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Just to make it clear my account name comes from the fact that I consider myself a Man part of Mankind not a Human (relative to Man, used to be an adjective), though it is put together in old Latin.
More about me I'm French I despise my country. In my early forties I realized I've been lied for all my life. I opened my eyes and my country is gone. The demographic turn-over is about to take place within a couple decades. People are stupid, nobody sees the obvious aka without digging in racism, religious thinking, etc but going by human nature, the newcomers lead by muslims will betray and side with whatever group that will rise and grant them primacy over the autochtones (de_christianized white). It is already visible as lot of non-muslim newcomers no longer want to recognize France as the millennium old christian country it is but as a new country not for them to take but a country they are entitled to take. As for those that paid thousand and thousand of billions through decades building suburbs, infrastructures, funding for free education and health, etc. for uninvited persons? I mean who cares about honesty, right?
I think I'm an extremely intuitive person that have found no way so far to make something out it, a loser that partied too much. I'm sort off back but in a world and foremost a country in shambles where it is almost official there are enough successful white male...


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