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We spend my time investing in businesses and markets to which I devote an extraordinary amount of time studying and doing due diligence on. Chris was raised in Southern Africa, having lived in 7 different countries, and now residing in multiple Australasian countries, depending on mood and season.

Chris' background and education was in law, investment banking and a bit of financial planning. He is a successful entrepreneur, investor and speculator for many years.

A background and education in law and finance with positions held at a number of Investment houses, including: Invesco, Lehman Brothers, Robert Fleming and Co, Chase Manhattan and JP Morgan, before becoming an independent investor managing his own capital.

Now Chris focuses on private equity in Frontier Markets, and I holds the majority of his net worth in this asset class.

Importantly, he developed his opinions, insights and expertise on developing and Frontier Markets from entrepreneurial activities on the ground, and by being an avid student of the world, and always attempting, but not always succeeding in understanding how and why it functions the way it does.

His business partner Mark comes from a different background…

Receiving his undergrad in the life sciences, Mark has always been fascinated by the natural world. Investing and financial markets activities came later, but he attacked the subject with the same vigour he does everything in his life.

A childhood spent being raised partially by a vegetarian “hippy” aunt in a tropical paradise, instilled a sense of adventure and a vagabond spirit in him very early.

He channelled that into a career in the public markets, advising small companies on public relations, IPO’s, reverse mergers and crisis management. His true passions and his career path at the time made for strange bedfellows.

Never one to work for anyone else, he created his own firm and gained his experience solely in the trenches. He spent a lot of years learning the hard way how the public markets REALLY work. What he saw disgusted him enough that he decided to focus on private equity, where he could understand and get to know the businesses he was investing into intimately.

He has won some and lost some. The victories have been sweet, and the losses…not so much, but they ALWAYS taught a lesson that needed to be learned.

Fast-forward a few years and he took the show on the road, becoming a permanent traveller and expat. Now he also spends time in several different countries per year, hopping between South America and Australasia, looking for fascinating and profitable opportunities in Frontier Markets.


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