Hillary Accepted Qatar Money Without Notifying Government, While She Was Head Of State Dept

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Three weeks ago, when we first reported that Qatar had offered to pay the Clinton Foundation $1 million after a hacked Podesta email disclosed that the ambassador of Qatar “Would like to see WJC [William Jefferson Clinton] ‘for five minutes’ in NYC, to present $1 million check that Qatar promised for WJC’s birthday in 2011”, we said that in this particular case, the Clinton Foundation may also be in violation of State Department ethics codes.

SecState Hillary Clinton, left, meets the Prime Minister of Qatar

Sheik Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani in 2010.

As we said in early October, while this has been seen by critics of the Clinton Foundation as yet another instance of influence pandering and "pay-to-play", this time there may actually be consequences for the Clinton Foundation: according to the State Department, the previously undisclosed donation suggests there may be an ethics violation by the foundation, even though the State of Qatar is shown on the foundation's website as having given at least that amount. There is no date listed for the donation.

Underscoring the potential flagrant abuse of ethical guidelines if the Qatar payment is confirmed, Hillary Clinton promised the U.S. government that while she served as secretary of state the foundation would not accept new funding from foreign governments without seeking clearance from the State Department's ethics office. The agreement was designed to dispel concerns that U.S. foreign policy could be swayed by donations to the foundation.

Of course, US foreign policy could be very easily swayed if Hillary accepted money and simply did not report it the receipt of such money.

However, and where things got awkward for Clinton, is that the State Department has said it cannot cite any instances of its ethics officials reviewing or approving new donations from foreign governments to the foundation while Clinton served as the country's top diplomat from 2009 until 2013, confirming the foundation was in clear breach of its ethics agreement over the not immaterial donation of $1 million from a foreign state, which as Hillary herself also disclosed in another hacked Podesta email, is the primary supporter of the Islamic State.

"You would need to ask the Foundation whether there were additional matters that it should have submitted for State Department review," the department said in a statement.

* * *

Fast forward to today when overnight Reuters reported that the Clinton Foundation has confirmed it accepted a $1 million gift from Qatar while Hillary Clinton was U.S. secretary of state without informing the State Department, even though she had vouched to let the agency review new or significantly increased support from foreign governments.

Clinton signed an ethics agreement governing her family's foundation in order to become secretary of state in 2009. The agreement was designed to increase transparency to avoid appearances that U.S. foreign policy could be swayed by wealthy donors. According to the agreement, if a new foreign government wished to donate or if an existing foreign-government donor, such as Qatar, wanted to "increase materially" its support of ongoing programs, Clinton promised that the State Department's ethics official would be notified and given a chance to raise any concerns.

Alas, it now appears that the agreement was nothing more than a piece of paper to Hillary Clinton, who violated its terms on at least one occasion, and potentially on .

Clinton Foundation officials last month declined to confirm the Qatar donation. In response to additional questions, a foundation spokesman, Brian Cookstra, this week said that it accepted the $1 million gift from Qatar, but this did not amount to a "material increase" in the Gulf country's support for the charity. Of course, only in the world of the Clintons is $1 million not a "material" increase. It is also a flat out lie. As we calculated in October, according to the Foundation's own website, Qatar gave anywhere between $1 million and $5 million, so in the best case scenario the donation would be a rather material 20% increase to Qatar's total. In the worst case, it would be 100%.

Cookstra declined to say whether Qatari officials received their requested meeting with Bill Clinton. Officials at Qatar's embassy in Washington and in its Council of Ministers in the capital, Doha, declined to discuss the donation.

But while Qatar was obvious engaged in pay to play, what makes this instance even worse, is that Hillary and Bill were confident enough they could simply get away with it by never telling the State Department of the new influence money. According to Reuters, the State Department has said it has no record of the foundation submitting the Qatar gift for review, and that it was incumbent on the foundation to notify the department about donations that needed attention.


Foundation officials told Reuters last year that they did not always comply with central provisions of the agreement with President Barack Obama's administration, blaming oversights in some cases. At least eight other countries besides Qatar gave new or increased funding to the foundation, in most cases to fund its health project, without the State Department being informed, according to foundation and agency records. They include Algeria, which gave for the first time in 2010, and the United Kingdom, which nearly tripled its support for the foundation's health project to $11.2 million between 2009 and 2012.

Foundation officials have said some of those donations, including Algeria, were oversights and should have been flagged, while others, such as the UK increase, did not qualify as material increases.

The foundation has declined to describe what sort of increase in funding by a foreign government would have triggered notification of the State Department for review. Cookstra said the agreement was designed to "allow foreign funding for critical Clinton Foundation programs" to continue without disruption.

And the punchline: The State Department said it has no record of being asked by the foundation to review any increases in support by a foreign government.

This means that not only was there an "oversight" by Hillary to report the Qatari $1 million, she did not report the receipt of any foreign money funneling into the Clinton Foundation at all!

Asked whether Qatar was funding a specific program at the foundation, Cookstra fell back to the Foundation's usual response when challenged about conflicts of interest, and said the country supported the organization's "overall humanitarian work."

"Qatar continued supporting Clinton Foundation at equal or lower levels" compared with the country's pre-2009 support, he said. He declined to say if Qatar gave any money during the first three years of Clinton's four-year term at the State Department, or what its support before 2009 amounted to. In another email released by WikiLeaks, a former Clinton Foundation fundraiser said he raised more than $21 million in connection with Bill Clinton's 65th birthday in 2011. It was not immediately clear how much of this was not reported to the State Department  due to "oversights."

* * *

To summarize, due to an "oversight", Hillary Clinton violated an ethics agreement she signed during her tenure as State Department, and "forgot" to notify the Department (which she headed) that her family's foundation had received at least $1 million from Qatar, a state which alongside Saudi Arabia, she admitted provides "financial and logistic support to ISIL"; and also appears to have "forgotten" to notify the State Department on all other occasions when foreign countries were paying the Clinton Foundation to purchase political influence and clout. 

* * *

The Clinton Foundation has said it would no longer accept money from foreign governments if Clinton is elected president and would spin off those programs that are dependent on foreign governments. Because if Clinton is elected president, she would much rather move the "oversights" to the Oval Office, where all the influence that donations - such as Qatar's - have purchased over the year, can finally be exercised.

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1980XLS's picture

Fucking  Crooked Whore.

Off with her head

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She has another problem. Previous posts on ZH indicate that there exists a conflict between the Clinton Foundation and the CHAI the Clinton Health Access Initiative.

The board of CHAI is upset that the CF accepts money intended for CHAI but this money never flows through to CHAI. The CF accepts funds and encourages donations based on CHAI activity but these funds do not appear to be transferrred to the legal entity undertaking the health work.

Next question is - Where does the money go? And who benefits?



sushi's picture



CHAI is often portrayed by the Clinton Foundation (CF) as an initiative of the Foundation. . . . We (CHAI) are very concerned about cases where we meet Clinton Foundation donors who believe they have given money to support CHAI's work because they have donated to the CF, when in reality CHAI does not receive the funds.

See paragraph 4 on page 3 of the full memo which is a part of the above ZH post.



CuttingEdge's picture

Fuck me.

The only thing this evil cunt hasn't been involved in yet to close the loop is satanic rituals...


SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Ohhhh, if only that $1 million had been part of a sting operation, where would she be now?

TeamDepends's picture

Gutter money is the Clintons favorite kind.

NoDebt's picture

I wonder how long it's going to be before Clinton pulls out the ultimate lib argument, for which there is no defense and which immediately ceases all discussion in the area:  The FBI is a racist, sexist organization of mostly white men.

Game over, man.  Game over.


jcaz's picture

It's been true genius how the Clintons assembled all of this over the past 30+ years,  but their problem- as it's always been even before the stained blue dress- is that eventually,  they just get lazy and arrogant and fuck it all up.....

Now time to die.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) jcaz Nov 5, 2016 8:53 AM

Watch Larry Nichols former clinton fixer.

They bought everyone in Arkansas, that is where much of the Clinton foundation money goes, to buy guys like Comey.

They bought the entire media down there, even the dog catcher. They own the system.

If she wins all of this information and evidence goes away.

WordSmith2013's picture

Qatar is only one small piece of the real conspiracy.




Obama, Clinton, Abedin, Weiner Are Co-conspirators In The Greatest US Government Crime Spree Cover-up Ever
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The Saint (not verified) bamawatson Nov 5, 2016 9:47 AM

Hillay said at one of the debates that the Clinton Foundation pays out 90% to charity.

NOT SO.  Latest filing - 2014 - shows that only 5.7% goes to charitable causes.  The remainder goes to salaries, travel and confrences.  In other words, goes to pay Hillary's and Bill's personal and political expenses.

The Clintons out Mafia the Mafia.


Cigar Smoker's picture

Ten years ago I considered setting up a Non-profit Family Charitable corporation, the minimum yearly donation was 7% at that time, of course it may have changed.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) Cigar Smoker Nov 5, 2016 1:16 PM

Here's something new from WND/Breitbart:

Citing a “well-placed source” in the New York Police Department, Blackwater USA founder and retired Navy SEAL Erik Prince.....said the NYPD wanted to do a press conference announcing the warrants and the additional arrests they were making in the Weiner investigation but received “huge pushback” from the Justice Department.

“The amount of garbage that they found in these emails, of criminal activity by Hillary, by her immediate circle, and even by other Democratic members of Congress was so disgusting they gave it to the FBI, and they said, ‘We’re going to go public with this if you don’t reopen the investigation and you don’t do the right thing with timely indictments,’”


Omen IV's picture



check this video out - scary Hillary vs Matt Lauer

PrayingMantis's picture


... ... > Hillary Clinton violated an ethics agreement she signed during her tenure as State Department ...

... here's a copy of that ethics agreement >>> https://cryptome.org/2016/08/hillary-2009-ethics-agreement.pdf ...


Joe Davola's picture

Well, when you don't have any ethics, that renders the whole agreement null and void. Nothing to see, move along.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

"overall humanitarian work."

Must be practicing for open mic night.  That there is some funny shit.

KnightTakesKing's picture

Must read: hector morenco --> @hectormorenco on Twitter. Insider with all the details.

Joe Davola's picture

In the alternate universe where she won in 2008, what would the payments have been?

Jim in MN's picture


There are three levels to the current Constitutional crisis as it pertains to the Secretary:

1. Top Secret and other classified materials nestled up against child porn on an insecure, not to mention unsanitary, laptop.  This ties in with destruction of government records and the home brew server.

2. Corruption, bribery, influence peddling etc.

3.  Insane sex crime stuff similar to the UK and Hollywood pedophilia rings.


I haven't seen anything yet to make 3 credible enough to blast mainstream.  If any patriotic pony has anything they had BETTER COME FORWARD NOW.  A grateful populace awaits.

1 and 2 need to be pounded home in a crisp, easy to understand fashion.

Jim in MN's picture

Oh and 4. the coverups of 1, 2, and possibly 3.

Lest we forget......

Clara Tardis's picture

According to Hagmann and Field McCormack the NYPD has pics of Humer and Rodent "with" a young girl. Along with other stuff incriminating at least -6- elected officials, so there's #3!
Some of the stuff is so disturbing, it's the NYPD forcing the hand of fbi.



Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Clara Tardis Nov 5, 2016 11:03 AM

NYPD needs to leak it today!

Or it will never be seen again, and one by one they will take them down.

My friend was SFPD and conservative, very vocal.

They took him down with racist texts, when I sorted out which belonged to which there was nothing racist left, only jokes.

A year or so later they took down the Chief of Police who pushed them out, now we have a black guy and the voters demanded

civilian oversight of the Police Department.

Which civilians?.....radical Marxists.

chubbar's picture

Exactly right! If Comey or the NYPD don't move TODAY and make arrests, they will essentially ensure the election of Hillary and either a constitutional crisis or, more likely, their own demise as Hillary/Obama make a move to erase this evidence along with the people who know about it. I hope they have spread these emails far and wide but knowing the way these organizations always hoard their info so they can take credit, it probably is kept in just a couple locations and easily destroyed. God damn, can't these fuckers move faster than this? If you have rock solid proof, get off your ass and make the arrests!!!!!!

DosZap's picture

IMO, far MORE than a Const crisis is at stake here.She must not be arrested/indicted, BEFORE Obama is out, or HE will pardon all of them.

SHE cannot pardon herself.

larz's picture

Do not even call this criminal BS genius. It's pure sociopathic arrogance to take personal advantage of your inside edge entrusted to you by the public (oath of office and all that shiite) it is not smart it's selfish greed treason nothing positive about it it is crime.  And made possible by ignorant masses who these f@*king jagoffs have nothing but contempt for as they splurge public money

CuttingEdge's picture

Outside building a retaining wall at the moment, and started listening to Rush Limbaugh podcast after the Led Zep urge has annoyed the neighbours enough.

This one from yesterday absolutely nails it on the sexist issue throughout (and the Harvard football team story is funny as fuck).

SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

Pssssst, NoDebt...quit giving her ideas. ;-)

Jim in MN's picture

No way, dude.  SVU is run by a chick. 

Once NBC makes the 'ripped from the headlines' episode the week AFTER the election, she'll be finished.

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a vote for Hillary is a vote for MORE discrimination.  Take note women of America....



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And while everyone is distrated by this crooked witch, we are getting FLOODED along the Mexican border. This is what an invasion looks like:


LibertarianMenace's picture

Constantly fending off these Klintstones, I now understand what it's like fighting off the Aliens. The solution proffered there, may still apply here. 'I say we take off, nuke the whole site from orbit. It's(may) the only way to be sure.'

onthesquare's picture

Hitlery should consider hiring Tamy-Fay and Jim Baker and turn the foundation into a church.  

She could carry on called Trump the devil, which he may be, and rant about the evils and seduction of the devil...you get the point.

I am sure the Dems in the southern states would switch sides in a minute.

Food Loaf Junkie's picture

Friday night Mark Levin played audio of the MTV political hack reporter saying that exact statement. 

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

After having worked in Qatar on and off over the past 10 years I have reason to seriously doubt this story... as these guys rarely if ever pay their bills! ;)

Note: I still hope we get the slam dunk today to ensure the evil witch remembers remembers the 5th of November.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) CuttingEdge Nov 5, 2016 8:50 AM

I have a problem with Huma, not sure what to make of her.

She dresses nicely is very quite so it would seem she isn't part of this

but she is, she has treason written all over her chart.

She couldn't be so close to this demonic filled crew without knowing whats going on.

I think she leaves the USA real soon.

Jim in MN's picture

She's just good at her job.   Imagine all the stashes she socked away all these years, wondering when to jump. 

joe90's picture

That may well be true but she has been working for the Clinton's for 20 years now, starting as an intern and has been with her since, so her loyalties towards the Clintons would be strong, more than her own family? ..... who knows

UselessEater's picture

Dear sweet Huma, hosts fashion fundraisers and wears nice clothes, plays quiet middle man for HRC and ????, witnessed and aided comm's for Libya's planned destruction among other travesties, married a good man of the right faith for her .... best guess, she is a planted handler (one that was effective and stuck) and has kept the psycho on target and in the game for ??? for over 20 years.


freewolf7's picture

Anonymous. Well, we'll see.

A mountain of evidence so far, and no visible consequences.

Justice, meet impatience.

1033eruth's picture

All of us are so tired of being teased.  I would estimate the odds of any indictments going out before the election at .00001%  Uncle Fraud has unlimited power and resources to suppress anything.  

Same odds as Snowden going rogue when you consider how many people work at the NSA and how long it took before one of them decided to be selfless and sacrifice his life for the greater good.   Will we have another miracle on or before Tuesday?  That's the nature of miracles.  They don't happen except, MAYBE, once in a lifetime.

Chupacabra-322's picture

... while NY is taking measures , here's an ... update on NYPD / FBI "Hum-a-Wiener"gate ... (reposted from the other thread ...)

... "Blackwater founder and former Navy SEAL Erik Prince told Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM that according to one of his “well-placed sources” in the New York Police Department, “The NYPD wanted to do a press conference announcing the warrants and the additional arrests they were making” in the Anthony Weiner investigation, but received “huge pushback” from the Justice Department. Prince began by saying he had no problem believing reports that the FBI was highly confident multiple foreign agencies hacked Hillary Clinton’s private email server."

... "... Prince claimed he had insider knowledge of the investigation that could help explain why FBI Director James Comey had to announce he was reopening the investigation into Clinton’s email server last week. “Because of Weinergate and the sexting scandal, the NYPD started investigating it. Through a subpoena, through a warrant, they searched his laptop, and sure enough, found those 650,000 emails. They found way more stuff than just more information pertaining to the inappropriate sexting the guy was doing,” Prince claimed. “They found State Department emails. They found a lot of other really damning criminal information, including money laundering, including the fact that Hillary went to this sex island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton went there more than 20 times. Hillary Clinton went there at least six times,” he said. “The amount of garbage that they found in these emails, of criminal activity by Hillary, by her immediate circle, and even by other Democratic members of Congress was so disgusting they gave it to the FBI, and they said, ‘We’re going to go public with this if you don’t reopen the investigation and you don’t do the right thing with timely indictments,’” Prince explained. “I believe – I know, and this is from a very well-placed source of mine at 1PP, One Police Plaza in New York – the NYPD wanted to do a press conference announcing the warrants and the additional arrests they were making in this investigation, and they’ve gotten huge pushback, to the point of coercion, from the Justice Department, with the Justice Department threatening to charge someone that had been unrelated in the accidental heart attack death of Eric Garner almost two years ago. That’s the level of pushback the Obama Justice Department is doing against actually seeking justice in the email and other related criminal matters,” Prince said. “So NYPD first gets that computer. They see how disgusting it is. They keep a copy of everything, and they pass a copy on to the FBI, which finally pushes the FBI off their chairs, making Comey reopen that investigation, which was indicated in the letter last week. The point being, NYPD has all the information, and they will pursue justice within their rights if the FBI doesn’t,” Prince contended. “There is all kinds of criminal culpability through all the emails they’ve seen of that 650,000, including money laundering, underage sex, pay-for-play, and, of course, plenty of proof of inappropriate handling, sending/receiving of classified information, up to SAP level Special Access Programs,” he stated.

~ more here >>> http://www.breitbart.com/radio/2016/11/04/erik-prince-nypd-ready-make-ar...

Son of Loki's picture

Hillary Clinton received money from and supported nations that she KNEW funded ISIS and terrorists

·       https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/3774

·       https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/5469

·       https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/1828

·       “...the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region.”

·       “Clintons should know better than to raise money from folks whose primary concern has been supporting the NIAC, a notorious supporter of the Radical Islamic Mullahs. "The Clinton’s have thrown principle out the window in exchange for cold hard cash...putting money ahead of principle.”

·       Hillary's Chief of Staff admits in the 2nd link that foreign interests sway Hillary to do what they want her to do (money for mandatory appearances).  She also admits that the "Friend of Hillary" list is available and rentable to people who want to influence, but that it’s too sensitive to talk in email.

·       This leak shows Hillary knows Saudis and Qatar are funding ISIS, which is an enemy of the state.  After knowing this, Hillary accepted tens of millions in donations from these terrorist-funding governments (of course they are getting something back in return). She also supported arms deals to them.

·       Saudi Arabia and Qatar commit horrible acts under Sharia law, including throwing gay people off of buildings, persecuting Christians, Jews, and atheists, and making it legal to rape and beat women. They are the leading funders of Hillary and her campaign through the Clinton Foundation.





1033eruth's picture

Hey, when you have no ethics or morals, a donation is a donation.  It all spends the same.  

exonomic halfbreed's picture

Hillary says she knows that the Saudis (Donmeh) and Qatar are funding ISIS, which is an enemy of the state.  Who has determined that ISIS is an enemy of the state?  Are crisis actors in the USSA (involved with Machiavellian endeavors) enemies of the state.  Not hardly.  Are those individuals who use drugs, torture, electroshock therapy and many others techniques on human guinea pigs to develope disassociative identity disorder,  D.I.D (previously known as multiple personality disorder...MPD) enemies of the state? No way Jose.  These individuals (and I use that term lightly) are some of the most valuable assets of this dying empire (even though they are slaves).  Those in the know, realize that this technology in animal (goyim ) husbandry is also used by others in the elite circles not yet brought into the fold.  Bonus points will be awarded for those capable of identifying where Dick Cheney and his corporate empire have absconded to.  Double plus bonus points for those who can identify which middle eastern pedophile protectorate, has welcomed (with open arms) international criminal enterprises formerly located in the USSA.  If things do not change much in the next seven days,  I expect that those who facilitated these changes will be on a transportation watchlist and not be allowed to exit our nation easily.   There are many families I know who are in a position to stop this nightmare but probably are unaware of their own strength. The secret is that they need to stop watching T.V. and visit their neighbors and be free in expressing themselves.