• Sprott Money
    04/29/2016 - 05:58
    There is unfortunately no basis for renewed optimism that this current litigation will have any meaningful impact on precious metals manipulation – with respect to either silver or gold.

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I am currently a married father of two girls, as well as a college graduate with zero student debt. Have been employed at same company for 15 years I have seen the storms come and go of the business cycle without knowing where they came from or how they left. The Austrian school of economics has been an absolute blessing. Since them I have zero credit card/revolving debt, pulled every penny out of the “retirement planning” of the stock market, as I realized I was funding the money manager’s retirement and not mine. I do currently have an under-water mortgage, but am slowly withdrawing that point of consideration. This is my last year of political activism. Should Ron Paul not be elected in 2012 I will simply withdraw my consent – damn the consequences.


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