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For better or worse, 54 year old male employed by the U.S.A.F. (Tinker AFB) as a civilian, working on extending the life of the U.S.N. Boeing E-6 Mercury Electronic Warfare aircraft to 2045. I found Z.H. during a long spell of unemployment, when I thought we were going to lose everything (Wife, now ex-wife, was also unemployed). The job I currently have was the only thing going, and I have been doing that sort of work since I graduated in 1979.

My goal here is to learn more than I knew when I first joined, about the goings-on in the financial and political world, globally. So I read way more than I comment, and do not comment on things I am not versed in [unless off topic ;-) ].

I reside in Midwest City, Oklahoma. I have a concealed weapon license and carry most of the time (1911 in .45ACP). I enjoy fine cigars and good liquor. I drive a 2004 Ford Lightning, and also have a 2006 Suzuki M109R motorcycle.


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