US Stocks Retrace All "Israel" Losses; Still Red From Ukraine

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"Fixed" - well almost. US equity markets have retraced all the losses suffered post-Israel-escalation (why worry?) but remain (for now) below the levels reached before the MH17 crash headlines hit... Of course, AUDJPY is in in charge along with VIX (as it is Friday after all)...


Israel storm in a teacup...


Ukraine buying opportunity...


But bonds don't seem as exuberant...

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What a crock.  WS making sure US sheeple cannot balme Isreal for diminished 401K balances.

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Gold LOD DOW HOD, if you didn't think these markets were fixed, you can have no doubt now, I actually feel disgusted

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and in another week filled with fraudulent bullshit i bring you the London close...

TabakLover's picture

What a crock.  WS making sure US sheeple cannot balme Isreal for diminished 401K balances.

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Its not even funny anymore.We are all Zimbabweans now.

Between the rigged markets ,and the evil joke black leader.

'What difference, at this point, does it make ?".

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I will try posting here because all my attempts to post on any Thread having to do with Ukraine, the downed plane, are Blocked and my connection lost. Anyone else having this problem?
Can you please try to find out if the 23 Americans reported to have been passengars, among all passengars killed, somehow didn't board. I haven't seen conformation today and a kind of dance around the mention of these 23 American Passengars. All reports yesterday mentioned them and also 9 from the UK


Reuters is reporting that the dead includes 23 United States citizens

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Been having the same trouble, started right after the airliner reports yesterday,

still ongoing.Don't not if its a failing DNS attack, or Tylers not paying his host server bill,

after blowing and hooking the money away.

Maybe he could enlighten us ?

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ZH is a rare jewel in that FREEDOM OF SPEECH is something that actually exists here, more and more mainstream media are CLOSING comments rather than hear the truthful voices of the people. Between the straight talk on Israel and Ukraine no wonder this site is being harassed.

‘The enemy of subversive thought is not suppression, but publication: truth has no need to fear the light of day; fallacies wither under it. The unpopular views of today are the commonplaces of tomorrow, and in any case the wise man wants to hear both sides of every question.’ Sir Stanley Unwin

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Yes it started for me last night also and I've never experienced this degree of blockage. It seems any post that contains something that would not be heard on the MSMedia is blocked. I also noticed that the TV broadcast of the current UN Emergency session only shows the US side and turned off when the Russian side is about to speak.

Of course I hope the 23 Americans or anyone else is alive today because they didn't board, but it will be hard to explain how 23 Americans were mentioned yesterday as passengars yet today no comment ... OK my sister just told me that one American perhaps dual citizen was confirmed. Lets see if the question of what happened to the 23 listed American passengars somehow never boarded

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It won't last.  The fact that it didn't actually go up on Israel in the first place was a good indication that they are already getting short.  There is no money to maintain this. 

How many warnings do you need from the Central Bankers.  They are going to stop propping it up:

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I'm leaning towards agreeing with your thesis.

I'm interested in how you think this will unfold in the real word..

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To understand the control that Israel has over America you have to know and understand about the USS LIBERTY.

Also vital is reading James Ennes' book "Assault on the Liberty"

He was officer on the bridge when the attack started.

And as our people suffer and struggle in this economy:

Jackagain's picture

Yes we do need to know... 

You really think Israel would have done that with impunity without direct orders from the White House?

q99x2's picture

BTFD They aren't going to collapse the system and start genocide in the US until 2017.

Frank N. Beans's picture

yesterday in the markets was an anomoly, we will not speak of it ever again.

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Dow futures now up 200 points from the overnight low

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New ATH for SP today?    That thought would have been laughed at 4 pm yesterday.  What a farce. 

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Another ZH contrary post.

Time to short now!


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Blatant OPEX manipulation, nothing more, nothing less. They cleared out the calls yesterday and are clearing out the puts today. Any time there is a huge dip in the futures post 3:00 like there was yesterday, you can bet that is to sweep stops and we are going straight up the next day. Lewis only touched the tip of the iceberg

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Here is one more shock for you. Russian Oil Refinery that belongs to Rosneft was shot up yesterday.

It was to be launched this summer. Any guess on the effect of oil prices?

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If the Fed pumps, Algos, and Reverse-Repos operated at full steam ahead yesterday and the Dow lost 160, then is control beginning to slip?