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I was born with rare talents and rare limitations as well.
This world is sick, this world has nothing to do with God or goodness, whether God exists as independent being of some sort, or not.
We are not alone in the universe, not to mention just our galaxy.
I believe, that everything is best appreciated in comparison, while there exists universal morale, justice and fairness which we yet to discover.
I believe, that our children must be vigorously trained and taught to defend themselves from first few years of life.
I believe, that every human must be properly armed to be able to defend itself and it's family.
I know of over a hundred of ways to make simple and decent living, from farming to cooking and baking, from fixing bikes and cars to information tech; I work for my meals from the age of 14.
Maybe enough and I stop here. Some things about us the humans never change, it is built into our DNA, perhaps? Sometimes I can understand those of us who tried to conquer the world in order to make it better, united. I believe wars will never end until we all are dead. Oh and I am an optimist, always deal with bad apples first.


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