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About the year 1969, I discovered the country was occupied by cutthroats and scoundrels, dandies and thieves; and that their main instrument of plunder was the Federal Reserve. I reasoned that, as long as we use their play money, we give aid to their policy of plunder and genocide. This led to another conclusion: that somebody should provide an alternative to this policy that torments the world. I didn’t have the patience to wait for someone else to do it… so, in 1976 I established a gold-based banking service, and operated it for twenty-eight years. More:
Also, while others talk of SLOWING the aging process, I REDUCE it with my health regimen as much as 50 years, let me help you do the same:
Then, there is gold: what are all "cash equivalents" collateralized by Fort Knox's gold (if there is any left)... and what gold price will cover such liabilities... $7000... $140,000... infinity? (


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