• GoldCore
    01/24/2015 - 05:15
    So who pays? Someone has to, you can not just create money out of thin air. The answer is “we do, you and I”, in the form of a devalued: currency, diminished savings and devaluing pensions. You are...
  • Marc To Market
    01/24/2015 - 10:27
    I have told you the US dollar was going up for months.  Some mocked me.  Others insulted me.  So what?  I tell you the dollar's bull market remains intact.  

A Non-Tweeted Out Bill Gross Slams The Death Of Free Speech

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Bill Gross may be all "tweeted out" about the bond market, but the bored bond king has instead decided to take on free speech, or rather the lack thereof, and specifically last night's revelations about the UK government's Stalinist redecoration of the Guardian's computer room. We, for one (or more), applaud that unlike the bulk of other very serious people who choose to keep their mouths shut and pretend nothing at all happened, Gross has decided to at least mention this outrage and New Normal "Fahrenheit 451" travesty.

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