advantage to gain a tactical or strategic result. not JUST "mere" money. and what might those results be? they can many...but most are pretty benign: maintain social security, provide for public education, a national health insurance plan, etc...etc. there are trade offs of course...turning the USA into an "entertainment State" doesn't sound very appealing. indeed having "lived" in it I would argue it is not.

DosZap's picture

so by definition profit is the goal of a war on terror.


I would state since 9-11, my beliefs in the SO called War on Terror, have done a 180.IMHO, it was started as a way to bring us to where we are, and where we WILL be shortly.


Chupacabra-322's picture

I think everyone should follow World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes, still recognized as their chief counsel by the finance ministers of 188 countries (kahudes.net). Here is a paper she frequently cites called “The Network of Global Control” which provides a formal mathematical demonstration that a small group of a few hundred people are a supra-national entity that controls the world economy and has captured the political processes of the transatlantic nations

S. Vitali, J.B. Glattfelder, and S. Battiston: The network of global corporate control

Table S1: Top 50 control-holders. Shareholders are ranked by network control (according to the threshold model, TM).

Rank Economic actor name


Svendblaaskaeg's picture


World Bank Insider Blows Whistle on Corruption, Federal Reserve

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

"A former insider at the World Bank, ex-Senior Counsel Karen Hudes, says the global financial system is dominated by a small group of corrupt, power-hungry figures centered around the privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve. The network has seized control of the media to cover up its crimes, too, she explained..........." 


lakecity55's picture

0740 Jan 5th. My name is Friday. My Partner, Bill Gannon. We were working the day watch out of Central when the call came in to investigate a suspect holding gold.

Since the government was now under the control of Ben Bernanke, all transactions had to be made in the new money, Quatloos. Persons using gold or silver were Enemies of the Fed, and were to be shot on sight. The PM users were as dangerous to social order as drug fiends, only we shot PM users.

PM users had their own economy which put them outside control of Fed and the System. They were nonconformists and a danger to social order...and their number was growing. Even in our own ranks. A captain was arrested and shot last week for using (PMs).

Once a person got on PMs, the addiction was permanent. They no longer used Quatloos, preferring to let the markets float freely, impossible in our NWO.......

"Uh, Joe.."

What is it, Bill?"

"Look at this wanted poster. A US Gold Eagle. Isn't she pretty?"

"Careful, Bill."

"I was just saying, Joe."

"That's how it starts, Bill. One look at an Eagle ...and then you start wanting one. Real Bad. Before you know it, you're underground, making real money in a free market. We can't have that."

"Why not, Joe?"

"I don't ask Bill. I just follow orders. Put on the lights. Let's go get this goldbug."

marathonman's picture

Damn red pill.  I've crossed the rubicon. 

Anton LaVey's picture

Remove your money from the banks? CHECK.

Buy physical PM (Gold & Silver)? CHECK.

Have no debt to anyone - or, at least, not the kind of debt that could become a real problem in the future? CHECK.

Invest in your own skills and knowledge to be independent and have a stable carreer? CHECK.

My next step is investing as much as possible in my health and weight loss.

Those are simple options - they are essential to survive what's coming.

are we there yet's picture

I believe it is a federal criminal offense to buy or sell any single item privately with more than $5000 in us fiat cash.

DosZap's picture

I believe it is a federal criminal offense to buy or sell any single item privately with more than $5000 in us fiat cash.


And where did you get that info, any financial transaction with a business is legal with a cash transaction over 10k, as long as an 8300 is filled out.Individuals, are free to buy and sell in cash at will,unless you can show us where the law prohibits it.NOW, go and DEPOSIT 10k or more, and see the fireworks.

I took out 20k over two yrs ago from one of my checking accounts, held it and redeposited it the following year,THAT is when the paperwork and questions began.You can take out IN cash all you want, and no paperwork is neccessary, just try and redepositing it,you will be asked a lot of questions.

Obadiah's picture

Please add this to your checklist...

WISE up and Get Right with the one True GOD, your Father and Creator of the universe by reading HIS letter to you, the Bible.

Try Sheperds Chapel http://www.shepherdschapel.com/broadband.htm if you want to learn from one of the best teachers ever, makes it real easy to learn the Father's plans and great wisdom for YOUR life.

Rock On and be anxious for nothing.

John_Coltrane's picture

Organized superstition (i.e. religion) never really goes out of style does it?  Faith is nothing more than the suspension of reason and thus has no survival value.

CustomersMan's picture


The Bible has been so twisted and turned by those in power to not resemble the original intent. Whoever was in charge altered it to suit their purpose, changing little aspects or major ones to accomplish their goals.

Even the supposed "original" was written many years later, by men who had their own interpretation, yet the "Golden Rule" treat others as you would be treated could not be suppressed..

upWising's picture

Obadiah -

Dude you don't just drink the KoolAid!  I sincerely hope when you swim in the KoolAid that you are wearing the Official Jeezus-Saves Waterwings©.  The KoolAid will explain your green skin and simple thoughts.  Do you do your Full Dunk Baptisms in the KoolAid as well?

Just realize that Thumping your bible on your OWN head to add emphasis to your diatribes is not really a Career Path.  

I know, I know....."FOXnews told me..."   "My preacher taught me....."

•• "I know Jesus was an Amercian because when I read my bible Jesus talks perfect Amercian English!!"
•• "When Jesus returns, he will come back carrying an AK-47, dressed in fatigues, driving a Hummer, and waving an Amercian flag!"

By the way, when you get raptured, can I have your stuff? 

Obadiah's picture

Rapture?  Seriously?  That's the devil's lie to the "christians"  who sit in pews every Sunday and listen to false teachers, and fail to learn the WORD themselves.  Satan comes at the 6th trump not the 7th.  Very possibly we will all see this fake piece of shit pull off the biggest trick eva.

Anti-Christ = Instead of Christ:  He will appear before Christ's return as "Christ" to fool all the un-learned into worshipping him.  Watch out.


DosZap's picture

By the way, when you get raptured, can I have your stuff? 


When he does, he could care less, and so will you.(BTW, no such word as Raptured in the scriptures,it is the catching away).

General Decline's picture

"I sincerely hope when you swim in the KoolAid that you are wearing the Official Jeezus-Saves Waterwings©.  "


How are you able to type that little "c" in a circle?  That is so friggin cool.

Sabibaby's picture

The religious people aren't the ones spying on you or robbing your country. I know it's easy to pin blame on them but these bankers are a common enemy to everyone. They actually believe they are God.

ebear's picture

"The religious people aren't the ones spying on you or robbing your country."

They don't need to.  They have you from birth, thanks to the collusion of your own parents.   It's a power far greater than any government could possess, which is why politics always aligns itself with religion.

DaveyJones's picture

Once anyone says "the one true" anything, the jig is up in my book. "Spirituality" is anything but pushy..or arrogant...or "manlike" if you think about it. "The answer," like Socrates stumbled, is knowing you don't have it. Although raised Catholic, I'm skeptical of any religion that says they "have it" or worse, make their Gods to look and act like "a king." Maybe it's ironic, maybe it's not, but the "primitive" people, you know, those stupid dirty folks, seem a little less heretic and hypocrite to me.

"Spirituality," if anything, is, more or less, humility. The banker presidents are about to take a crash course ...and fail miserably. That said, anyone who calls out someone clinging to "their faith" in a horrific, morally bankrupt selfish, deteriorating, prostitute world has a lesson to learn themselves. This is going to be difficult. And we all have our coping mechanisms. Just please make sure they're not just the same boring play with a new polyester and pollyanna wardrobe. Like capitalism or nature, don't let one thing control the rest, don't claim to have all the answers, don't consider yourself the highest on the food chain, be observant and creative, grow a garden, love your children more than your car and know the ride is short  

Shit, sorry. I kind of lost it there.    

YHC-FTSE's picture

Lost it? No that was pretty good. 

are we there yet's picture

A goldman sach executive gave a famious quote that they were doing Gods work. A loaded syllogistic fallacy.